Isabel dos Santos recent Contribution to Economic Development

Isabel dos Santos, an Angolan entrepreneur, is one of the richest women in Africa. As per 2019, her net worth was $2.4B according to Forbes. She has shares in various Portuguese companies including cable TV firm Nos SGPS and telecom. Isabel dos Santos has vast experience in economic development, infrastructure creation, and implementation of technologies. Her work has created more than 50,000 employment opportunities in Angola.

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The businesswoman has showcased interest in various industries during her career including finance, energy, entertainment, and construction. She has held managerial positions in retail organizations, banks, and entertainment establishments. Her career experience has immensely contributed to her understanding of the world’s economy and to help identify economic opportunities to help countries fight poverty. Isabel dos Santos has dedicated her time and monetary support in various development projects to promote entrepreneurship and encourage grassroots economic growth. She has engaged in video production and other media to highlight the efforts of upcoming African Entrepreneurs and their contribution to the economy at large.

Isabel is a public speaker. She has appeared in various forums including the ECR Africa Summit in the European Parliament, Brussels. She addressed the importance of Africa’s digital infrastructure development. She believes that easy internet access in Africa will promote Africa’s well being and allow them to compete in an international economy.

Born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, Isabel dos Santos attended girls boarding school located in Kent, Cobham Hall. She attended London’s King’s College where she studied electrical engineering. It is then that she met Sindika Dokolo, her husband, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She returned to Angola in the early 90s and joined her father, where she started to work for Urbana 2000 as a project manager. She then started a trucking business, paving her way into telecoms. She opened the Miami Beach Club in 1997, which is one of the very first beach restaurant and night club on Luanda Island. For over 20 years in her career, Isabel dos Santos has expanded her interests creating holdings in Angola and abroad especially Portugal.


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