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People Around the World Are Getting Older and Sicker

A study published in The Lancet delivers the shocking statistic that about 95 percent of the world’s population has health problems. Additionally, about a third of the people in the world have five or more ailments. These stats are shocking but not exactly surprising given that the world population is aging. Thanks to medical advancement in the form of vaccines and other breakthroughs people are living longer than ever before. While this is great news in general, one result is that we have more time to acquire all types of afflictions. Low back pain and serious depression outrank all other health problems in countries across the earth. Still, it is better than the alternative.

One dream of those in the field known as transhumanism is to extend life but to extend our healthy years out to a much greater length. In a way, it is not surprising that major depression is one of the biggest ailments discovered in this analysis of trends in health and disability ranging from 1990 to 2013. It’s somewhat of a Faustian bargain to live longer but to be decrepit for most of the years toward the end of your life says Alexei Beltyukov in this article. Advances in stem cell research and other fields will hopefully continue to yield breakthroughs and perhaps someday they will lead to a scientific fountain of youth. Everyone wants a long life, but living longer with a strong and healthy body would truly be a dream come true.