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Susan McGalla on helping women succeed in business

Leading the way for women in high ranking positions is Susan McGalla who is in full support of this necessary change. She is a pure example of how you can excel no matter your gender. With that being said there are also studies that show when you have gender and ethnic diversity companies do outperform ones that don’t. Bringing an array of ideas and backgrounds diversifies a company which ups their odds of succeeding. Here are her thoughts on why initiatives and support groups are going to solve this problem. They do not solve the very underlying problem McGalla says. It does not mean they offer benefits that can help, but it doesn’t address and create change the way we need it to.

The solution is simple and clear. Get women executives to sponsor women who need direction and opportunity. Give these boss women incentives for helping others, so they are committed and dedicated to create change. On the flip side men must support these women to help the process move forward in the 21st century. Very few women at S&P 500 companies hold C-level positions and that needs to change. When these capable and hard working women get mentored by leaders, this will positively impact companies that can potentially increase their success by leaps and bounds. Get women in positions where they can utilize their skills and knowledge. The can bring something new to the company that may be a game changer if you give them a chance.

Susan McGalla is the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for The Pittsburgh Steelers. She started in February 2015 and has been going strong ever since. Susan is a model for hard working women all over the world that you can lead a team to success. Mrs. McGalla is now inspiring others to do the same.

The inspiring business woman is the Director for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, sits on the board at Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, and HFF Inc. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Mount Union College in 1986. She now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband Stephen McGalla.

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Dr Rod Rohrich: World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Lecturer And Educator

Dallas, Texas based plastic surgeon Dr Rod Rohrich, a UT Southwestern Medical Center professor of plastic surgery, is regarded internationally as an expert in his field. He is praised for being able to restore definition and youthfulness to his patients faces and bodies with his unique artistic skill. Recognized as being among America’s top plastic surgeons, DrRohrich is scheduled to make presentations at several symposia in 2018. The first three are the February 8-10 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium in Miami, the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting on February 28 and the 35th annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting March 2nd.

The work being done by Dr Rod Rohrich reflects cosmetic surgery’s technical advances and the evolution of interest in the field. The meetings are a way to share the expertise and training of cosmetic surgeons throughout the U.S. DrRohrich has trained plastic surgeons by the thousands and educated medical professionals and patients alike with his lectures. In the past, some of the symposia have featured live surgery. Dr Rod Rohrich will moderate some of the symposia and they will feature video demonstrations, lectures and panels on elegant solutions and what works in blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and body contouring.

The meetings will feature world-class faculty talking about the latest innovations incosmetic surgery, IPL, lasers, vaginal rejuvenation, skin tightening, advances in skin care, noninvasive fat removal, dermal fillers, breast, face and body contouring procedures, patient safety and ethical social marketing. The meetings’ unique fresh cadaver lab offers participants hands-on involvement where experts teach about new technologies and techniques. Dr. Rohrich will participate in and moderate panel sessions.

Dr Rod Rohrich is an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified physician. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from North Dakota State University as well as the University of North Dakota. He got his medical degree from the Baylor University College of Medicine. DrRohrich did his residencies in general and plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He also attended Oxford University and completed advanced training in the specialty of pediatric plastic surgery. DrRohrich completed a fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School in hand and microvascular surgery.

The North Dakota native has practiced medicine for over 20 years, has won numerous awards and has had over 800 articles and book chapters published. Dr Rod Rorich holds memberships in many medical societies and associations.

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The path taken by Michel Terpin on his way to the top.

One of the best rally drivers currently taking part in the Brazilian Sertões Rally is Michel Terpins who is a member of the renowned Bull Sertões Rally Team. This was a team that was initially founded and headed by two brothers Michel Terpin and Rodrigo Terpins. After Michel Terpin left the cross country championship he was convinced by his brother to join the world of rallying and by then his brother was already an experienced driver.

Michel Terpins had joined cross country when he was relatively young and his hard work and consistency had seen him rise through the ranks and emerge as one of the top competitors in the sport. His rise to the top saw him become one of the most dominant cross country champions in the sport.

Once he joined his brother in rallying this perspective had to change and he is now had to ensure that he polished his driving skills as well as navigational ones in order to dominate here too.

They both had a very keen interest in the T1 prototype category and thus it was only natural that they gravitated towards it even in major league competitions.

During his time with his brother, Michel focused on growing his team taking advantage of the brother’s experience and ability to bring up to speed on various aspects of rallying.

