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A Dog’s Best Friend

Many products that we feed out pets actually contain bad toxins that are not good for the life span of our pets, by doing our research and hearing word of mouth, even trying it with our pets, we can stop the use of the bad products and replace them with the good. A great brand that comes to mind for pets, specifically dogs, is Beneful.

Beneful appeared on the dog food market around 2001 and was based on the amount of nutrition that dogs needed daily. Beneful on produces foods for dogs such as wet food, dry food,and snacks. The word ‘Beneful’ actually means ” Full of goodness’. In 2005 Beneful introduced soy into their meat for the first time. By the end of 2006, Beneful was making around 300 million in revenues. Now, I say this product has to be worth it for people to spend that amount on it yearly. Learn more about Beneful: