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Kamil Idris Believe Africa to Be Suitable For Investors

Professor Kamil Idris in his article he has reported that Africa is the second most populated continent on earth with around 1.2 billion people. There is the abundance of the natural resource in Africa. Examples are platinum, chrome, gold among other resources.

How the Africa economy develops in the years to come can create impacts globally. Currently, millions of Africans are becoming financially stable and causing influence onto world economy. Africa is growing at a high rate and getting advanced in technology. Africa can be divided into two major parts: North Africa, where the GDP per capita in 2014 was around $ 11,000, and the other part is Sub Saharan Africa, in the same year the GDP was approximately $3300. Sub Saharan Africa is considered to have a high rate of poverty compared to North Africa. Despite having a larger GDP per capita, North Africa GDP growth rate has been 1.8 percent smaller than that of Sub Saharan Africa for over a decade. The informal employment on the southern part of Africa is higher compared to the northern part.


The rate of growth in Africa seems to continue without slowing down for a while; foreign investment has been getting more than enough for the last one decade. Investors are discovering that many companies, especially those operates in the healthcare sector and transportation are doubling their profits.


Professor Kamil Idris worked as the secretary general of the International Union for the Protection of Plant Varieties and as well as the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Before he was deputy director general and also he served for about two years as a director of Development Cooperation and External Relations Bureau for Arab Countries. He is also recognized as the former senior program officer in the Development Cooperation and External Relations Bureau for Africa. Before he started working with World Intellectual Property Organization, he also worked as Attorney-at-Law, Advocate, and Commissioner for oaths.


Professor Idris is an educated man with many degrees. He studied law in the University of Khartoum, he went to the University of Ohio and did a Master degree in International Law and International Affairs. He has obtained Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Economic Theories and Political Science from the University of Cairo in Egypt.