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Jose Borghi and his Contribution towards the Growth of Mullen Lowe and Digital Marketing in General

Mullen Lowe is one of the most famous advertising agencies in Brazil. It has grown from a small advertising agency to one of the most influential multinationals in the country. They have managed to spread their influence beyond their borders to countries like the USA. The Co-founder of the company and the current president and chief of operations, Jose Henrique Borghi, has been talking about digital marketing in general and the role that it has played in transforming the manner in which business is done in general.

The first thing that he has noticed about digital marketing is the fact that more than 80 percent of the people who can be classified as consumers own smartphones. He states that if anyone is keen on doing good business, they should be capitalizing on this group of people. He gives two main examples of companies that have been in the frontline in digital marketing success. For instance, Uber is one of the largest taxi companies in the world, but they do not own any vehicles. Similarly, as large as Air BnB is in the hotel business, they do not own any buildings.

He adds that any business that is interested in surviving the wave of the information age needs to realize that retail is made easier when the customer can access all manner of goods and services from their homes. By using a digital platform, a businessman eliminates all the costs that come with renting business. As a result, the business person manages to sell the product at a lower price than the individual who owns the store. Click here to know more.

In conclusion, he agrees that digital marketing is the way to go when it comes to the creation of successful business ventures. He adds that applying these values to Mullen Lowe is the reason why it has become so successful.