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Compliance Officers and the SEC

Compliance officers have been facing more scrutiny from the SEC, which is short hand for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Part of this comes from Helane Morrison becoming the district chief of the Commission.

Morrison joined the firm in 2007. She first served as head of the San Francisco branch of the SEC. Before that, she helped with enforcement in the same branch. Then, she represented the SEC in the legal, business, and financial communities. She is one of the first women to serve as the district chief of the SEC. Only three other women are on the administration teams – acting as the administrator of the Pacific Region in LA, the SEC Midwest region director, and the director of the northeast region of NYC.

Furthermore, she has quite a reputation. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism a Northwestern University, and a J.D from the University of California in Berkley. In Berkley, she was the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review.

In her new role at Hall Capital, Morrison will be picking up slack with compliance officers. These are the people who make sure the rules that the SEC has laid out are followed in business practice, and not pushed aside. Many are facing increasing scrutiny about when they avoid a close call and when a decision crosses what is supposed to be a very clear line in their ethics.

Two high profile cases that illustrate the scrutiny have been tried in 2015. One deals with BlackRock and one of their compliance officers. The officer failed to disclose outside business interests, and then had to pay a $60,000 fee. Policies were not in place to address having to disclose these interests to the board and to clients.

The other case involves SFX Financial Advisory Management Enterprises. THey were found guilty of failing to prevent a misappropriation of client assets. The CCO paid $25,000 to settle fees, and the company paid $150,000 for the same purpose. No matter what kind of issue arises, the compliance officers often take the hit for it.

To avoid it, the SEC is deciding to do it. They are debating taking compliance officers to a review at set points during the year. They are third parties in the businesses, after all. They do have their responsibilities.

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Soros VS Trump In Making Us Strong AGain

If you have been watching television lately you have probably noticed all of the political ads that are coming on. Candidates are speaking out about issues that are touching accords with people and making them choose sides. Some of the candidates believe that we need to start new tax programs to get back in good standings. Some candidates believe if we block all of our borders we may be able to keep everyone out of the United States. And finally, some candidates spend their campaign money on bashing the other candidates. Who knows who to follow? Are we really looking at the best of the best when it comes to America?

Campaign promises are coming out of each candidates mouth each time they speak. Other people are also chiming in with their opinions. If you have enough money to spend on someone’s campaign, you may be able to offer your opinion and be heard. George Soros is worth over 24 billion dollars. He is one of the richest men and he has his own beliefs and opinions on the global economy and refugees. He believes we are making rash decisions too quickly. He also says that we do not have to shut our borders to keep out the refugees because soon they will be able to take back their own land.

Donald Trump is one of the republican candidates for the President of the United States. He is loudly pronouncing his beliefs that we do need to close borders and keep refugees in their own land. He believes that people coming into America are the same people that are terrorist in the U.S. People are quick to tell Trump that anyone can be a terrorist if they have wrong beliefs and begin following the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

Forbes billionaire George Soros speaks out about Trump and his beliefs. He believes that the global economy is going to improve. He believes that soon Iraq and Syria will take back their property and Migrants will slow to migrate. No one can truly predict the future but we do need to take the time and look at America and our beliefs as a country. Freedom of speech and Liberty for all. Two big principles that America was founded on. Maybe we all need to ride by the statue of liberty again and understand the true meaning. Yeah, we need to monitor people coming in and out of US. We need to secure our borders but we need to put the rest to a vote. The United States and the world are facing terrorism and we need to get a handle on social media and whoever is allowing them to recruit.

Rocking for Autism

Sanjay Shah is a British businessman and philanthropist. He is currently the CEO of Solo Capital Partners. Solo Capital was founded in September 2011, is based in London, and offers investment management, securities lending, agency brokerage and safeguarding. After five years, the company had a net worth of $280 million and offices in Dubai and London, so Sanjay decided to focus on his charity projects.

Sanjay monetarily sponsored children’s charities in India through Plan International for a period of ten years before choosing to focus on autism. In 2011, his youngest son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism and this discovery gave Sanjay a new and personal charitable direction to pursue. He was financially stable and could afford all of the available treatments to help his son, but he recognized other families were not so fortunate. He acknowledged that the child whose family does not have the means to pay for therapy would not develop as quickly. He wanted to do more than simply donate money to the cause so close to his heart. As a resident of Dubai, he approached the Dubai Autism Center and asked how he could help. They needed transportation so he purchased two mini-buses for the center. This was not enough for Sanjay because he wanted to be more involved and contribute even more. He also felt strongly about acquiring additional knowledge about why autism occurs. A chance meeting with Snoop Dogg changed his life and gave him the inspiration to use music as a charitable mechanism to aid research on autism.

