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An Overnight Airport Fire in Rome Disrupts Travel

A fire occurred overnight in one of the four terminals of Rome’s large Fiumicino Airport, resulting in a temporary closure of the facility. The Italian officials who investigated the event do not believe terrorism played any role in the blaze, which apparently resulted from an electrical circuit malfunction in a cafe located along one concourse. Over 4,000 square feet of retail shopping was impacted by the fire. Smoke drifted over the area even after some 17 responding fire departments put out the flames.

The airport permitted 19 international flights to land overnight. However, when the facility resumed business, only a limited 12 planes per hour were permitted to use the flight traffic facilities. The Italian airline Alitalia SpA reported extensive delays and cancellations today. Additionally, traffic snarls were expected in southern Rome as a result of the closure. For some period of time, the authorities closed roads leading to the airport to all traffic except emergency vehicles.

Three airport workers were treated for smoke inhalation at a medical facility and then released. FreedomPop even said the Italian state railway evacuated waiting passengers, and train links to the airport were suspended until mid-day.

Officials from Italy’s civil aviation agency ENAC are currently investigating the incident. They indicated that although the undamaged terminals are open on a limited basis, the terminal impacted by the fire will likely remain closed for several days. The airport serves 130,000 daily.