Category Archives: Apps How to unsubscribe like a Pro is a free and simple way to manage email subscriptions. It allows the user to end unwanted subscriptions and to “Rollup”, or organize, the subscriptions they do have. The Rollup service offers a daily summary of all subscriptions and organizes and prioritizes subscription emails as they come in.

The application is free to all users and is now compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. debuted on the tech scene in 2011 and was acquired by Slice Technologies in 2014. As to this acquisition co-founder and chief executive Josh Rosenwald says, “When you stay independent, there’s a lot of stuff you have to focus on”. By joining Slice, can focus on its users and services, leaving the business operations to Slice. At the time of this merger the email subscription management service claimed to have 1.3 million users. This number has increased since the acquisition as Slice and offer complimentary services. is praised for its straightforward and accessible application. Upon signing up, allows the user to see all their subscribed emails in one place. The application’s interface echoes Tinder: the user can quickly and efficiently unsubscribe by swiping left. allows the user additional email subscription management functions as well with its Rollup tool where the user “rolls up” their remaining email subscriptions into a convenient daily digest. When viewing their Rollup the user can swipe up to add a subscribed email to their daily round up or swipe right to leave it in their inbox.’s users swear by the application’s ability to declutter an inbox. CEO Jojo Hedaya claims that the average user has 62 subscribed emails upon signup. It takes the average email user about 5 minutes per day to delete unwanted marketing emails. Using nearly cuts that time in half. So, one can imagine the impact that a service of this nature would have on time management, not to mention inbox clutter.

Whitney Wolfe: Empowering Women

Whitney Wolfe has had a busy few years when it comes to her life and business. As the creator of Bumble, she has seen success in droves and has also experienced her fair share of trials as she has gone through the process of creating the billion-dollar-business that is Bumble. Originally simply a dating app, the company has made additions to their repertoire of services, including networking to find suitable employees or employer, long lost friends, and within the coming year, Bumble will also break into the skincare market. Read this article at to know more about Wolfe.

As a former Tinder Employee, Whitney Wolfe is familiar with what typically goes on within dating apps, which is why she chose to make Bumble a bit different than all of the others. On Bumble, women are responsible for “making the first move,” rather than waiting for a man to do so. For Whitney Wolfe, this is all part of her intent to empower women, who so often lack that from other places in society. In keeping with this sentiment, her headquarter in Austin, Texas is staffed by an entirely female staff, who are afforded many luxuries not seen in other business establishments.

Recently, Bumble went through a big change at their headquarters contrary to the success they are experiencing with their app. Following the Parkland Shooting, Whitney Wolfe chose to ban guns in any of Bumble’s user’s profile pictures, which took a turn for the worst when this action was met with threats against the company and Whitney herself. Making the decision t enstate full-time security at within her office, she also found herself needing a security detail fo anywhere she went outside of the office. Seeing as Whitney Wolfe works so diligently to provide a safe workplace for women, the threats the company received coupled with the fact that those threats were of the sexual nature has made her more determined than ever to make the world a safe place for women, speak out for their rights, and do what she can to provide her clients and employees with the same.

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Nothing Smarter, Compatible Fast, and Quick Like Video Chat

Talk Fusion video chat only launched in March 2016 has received great adoption globally famous in Japan, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Apparently video chat is gaining lots of popularity for its compatibility with PCs, Androids and Apple devices among others. The communication application has become a great tool of preference and good marketing criteria. Video marketing is the new thing on the internet especially with the ability to relay more information in comparison to texts and emails. Video chat is very easy and affordable and can be found in the play store in smartphone devices in addition to app stores. Talk Fusion is looking forwarding to initiating the video chat with 30 days free trial , the program has passed thousands of programs to being the number one preference for most of its users.

Bob Reina is the chief executive officer of Talk Fusion; he founded the firm in 2007 after failing in trials to send a 10 seconds video to his friends. He asked for assistance from IT experts in his area, and they managed to come up with talk fusion. The company owns more than 1000 templates for video communication including those meant to pass congratulatory messages thank you among other messages. It has been focused on video emails and helping businesses in the brand development and marketing through video emails. It has been famous for its innovations through video communications.