In 2014, Sanjay founded the organization Autism Rocks. The goal of the company is to increase awareness of and research for autism. Snoop Dogg’s visit motivated Sanjay to use music as a means to raise money in aid of autism. The entrepreneur stages gigs in London and Dubai to raise money for the charity. He has attracted the support of a number of talented stars such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello and Joss Stone. The money raised goes directly to the Autism Research Trust (ART), which supports the research done by the Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University.

Autism Rocks arranges exclusive concerts with high profile artists which not only raises funds, but also to increase autism awareness. Sanjay plans to increase the frequency of the concerts, and hopes to continue pulling in megastars to support the charity. His future plans include putting together a compilation album to help attract artists and to raise as much awareness and money for the condition as possible.

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Skout Conducts Survey On New Year’s Resolutions

Over the years I have tried hard to identify myself. It takes years of dating and growing up to realize what type of person you are and who you want to surround yourself with. I realized just recently that the people I surround myself with and the environment that I live in is a huge part of the person I am to become. The people that I find important to me in my life are a reflection of who I see myself as in the world. I have had trouble making friends at some points in my life. Could this be because I was unfriendly at the time? I think it is because I was shy around new people.

I found that meeting people online is much easier. There is some reason that we talk, and we have shared interests in life, so when we meet up in person there is already something to talk about. It’s like we already know each other, and we are picking up the conversation that we started online like we were old friends. It’s a beautiful thing to meet new people this way. I’ve met plenty of people through a social media and online dating application for my phone. It’s an app called Skout, and it’s totally different than any social media or dating app that you may have tried in the past. Skout allows you to see the people in your area that you might get along with, and you can take it upon yourself to go from there. I usually have a few new people message me every couple of days after they found my profile on Skout.

People use the application for a long list of different things, everything from finding cool online friends to finding lifelong partners. I met a bunch of my friends on Skout. I even found this article that goes over why having friends like this is so important to self development. It’s from SAT PR News, and it talks about a survey that Skout conducted to get to know users’ New Year’s resolutions. I’ll admit that I learned a lot from this article about the important of a solid, close knit group of friends that you can rely on. It helps with everything from career development to understanding your personal style. If you’d like to take a peak at the article for yourself, follow this link.

Pittsburgh Steelers Organization Launches Revamped Fan Gear Line

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers organization will be launching on facebook its new fashion line. The vastly improved line is already a hit with Steelers fans, and all of the items can viewed at the new website: The Steelers director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, is excited with the fashions and accessories added to the line. “We’ve mad a lot of big changes,” according to McGalla. This year, fans will items from brands including Victoria’s Secret, Pandora Jewelry and Nike Golf, just to name a few. “Many of the fashions are geared toward girl fans who like pinks, yellows and neons,” says McGalla. “With sports you can be plain or dressy. We think we’ve captured both styles perfectly.” The Pittsburgh native says listening to the fans was an important part of bringing the line to fruition. “We love to bring in focus groups so they can have a voice.” Social networking is also an important part of making things happen. The Steelers have also launched the new “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday” to encourage fans to wear black and gold on the Friday before the game. McGalla brings a great deal of experience to the table. The former CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal knows what customers are looking for in retail. After graduating from Mount Union College, she went to work for Joseph Horne Company where she was involved in both management and marketing. After lengthy careers at Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla decided she would use her expertise to help others. In 2012, she launched P3 Executive Consulting. Her company advises some of the largest retail companies in the U.S.

Charles Koch Expresses Disappointment with the Republican Party’s 2016 Presidential Lineup

Measured by revenue, Koch industries is the second largest American company that is privately held. Only Cargill is bigger. The chairman, chief executive officer and co-owner of this massive company is the billionaire Charles Koch who, apart from having a successful business career, is also a well known philanthropist and political activist.

In politics he, together with his younger brother David, is among the mega donors of the Republican Party and bankroller of many conservative and libertarian causes in the US. This has earned him the admiration of many conservatives, but has also exposed him to numerous attacks from the press and Democrats who believe he uses his vast fortune to influence government policies in favor of his businesses. However, despite these attacks Koch rarely gives interviews to defend himself. Often, he leaves other people to make such defenses for him.

In a break with tradition, Charles Koch gave a rare interview to the Financial Times in the headquarters of his Koch Industries. In the interview that mainly touched on politics of the Republican Party, Koch expressed his dissatisfaction with the current group of Republicans competing to be the party’s flag bearer in the 2016 US presidential elections.

To him, none of the candidates excites him because none of them has addressed issues that he is passionate about and which he thinks Americans need them addressed urgently. He is particularly unhappy with the two leading Republican presidential candidates – the billionaire business man Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

He singled out Donald Trump’s proposal to have the government register all Muslims entering the US as a policy, which if implemented, would destroy America as a free society. He also attacked Ted Cruz’s proposal to carpet bomb the Islamic State that now controls large portions of both Iraq and Syria. Quoting Mao Tse Tung who once compared people to a sea that a revolutionary swims in, Koch argues that carpet bombing ISIL is the best way of creating a sea that terrorists swim in because it would make terrorist propaganda attractive to Middle Eastern populations.

To Koch, Ted Cruz’s proposal represents a continuation of aggressive foreign policies like the one that led the US to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. According to him, such policies only make the world less secure, not safer.

Even though he has pledged to spend close to $900m on the 2016 elections, Koch is unsure whether such money will have much effect on the race because thus far moneyed power brokers like him have not been as influential as in the previous races.

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Increase Recognition With A Wikipedia Business Page

Billions of people view pages on Wikipedia monthly. Clearly, Wikipedia is one of the most popular sites online. Some of those visitors own a business online. Sooner or later, they are going to start wondering if they should create a Wikipedia page for their business. First, let’s take a look at Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. Articles are contributed by people across the world. Wikipedia does not pay professional writers to create articles for their site. The fact is that Wikipedia encourages their visitors to contribute articles to the site.

Create a Wikipedia Page 

The idea of creating a Wikipedia page for a business seems very daunting. However, there are numerous advantages that are associated with placing Wikipedia pages that relate to your business. Some smart marketers place pages on the site to increase brand recognition. The fact is that Wikipedia pages rank high in Google searches. A high ranking page on Wikipedia that relates to a business guarantees better brand and product recognition. This might be enough to persuade people to purchase the company’s products or use their service. Some business people are interested in creating Wikipedia pages that build a personal online reputation too. Wikipedia is an excellent tool for that task. However, it is also important to link the article to reliable sources online to support the information in the article. 

Get Your Wiki

It is a proven fact that high ranking Wikipedia pages are able to quickly increase brand recognition and build an online reputation. However, the average person might not have the time or skills to create an effective high ranking page for the site. Get Your Wiki is an online Wikipedia writing service that has knowledgeable Wikipedia writers on their staff. Their experienced writers are able to compose articles for clients on a multitude of topics. They will take the headaches and frustration out of composing Wikipedia articles that are acceptable to the site. Thus, increasing the client’s brand recognition and improving their online professional reputation. Hire professional Wiki writer’s today. Contact them for more information.

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Homejoy Bankruptcy is Handy for Handy

Handy experienced home cleaners allow customers to book home cleaning services through an efficient online platform. Handy home cleaning is a top-notch Company offering the best and affordable home cleaning services at the doorstep of your home. Handy has experienced and qualified personnel who provide quality services at a friendly and reliable manner.

Handy specializes in some services that include the assembly of furniture in your house, mounting of Television appliances, hanging pictures, and placing on shelves in your house. Handy also offers plumbing and electrical services. The handy company comprises of staff that is experienced and insured for the safety of the clients. This Company works on a daily basis with a customer help desk that operates for more than eighteen hours a day.

Handy works with a money refunding policy that states that the client should get full reimbursement of the paid fee if he is not satisfied with the work done. Handy has also been working with the technological advancement staff to make sure that the customers’ needs and specifications are met. Handy introduced an app that will be helping clients to book for online services in a simple and clear way.

This company has been facing competition from other home cleaning agents located in the area. Homejoy Company, which is a startup Company in the field, was encountered by closure challenges after lawsuits threatened to treat the casual contractors as permanent employees of the Homejoy Company, a scenario that left the company with no option but to close down. According to the lawsuits policy, the startups Company were supposed to treat the contractors as specified employees. That means the contractors would encounter an additional of twenty percent of labor costs, to reach forty percent.

