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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Capitalizes On New Investment Opportunities

When it comes to the world of investments, many people who don’t typically do their homework and seek out a skilled investor who is knowledgeable in the ins and outs of various investment vehicles, end up on the short end of the stick. With today’s turbulent financial times, is now more important than ever to find a truly skilled and knowledgeable individual to handle large investment opportunities. There are few people who understand what it is like to invest and properly allocate investments for large sums of capital.

James Dondero comes from an extensive background of financial knowledge. James Dondero’s company Highland Capital Management is one of the leading capital management companies in America, and has been making sound investments for its many clients and extensive capital holders for years. He and his business partner Mark Okada are the creators of an innovative investment vehicle, Collateralized Loan Obligations, or as they are known, CLOs. Through the years, Dondero and capital management have been recognized as one of the premier institutions for global asset management. They have a number of offices located around the world in Dallas, New York, San Paulo and Singapore.

Highland Capital Management has been in operation since 1983, and has been instrumental in sound investments for their individuals through innovative and unique investment vehicles. Dondero began his career with an education that included a B.S. from the University of Michigan with an emphasis on finance and accounting. After he graduated, he joined the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company where he received his initial financial training. Upon finishing his training with Morgan, he took a position with American Express, where he oversaw over $1 billion in investment capital. He then took a significant position with Protective Life company has their chief investment officer. During his time with Protective Life, under his stewardship the company grew to over $2 billion in capital over the four years he served there.

Dondero now oversees over $20 billion of assets through his company Highland Capital Management. His company has substantial investments in alternative investment markets, and has a $5 billion stake in separate institutional interests. He is well-versed in portfolio management, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives, and common stock investments. His business and financial acumen has made billions of dollars for the various companies that he has worked for. He also serves on the Board of Directors of several companies, including Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation and other companies. He has a designation as a Certified Management Accountant as well.

James Dondero is an investing icon. His track record has shown his various investors consistent growth over the past 20 years. He continues to make sound investments that bring in significant dividends for the individuals and institutions he works for. And with the continued growth of Highland Capital Management, many good days ahead are forecast for the individuals under his growing financial institution.

Bernardo Chua Leads Organo Gold to Greater Heights

According to CrunchBase, Bernardo Chua is the Founder and President of Organo Gold.The company, founded in 2008, offers gourmet coffee to fit into the active lifestyles of consumers. Mr. Chua has led the company to achieve a high level of success. He has received a gold medal from the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

  1. Bernado Chua expressed optimism and termed it a significant operational achievement during the opening of Organo Gold’s branch in Turkey. He went further to state that the inauguration of the branch would connect the operations of the company in Asia, Africa and Europe. This would help in better service in distribution and sale across the regions. The opening of the Turkey branch by Mr. Chua was an opportunity that presented itself naturally as the country was the first to open a coffee house in the 15th century. This opportunity would be fully exploited since coffee is firmly entrenched in the tradition and culture of the people of Turkey. With this realization, Mr. Chua introduced healthy products that are modern and savvy, making Organo Gold fit correctly in the market. A fact reiterated by Holton Buggs, Organo Gold’s Executive Vice President in charge of International Sales and Marketing. He went on to state the increased interest in Turkey on active lifestyles and the growth of the nutraceutical market increased awareness and demand for products by the company.

The health benefits of coffee products sold by Bernardo Chua’s company are derived from Ganoderma, a mushroom that was used by ancient Chinese as medicine. Mr. Chua’s aim in founding the company was to spread awareness about the herb, which is referred to as the “highest-ranked herb”. He continues to bring refinement to his business by closely working with class-leading producers of organic Ganoderma, allowing him to offer quality at reasonable prices. He also provides funds for research in Ganoderma, putting them one step ahead of the competition.

His contribution t has not gone unnoticed. In January of 2015, Mr. Chua was awarded the prestigious Dangal ng Bayan Awards, with Organo Gold receiving two People’s Choice Awards. The awards are meant to recognise Filipino achievers and world-class products by the same. For his role in founding and leading Organo Gold, Mr. Chua was recognised for his role as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. He has also on five different occasions been awarded the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award. The company ranks among the fastest in growth among network marketing firms. This success is as a result of Mr. Chua’s efforts in taking the company and brand global by the use of his expert knowledge in the field of network marketing.