As time went by there was a need to expand the Bull Sertões Rally Team and at this point, the brothers took on new navigator in order to be in a position to compete in different cars.

During the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally Michel Terpin brought on a new navigator and this was to prove to be the right move. 37-year-old Maykel Justo proved to be a great match for him and this was to reflect in their results going forward.

The team was able to scoop the first position in the first cycle of the rally and maintain the same position in the second cycle. During the third run, their car developed some mechanical problems which would later prove to be related to the gearbox. This saw them drop in pace but were still able to emerge position 4 overall.

Try Fabletics Luxury Feeling Athleisure Clothing Via Amazon Online Today

If you are an avid Amazon shopper, try Fabletics luxury feeling athleisure clothing via Amazon online today. This deal might not last forever, so hurry over for the best pick. Fabletics is known as one of the best womens athletic wear that has unrivaled designs and ultra special color selections. These clothes are artistically crafted to be extra gorgeous for such comfortable everyday wear. As originally made for workout sessions, women are finding that these styles look so stunning that they are perfect for wearing to the town park, at the beach, out for lunch and evenings in with your sweetheart. While women love the feel of the luxurious fabrics, they feel so comfy, a lady might forget she has them on. Guys will love the sleek fit that flatters a woman’s shape no matter her size.


Customers typically find that they can always find what they want as Fabletics uses a reverse showroom style of stocking their inventory. They collect information from customer surveys, purchase patterns, customer preferences, reviews from customers satisfied or not, and info gained from an anonymous Lifestyle Quiz that is super fun to take. In short order, customers learn more about their real shopping preferences, their ideal size ranges, fabric likes, figure flaws with appropriate fashion cuts that hide them, their ideal color tones and their current and desired workout or activity levels. All of this information is added to the rest on a computer platform. This alerts staff to make changes in their showroom inventories if anything changes in customer shopping preferences or habits. Kate Hudson is the face that is the original Cali girl that every woman admires. This likable actress seems like a best friend to many avid Fabletics customers. Most have seen Kate’s engaging commercials and promotional events where she is seen wearing her endorsed favorite Fabletics fashions.


Every shopper that finds the Lifestyle Quiz is encouraged to give it a chance. The accurate results can literally change how a lady shops from that day forward. The information educates women on their best styles, sizes, colors and more. Kate was said to be “almost famous” as an actress, but now she is a household face with Fabletics brand that she has co-founded. Her unbelievable stylish fashion sense is making women everywhere look cool wearing comfy outfits that move as fast as the wearer does. The outfit somehow stays remarkably fresh looking.

Achieving great heights in rallying a look at Michel Terpin.

The 25th edition of the Sertoes rally attracted a lot of participants. In the T1 prototype category, there was one team that was expected to perform well and it did not disappoint. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team that comprised of Michel Terpins and his new navigator Maykel Justo, 40 and 37 years old respectively would ensure that the race was exciting as it was expected. The team made up of the two was onboard #322 the T-Rex developed by MEM and was always expected to be as good as in the previous races. The T1 Prototype was very competitive for that edition and despite this, they were able to emerge position one in the first leg and follow up in the second leg of the competition. In the last leg, they would be faced by some mechanical challenges which saw them slow down before they discovered they had a gear fault something that could not be rectified on the move thus they finished in a lower position in this leg they, however, came in at position four overall.

The edition saw them come in with a total time of 11 hours, 45 minutes, and 23 seconds this was a very good performance assuming the slow down they encountered in the final stages of the competition. Michel Terpins has proved himself to be a very capable driver and this is what has enabled him to grow his team by leaps and bounds. His achievements cannot only be limited to those that he got during his times as a rally driver but when he competed in the cross country championship. He has been a good leader of his team which has led to a direct impact on the number of sponsors who are streaming in to support the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. His commitment to the environmental impact of rallying has also seen him considered as a conservationist. This is something that he does not take lightly and it is what makes him continue with the efforts to continue planting trees as a way of combating any negative effects of the sport.

Michel terpins will be competing in the 26th edition of the Sertoes rally and hopes to outperform himself.

Shiraz Boghani And Hospitality Talents

Shiraz Boghani is a sedulous professional who has been working nonstop on a daily basis for many years now. He functions as the Chairman of a sizable company that’s known by the name of the Splendid Hospitality Group. He’s located in London in the United Kingdom now. He’s been located in the lively Western European metropolis for quite some time as well. Splendid Hospitality Group, in brief, is a hotel group that’s completely private. It’s currently expanding in a rapid and efficient manner. There are few other United Kingdom hotel groups that are expanding as swiftly as Splendid Hospitality Group is. The company has established roughly 20 hotels. These hotels include more than 2,000 guestrooms as well.

Boghani is the kind of person who is a believer in the importance of A+ work. He’s far from lazy. People in the hospitality world are aware of Boghani’s incomparable work ethic. They’re aware of the fact that he gets things done for his company, too. The Asian Business Awards in 2016 picked up on Boghani’s dazzling work skills and accomplishments. The awards team, because of that, named him Hotelier of the Year. Boghani is such a capable and talented hospitality professional that he actually beat out a vast number of other people who are part of his extensive field. He knows so much about trading hotels all around the United Kingdom. Nothing is inexplicable about that, either. Boghani has been a big part of the hospitality field for about three decades.

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This executive knows a lot about hospitality and making customers feel amazing. His talents are actually in no way limited to the hospitality division, though. This leader is qualified to work as a Chartered Accountant in the United Kingdom. He has a lot of insight that involves financial matters of all varieties.

Boghani is a notable entrepreneur who knows how to take control of businesses. He has a keen understanding of businesses that cover many different categories. He’s particularly knowledgeable regarding businesses that are under the large hospitality umbrella, too. This is an individual who understands all different aspects of travel. He concentrates on leisure travelers who want to relax and take things slowly. He concentrates on people who are enthusiastic about relaxation, serenity and tranquility overall. Shiraz Boghani is a person who never avoids the concept of hard work. He’s also someone who likes to give his time to charitable efforts.

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MB2 Dental Offers Refreshing Approach to Dentists Young and Old

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is shattering the stereotypes that exist in the dental industry. He is challenging the stigma that exists when it comes to the corporate side of the dental industry. When you go to a dentist, you do not always realize what needs to go on behind the scenes in order for the dentist to be able to offer you high quality care. Besides getting all the necessary equipment, they need to take care of administrative tasks, such as payroll, taxes, accounting, and so on. A sole practitioner often finds it hard to take care of all those things by himself, which is why so many dentists join a firm like MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental offers dentists the freedom to operate their own private practices as they see fit while taking care of all of the administrative tasks for them. This way, the dentists can focus on taking care of patients and making sure that the care that they offer is truly the best.

MB2 Dental is all about fostering relationships between dentists. They let dentists have fun together while learning new stuff and growing their practice. They even have retreats for the dentists in their group, where dentists can clear their mind from the stress of their work and build friendships and relationships with other dentists. There is no other group in the world that does this for dentists. Dentists can learn from each other and grow, both in their personal lives and in their professional lives. The last retreat was in Cancun. Dentists came from various different states in the country. They relaxed together and recharged themselves so that they could offer better care next time around. To know more about Dr. Chris Villanueva click here.

Dr. Chris Villanueva explained that the founding principle of MB2 Dental is that dentists should work together so that they can grow and help each other and accomplish things they would not be able to if they were to work alone. MB2 Dental now has over one thousand employees, and they continue to grow and add new affiliates. They are able to provide dentists with the best of both worlds. Dentists can have all of their administrative needs, like billing, payrolls, accounting, marketing, and so on taken care of. Without the burden of those things, they are able to focus exclusively on providing their patients with the help they need.

How George Soros Have managed to Become a Great Philanthropist in His Career

George Soros happens to have been one of the most famous philanthropists across the globe and has been working towards helping so many people from across all corners of the globe. He has always been passionate about achieving in life and his dream in life has been nothing else but success for fellow beings. The great Hedge Fund Manager has been able to give out more than $32 billion across the entire globe. He is always on the frontline pursuing success and has been respected by so many people from all corners of the world because of the love he has for humanity. He has the lives of people at heart and is always concerned about their welfare.

George Soros has also never been left behind in his mission towards defending people who oftently are discriminated for who they are. All these projects are under the leadership of one of the world’s greatest foundation known as Open Society Foundations and have always been on the frontline working for success. The famous foundation has been able to help so many people from across the whole world. They have been able to help people from across all the countries of the world. They have helped people, human rights movements and civil society groups fight for accountability across all the states of the world.

George Soros was able to develop the passion for giving while he was still young. He was able to face greatest world atrocities whole he was only 13 years. Soros and his family were able to witness the great Nazi Germany fighting the Hungarian Jews. He was born in Budapest and has made so many people achieve in life. During those times, when Nazi Germany invaded them, Jewish children were first denied the right to attend schools and were being sent back to the Jewish council. They first changed their family name to Christianity so that they could make it in life. More than 500,000 Jews were killed during the famous Budapest siege and that was among the world fiercest wars in the world, and what George Soros knows.

George Soros in the year 1947 decided to advance his skills and had to immigrate to England. That was immediately after the wars had settled in the country. He joined one of the most famous Universities in England known as London School of Economics and he has always been on the frontline pursuing success. He pursued a bachelor’s of science in Philosophy and graduated in the year 1951. Later after taking a very short break, he went back to pursue a master in Philosophy, and

George Soros graduated in the year 1954 and by 1957 decided to travel to America to look for greener pastures. While he was in school, he used to look for jobs out there so that he could satisfy his thirst for education. He worked as a night bar attendant to support his University Education. Later he left England so that he could start his career in finance. That was when he established the famous Quantum Fund Endowment which was previously known as Soros Fund Management.

Todd Lubar Shares Eye-Opening Business Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar, who is the President of TDL Global Ventures, is a specialist in Real Estate. A recent interview drove him to share some insight on having a successful business. Upon graduation from Syracuse University with a degree in Speech Communication and Rhetoric, his real estate journey started at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Here, he worked from 1995-1999.

For Todd Lubar, the sky was the limit. He left Crestar for Legacy Financial Group in Texas. He worked here till 2005 where he moved to Charter Funding thereby accepting the position of the Senior Vice President. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to own recycling, demolition, and real estate companies.

Through his vast experience in real estate, he recently shared some tips in an interview. One of the secrets to his successful business idea is the fact that his interest is in helping people. His aim all along is to help people overcome all the challenges involving getting loan approval. Check out Yelp to see more.

Lubar’s success did not come easily; it involved getting knocked down a couple of times. However, he suggests that one has to keep pushing on and not give up. A valuable lesson he learned at Crestar while working as a loan originator was the business model. It helped in enhancing his business skills with insurance agents, financial planners, and many other professionals. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

As a business owner, Todd has learned the art of being keen on details. This is an art that helps the business grow and reduce the chances of missing out on the finer aspects of the company. Keenness and hard work are a driving force for his company.

The entrepreneur admits that one way he makes a profit is by identifying people who are not afraid to go after their dreams. He points out that Google is an incredible forum for businesses who aim at attracting clients despite some sites making the clients doubt the authenticity of service providers.

The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz is one of the books Lubar says have redefined his business career. He also points out that although people may think it’s a bit traditional, Fitbit has also worked for him.

End Citizens United Tackle The Role Of Paul Ryan In The Tax Reform Bill Vote

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller believes the middle-class families of the U.S. are under threat like never before because of the 2017 Tax Reform Bill which has been described by the PAC as a major issue for the people of the nation. The role of Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in creating and passing the Tax Reform Bill has been highlighted by End Citizens United as one of the major reasons for the success of the action and shown how the Wisconsin-based politician is seeking to place the needs of his political donors above those of the middle-class families he represents in the state.

Perhaps the biggest name on the End Citizens United “Big Money 20” list which also included Texas Senator Ted Cruz among those who have placed the needs of their billionaire donors ahead of their constituents, Paul Ryan has been described by Tiffany Muller of failing the people of Wisconsin. End Citizens United reports the Tax Reform Bill will have the effect of raising taxes for over half of U.S. citizens by 2027 if it continues its passage to become law.

One of the main reasons given for Paul Ryan being named to the “Big Money 20” list was the fact he has accepted around $4.3 million from Wall Street companies and individuals to further their own needs. The state of Wisconsin has a large number of working-class and middle-class families who are being ignored by Speaker Ryan in favor of those who provided the Republican with more than $130,000 in funding in return for his support of the Tax Reform Bill. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller explained her own view the people of Wisconsin and the U.S. as a whole were being let down by Speaker Ryan in many different ways as he pushed forward the needs of his own wealthy donors from Wall Street.

The Tax Reform Bill stands as a sign of the changing face of U.S. politics, in the view of the leaders of the End Citizens United PAC who are fighting to bring a sense of fairness back to the democratic process. The fact the top one percent of the U.S. economy will receive the largest chunk of tax cuts offered in the bill shows the major power in American politics is no longer with the majority but located in the heart of the wealthiest political donors. Operating as a traditional PAC means End Citizens United does not do the bidding of the political elite but is instead looking to reverse the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision that changed the face of election financing.

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