Homejoy Company had managed to raise thirty-eight million dollars in a partnership venture with Redpoint Ventures, Google platform, and the 1st Round Capital. Before being faced with operational challenges, the Company was providing home cleaning services, home repairs, and carpet cleaning services. In a release made by the Company, the managerial staff explained that the Company had to close due to the home services space unresolved challenges.

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Kieth Mann Depicts Philanthropy

Keith Mann, an author of New York organization Dynamic Search Partners, is demonstrating his backing for the NYPD in light of dissents and savagery encompassing the police power. Keith Mann made a signal of thanks by sending lunch to the 54th Street area to support moral as opposed to bolstering into the cynicism encompassing the power.

Keith Mann has an individual association with the NY Police Division. Keely Mann’s relative is an investigator in Staten Island.

To demonstrate his backing for the detective, Keith conveyed dine to the 54th lane area in right on time January. Realizing that a solitary activity frequently goes ignored, Mann sent dine to the region over again on Feb 9.

Officers should be shown gratitude for their administration, not assaulted during the endeavors to keep individuals safe. Policemen have families as well and are individuals simply like you and me behind those uniforms.

Officers respond as per their preparation in circumstances that regular folks don’t experience. At last, Keith Mann would not like to see his or some other family hurt because of thoughtless activity against the police office.

Natives like Keith Mann have been endeavoring to bolster the police in light of the late clashes. There was a backing rally for the New York Police Department, which more than 150 people attended. Keith trusts that even basic activities can improve things greatly when indicating support for the general population.

About Keith Mann – Founder/CEO
Keith Mann worked in the executive search industry for over 15 years and was a specialist in support investments remuneration, staffing, and enlisting procedure. Mann was already a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search where he was selected for worldwide money related administrations firms. He dispatched the Alternative Investment Practice inside of Dynamics Executive Search in 2002 in the wake of distinguishing the support investments industry as a quickly developing market that was under-served by the hunt group.

In 2006, he extended the practice into the private equity industry, and in 2009, Keith Mann built up Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) as a chief official search firm committed only to option venture firms. He is presently the CEO of DSP and is in charge of the everyday administration of the firm. Keith is a known philanthropist and helps his customers in the contracting venture, showcasing and inner procedure experts for their current groups, and also in building out new stages. DSP works with firms over the speculation options industry in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It fills more than 200 customer orders every year.

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New Jersey Dentist Joins Forces With Operation Smile And Go Fund Me To Help People Around The World

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey. His father was a cardiologist that served the local community and Avi knew that he wanted to be like his father. But it is when he started to notice girls growing up that he knew how he was going to help his fellow citizens of New Jersey. The first thing he noticed about the girls were their teeth. It started a love affair with dental health, aesthetics and hygiene.

They say if you do what you love then you will never work a day in your life. And that is how Avi Weisfogel feels when he goes to work in the morning. He is so committed to helping people through dentistry that he feels lucky to do what he does. And he never stops learning. He takes more than the state-required 40 annual hours of continuing education every year because he is so intent on helping people in the best way possible, and it shows. This practice has blossomed and he has been able to purchase other offices throughout New Jersey. Watch his educational video below.

You might think that Avi would rest on his laurels and enjoy the fruits of his labor quietly in New Jersey, but you’d be wrong. His success at the local level has only increased his commitment to altruism through dentistry and he seeks to expand the scope of his philanthropy world wide. That is why he has started a GoFundMe campaign to benefit the Operation Smile charity.

Operation Smile is a group of activists and dentists that travel the world giving out surgical care to those with cleft lip or cleft palate. It is shocking to know that only 4% of all cleft lip or palate surgeries are performed a person from a poor community. And without this surgery, a person afflicted with this horrible defect can expect problems with hearing, speech and eating throughout their entire lives. But that only measures the medical difficulties, not the social ones.

Cleft lip can lead to dental damage. The mouth does not cover the upper teeth, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. And the look of a cleft lip isn’t exactly pleasing. People afflicted with the condition will find it difficult to socialize, make friends or get a job working with people. But surgery can help solve the problem, bringing the patient out of isolation. Avi, Operation Smile and Go Fund Me seek to help as many as possible. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.