Cleaning Services are Helpful for many Homeowners

A clean home is something that everyone wants and needs. This type of service makes cleaning and reorganizing a home a great experience for homeowners simply because they do not have to perform the work. All they need to do is to tell the workers what they need to do and then pay them after the job is completed. Home cleaning services is now a million dollar industry that is continually growing as each year passes.

What Type of Consumers Like Home Cleaning Services?

Most people who use a home cleaning service like Handy typically have extra funds to spend on this type of activity. Families that make at least $75,000 a year or more are prime candidates for home cleaning services. This particular group of people might clean their home but they typically have a person come in at least two times a month to perform this work. People who make less than $75,000 a year will also use a home cleaning service but they will use it less frequently.

What do Home Cleaning Technicians do when Cleaning a Residence?

All home cleaning techs will clean a house according to the instructions of a client. They will basic cleaning tasks such as picking up trash, vacuuming the floor, wiping down walls, cleaning carpets and dusting furniture. They can also be used to rearrange furniture, clean out excessively cluttered rooms and help homeowners to remove unwanted items from their home. Services from cleaning technicians could also include washing laundry, taking out the trash and sweeping sidewalks, patios or porch areas. Most cleaning companies and their techs will explain up front about the services that they are willing to provide to clients.

How often will a Cleaning Company Service a Home?

A cleaning company will clean for as long as pay them to do a job. However, most people only use the services of a cleaning company at least twice a week. There are some homeowners who will need a cleaning tech to visit their home on a daily basis. These individual tend to have large sized families and/or are very messy when it comes to keeping house. Most people probably will not need to use a home cleaning service for their house everyday. Ultimately, a residential cleaning company will visit a home at least two times a month or at least once every week.

Home Cleaning Businesses are on the Rise

People all over the country can hire the services of a home cleaning company. Many of these organization are starting to show up all over the country. Handy on crunchbase, Home Cleaning Services is one organization that is breaking into the market. This company is quickly growing and is slowly becoming a household name for residential cleaning services. Handy, Home Cleaning Services offer basic cleaning tasks and this organization also has affordable pricing for their services. Residential cleaning is a big business and it quickly becoming a valuable service for modern homemakers. Many people appreciate (and need) the extra help when it comes to keeping their homes neat and in order.

Susan McGalla’s Touch

Tons of women have careers in many different sectors that are famous. However, there are skills that are still lacking that could take them to a higher level of success. Women are still subject to inequality and a lack of presence in boardrooms. Even with the steps taken by governments and activists to bring about more equality, there is still something that any victim of inequality should do. There are fortunately plenty of women that have shown themselves to be very efficient in leadership roles. Women, just like me, possess the necessary traits for leadership. Among the women is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla is someone to look up to for many women due to her ability to manage businesses while running her own business. The once masculine world of business is rapidly changing thanks to people like Susan McGalla. They are some of the best role models for women to look up to. They have put a lot of hard work and effort into running their own business. It takes a lot of hard work and knowledge in order to make it up the ladder in the corporate world. Susan McGalla has discovered the ingredients of success.

Susan McGalla has succeeded due to her passion, versatility, confidence and hard work. She has said that it is rare that life will give people golden opportunities. People have to work hard and also be vigilant in the case of a golden opportunity. Most importantly, the right mindset and the ability to meet the right people will be very helpful in one’s journey towards reaching goals. However, even if life offers golden opportunities and the person takes it, it does not mean that the opportunity is going to work in the favor of the recipient. There are circumstances that could still influence how things turn out for the person.

Instead of waiting for the right opportunity to present itself, the person has to find her own potential and use it to the fullest. The person has to know herself and know what type of business is best suited for her personality. If she is working in her element, then she is more likely to be successful in her business. While she does have two choices on working for a company that is best suited to her or going into business for herself, her best bet is to go into business for herself because then she could decide what type of work she could do.

Susan McGalla also has websites like cbslocal a great role model due to the fact that she found a path to take and she pursued it. She did not look at anything that is irrelevant to her journey. She has also developed wonderfully as a person due to her upbringing and she has a lot of advice for people that are aspiring to grow in their careers and build a business for themselves that is successful. She is also helpful for people that want to climb the corporate ladder and overcome prejudices and other disadvantages.

Why Investing In Gold Is In Your Best Interest

You read the reports about investing in Gold. You have seen the television commercials about investing in Gold. You heard the experts talking about investing in Gold. You want to know more. Is Gold a good investment for you? Why is Gold a good investment? There are a number of factors to consider when researching options. Basically you need to answer the following questions:

Is Gold a stable investment?
Yes.Gold is definitely a stable investment. Fluctuations in the Gold market happen, but Gold is a currency that is accepted worldwide. History has dictated that gold has been the preferred currency for nations that are going through economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Is Gold accessible to anyone?
In its natural state, gold is liquid and easy pliable. Gold can be transported easily and shaped. Anyone can own gold. Gold bullion and gold coins can be bought and sold easily as there are no restrictions in who can own gold. You can select from a variety of gold coins and gold bullion at US Money Reserve Inc.

Can Gold be used as an alternative currency?
Yes, countries around the world accept Gold as currency. The US Money Reserve Inc handles US Government issued Gold coins that are considered US legal tender. With the fluctuations and decline of the US dollar, Gold coins will be a good hedge against inflation.

Can owning Gold serve as a protection for currency and money value?
Owning gold makes good economic sense. Historically gold has proven its value remains steady while fluctuations of paper currency tend to create a loss in value. Gold has been valued over the centuries due to its properties and the increasing rarity of this precious metal.

What kind of Gold should I invest in that will give me the best value for my money?
You have options to own gold coins, have a gold backed IRA or invest in gold bullion. Your financial advisor will have some information for you, but the experts at US Money Reserve can help you figure out the best mixture of gold assets for your portfolio.

Why should I invest in Gold now?
The world markets are still highly volatile right now. The price of Gold is set to go up in the next few years about 1,000 percent. Gold is always a good investment, but the future will be even brighter for those who invest in Gold now.

Are there any tangible benefits to owning Gold?
There are definitely tangible benefits in owning gold. The stability factor is probably the biggest reason to own gold. Gold’s value doesn’t fluctuate as most paper based currency values tend to do. Gold can be owned by anyone, and takes very little investment. Gold is a tangible asset that you can use in financial crisis.

AnastadsiaDate And The Benefits Of Dating Online Locally And Globally

Dating can be a difficult thing when it comes to just walking up to someone and having to break the ice, but online dating makes it a whole lot easier to get to know people, and it even assists in matching up individuals that might be more compatible for one another. Whether or not someone is looking for a one night casual romance, a new friend, a possible life partner or anything in between, online dating is the new way to find romance in a world that would otherwise be closed off.

Online dating has changed the way single people meet in a good way. It helps to eliminate a lot of barriers that would otherwise hinder potentially good relationships like location and communication barriers. There is a less pressure when meeting someone over a dating website with a more relaxing atmosphere, and this is an obvious advantage to people who are more shy or nervous than others. It gives them the chance to ease into a friendship and romance much easier. Unlike phone conversations or meeting in person, if someone needs to answer a question or they want to bring up a topic, then they will have more time to think about what and how to say it without blurting something out that might be embarrassing or even harmful to the process. The location barrier is also knocked down. There may be some issues with people being geographically close by, but when adults date, they’re usually limited to certain places they can go such as bars, restaurants or clubs. Being able to meet people outside of the usual friend circle and frequented locales is one way to open up a door for both women and men. This allows a dater to meet people from a broader geographical search that also allows them to narrow down their searches through common interests or other factors. This certainly improves the chances of finding a match and a better quality match than trying to meet someone in a bar.

For men in North America that want to meet women outside of the country, there is a wonderful site called AnastasiaDate. The site is primarily designed to connect males from the west and United States to women in the Russian Federation. The dating service was founded in 1993, and 20 years later in March of 2013 it had reached the rank of 29 in the world for most popular dating sites. A site doesn’t become that popular globally without being a success.

The company was started by a Russian-American couple that met in 1992. It use to use catalogs to match people. When the Internet became more popular the couple began launching websites. They have since turned AnastasiaDate into a worldwide sensation.

FreedomPop to get U.K. Release

FreedomPop has been a growing telecom brand in the United States since 2011 when founder CEO Stephen Stokols got the company going out of Los Angeles. Since then FreedomPop has expanded their base audience, implemented new technology, and even fought off huge M&A rumors despite gigantic offers on the table. CEO Stokols is now helping to engineer an international expansion into his home, the U.K. according to The Telegraph. The next year or so will be instrumental in terms of how FreedomPop will develop and it could be so good that they turn into a household name all across Europe and the United States.

What FreedomPop on itunes does, essentially, is offer a free cell phone plan to anyone who wants to subscribe to their service. For the U.K. expansion base users will get a free 200 text, 200 minutes of talk, and 200 MB of data for only the price of the limited start up fees. After this initial investment subscribers only ever need to dish out their own cash if they pass their 200/200/200 threshold or opt to expand their service with some of the other subscription services that are available. The core FreedomPop package, which is completely free, is essentially the same service as a basic paid phone plan in the U.K.

This expansion will serve to further push FreedomPop into the global marketplace as they are also launching a service in Southeast Asia. Before the launch, however, CEO Stephen Stokols will head to the U.K. and to the board at BT in order to attempt to secure some much needed hotspot networking. BT owns 5 million hotspots across the U.K. and they could be efficient in networking the FreedomPop grid all across the country.

FreedomPop is an odd company in that they don’t charge anyone up front for anything. CEO Stokols claims that they only need 50% of their subscribers to expand upon their base plans in order to become ‘cash positive’ and that number checks out with some other cited statistics. Stokols pointed out that only 50% of American phone owners ever expand upon their base plan, as well. With one million total subscribers in America and a rumored 250,000 interested in the U.K service it looks like these numbers will be checking out.

CEO Stephen Stokols turned down a huge offer to sell FreedomPop earlier in the year. With investment capital in hand it seems like we are about to see his gamble pay off.

Why You Will Like Yeonmi Park’s Courage

Yeonmi Park is not your typical twenty-one-year-old girl. She is a global public figure and an aggressive human rights activist who is loathed by the North Korean regime. Since she started her human rights campaign, she has managed to become a brand ambassador for all the voiceless and oppressed people from all over the world who feel the need to have their human rights recognized better from where they live.

The North Korean government does not take her efforts lightly, and it has termed her as a human rights propaganda puppet recently. Many do not actually understand why the largest nuclear power in the world and with the largest army has to fear her until they come across her earth moving speeches about why her native country is supposed to embrace human rights as a way of daily life.

The North Korean administration is well known to attack its defectors. It has a trademark style that it uses to taint their image as not only defectors but as people who have total disregard of being loyal to their country. The regime is well known to issue threats that go beyond just mere rhetoric. Many defectors have previously lost their lives in their attempts to fight for their human rights though the most common method the regime uses is character assassination.

Park of youngvoicesadvocates was born in North Korea and belonged to an affluent family until her father was jailed for being involved in some illegal business. From that point, their life turned for the worst, and they had to escape from the country in search of a better life that was devoid of all the hardships in North Korea. In her native country, people live in enforced slavery and the regime dictates what people wear, what music they listen to, what they read and anyone who is contrary to the above is labelled as being a traitor and against the law.

When she gave an emotional speech at the One Young World Summit, Park said that she wished her dictator could hear and feel her saying that his leadership has turned North Korea into an unimaginable country where freedom is a privilege to the elite. When she was only nine years old, she saw with her own eyes her mother’s best friend being executed because she was found watching an ‘illegal’ movie. She began her escape from her native country through China when she was thirteen years and while, on it, she witnessed her mother being raped by a human trafficker.

When her dad was released from prison, he joined them in China where he succumbed to colon cancer and she had to bury him alone in the night secretly to avoid being caught and sent back to North Korea. In her short life, she has endured a lot, and it takes a brave heart and courage to move on with life even after all that. She is presently a celebrity of all sorts and uses her image in the public domain to encourage others that they can overcome as well if they have courage and determination.

Even Michael Jackson Would Endorse Sergio Cortes

Anyone who’s ever thought about hosting a party or show that has a Michael Jackson impersonator, then they should look no further than hiring Sergio Cortes. Sergio Cortes really has amazing talents when impersonating Michael Jackson. Sergio can dance his behind off, and he really hits Michael’s moves like no other impersonator. I know lots of people that love Michael Jackson, but Sergio Cortes really embraces Michael’s spirit. I only learned about Sergio because of social media, which is something I frequent a lot these days.

I watched a video where music played in the background, and Sergio was able to sing every single word of Michael Jackson’s songs, even the songs that I personally didn’t know the words to. Sergio Cortes is truly a talented Michael Jackson impersonator, and I’m glad that I was able to watch him perform in concert. I watched the videos were Sergio would dance on stage, and he performed to Michael Jackson’s music, and I almost thought I was watching Michael in the flesh. Sergio is hands-down the best Michael Jackson impersonator I’ve ever laid my eyes on, and I look forward to seeing a lot more of his work displayed online. As I got older, I started falling in love with Michael Jackson, especially after he came out with some of his best albums.

I always did want to see Michael Jackson again in concert, but now it was no longer a possibility, but Sergio Cortes is the next best thing to Michael Jackson. I mean Sergio even had the same chin that Michael Jackson was always known for, and I couldn’t believe the resemblance. Sergio also has the same light skin, and he had the same dimple chin that Michael had. I was very impressed with Sergio, especially the fact that he could really dance. Even if Sergio had work done in order to look like Michael Jackson, he definitely did a great job. I decided to watch the videos of Sergio’s performances, and he did an amazing job. I spent the whole night watching many videos about Sergio Cortes performing as Michael Jackson, and the videos made me smile. I watched him move across the stage, and it’s as if I was back at a Michael Jackson concert when Michael was alive. Sergio Cortes is truly an amazing performer. I’ve seen many impersonators, and not everyone has what it takes to look like or dance like Michael Jackson, but Sergio has it all. Sergio has the looks to pass for a great Michael Jackson impersonator, and he certainly can dance, so I would endorse him any day.

Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Important

Ever since technology has expanded and evolved rapidly, search engines have become more and more useful to people, because the engines are now able to better define searches to appeal to users. There are actually entire businesses dedicated to improving SEO. There are different ways to go about placing keywords and phrases in an article or advertisement to get lots of hits and a low bounce rate, but there are always a few things that every marketer or writer should follow.

Make sure to include the keyword in an attractive title. Titles that don’t spark anyone’s attention will probably fail to bring many readers in. The article is more important than the title — after all, it is the article — but titles are crucial in getting people to visit the advertisement or piece of literature.

Reword the keyword in the body of the text. If one is writing about home improvement, make sure to include many different things about home improvement: that is, if the article is about home improvement in general.

Whatever the topic is, stick to the topic. Do not go off on any tangents or anything that does not directly pertain to the title and article. If a reader comes and visits a website to read about cooking brownies, and someone shares a irrelevant life story, do you think that that person would wish to continue reading the website? Probably not.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO. They also provide other services such as web development and consulting. WSM also has a blog that provides business owners and marketers with lots of helpful information, all for free. WSM was founded in 2011, and has been one of that fastest growing digital marketing companies in the world. One can find more information about White Shark Media by visiting their website at

Key phrases can often be arranged into something different, yet mean the same thing. If someone is searching about a topic and search for a few different keywords, there is a better chance of that person finding an article that you wrote or finding an advertisement that was intended for users of that demographic.

Search engine optimization is rough, but adhering to the suggestions and guidelines mentioned above can make sure that you or your business will experience higher visits and fewer bounces if you follow these simple instructions.

Source: WhiteSharkMedia Blog