Talk Fusion has also spread to over 150 countries globally with the services; apparently video marketing is a contributor of over 40$ revenues. The firm is located in Florida and is a member of direct selling association. Talk Fusion employees are experts in delivering the right information for business; most firms can even use already made templates or dedicated information in addition to customized company templates. Talk Fusion tools help develop customer base increase sales and deliver information very easily. Some of its famous tools include global income opportunities, lead capture, and video conferencing and live meetings. Video chats have proven to relay more than a million words only in a 60 seconds video. The forum is not only self-gratifying but also entertaining and interest attracting. It has completely changed the world of online business marketing.

Scaling a Start-Up to a Powerhouse

Creating your own company or start-up is a good way to make extra money, provided you know something about finances. Oisin Hanrahan would be one person who has some knowledge about this field.

Hanrahan is the founder of the start-up known as Handy, formerly called Handybook, and is an on-demand cleaning service. The company itself is only about three years old but in this timeframe, it is estimated to be worth half a billion dollars, with even more success coming this past week after raising an additional $50 million in fundraising. Handy is also a New York based company.

Hanrahan got his start for Handy when he was living in Boston with his two roommates, one of whom ended up being the co-founder for the company. The two of them decided to drop out of college altogether and focus on creating the business, and eventually got the help they needed from raising $50,000 in seed and incubator money. With the money necessary to build the business, the two of them decided not to remain in Boston but rather move to a larger city, specifically New York City, where Handy could successfully grow.

When asked about his company and any details regarding its future, Hanrahan mentioned that moving to New York was key because it was the densest area for business growth and was good for promoting on-demand businesses. He added that once his business becomes many times larger than other ones, the economy surrounding it will be better because costs for materials get lower and more can be done with the extra money. He then stated that his goal was to expand on retention at Handy and make more and more investments as Handy continues to raise money and grow as time goes on.

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Handy Cleaning Services Excels

Handy Cleaning Services is a business that has lured a lot of clients that simply don’t have the time or desire to put forth the effort to clean their homes. This company is run on the strength of contract workers, and it is becoming known in many metropolitan cities as the answer to on-demand home services.

Homeowners are taking notice of this because it marks a change in the way that people have become accustomed to acquiring different services for the home. There was a time when homeowners would keep a Rolodex of the different types of handy men that were needed to fix different issues. Handy would be the company that would change all of this. This is a company that has painters, plumbers, electricians, TV mount installers and home cleaners. Handy has contracted workers to have many different skill sets. This has allowed this company to become an all inclusive type of service that can cater to a large majority of needs that homeowners may have.

Handy has been able to grow and thrive in a short amount of time because the founder created a service that a lot of people actually need. There are shows on television like “Hoarders” that show that many people have psychological issues when it comes to cleaning. The average homeowner may not have a hoarding obsession, but many rooms in the homes can resemble some of these televised hoarding homes because many people are too busy or too lazy to simply find the time to clean. Fortunately, Handy has hundreds of different contractors in three different countries that are more than willing to make your home spotless. Many people are impressed with the services that this company has managed to provide to so many.

Video-email Marketing With Talk Fusion Allows You To Communicate With Body Language

If you have kids, then you know the power of digital screens. The lights and sounds completely engross the little ones. The effect is similar in adults. You’ve probably walked through an airport seeing an entire group of people staring aimlessly at the news playing on one small television screen. The point is that videos completely capture an audience and Talk Fusion wants you to start using videos in your email marketing.

One of the reasons that videos work so well is unspoken communication. Think about it, when two people talk, the majority of communication is happening through body language. Well, you can’t include body language in the body of an email. A picture is static and can only communicate one message. But a video can encapsulate a lot of body language, allowing you to convey a much deeper message than your competitors.

The research shows that videos are worth 1.8 million words, accord to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. Pictures are only worth a thousand words and text is only worth its word count. The power of video lies in its ability to communicate more effectively through body language.

Videos are so captivating that potential customers are 20% more likely to open an email if they know a video is embedded in it. The depth of the communication that a video is capable of is compelling to any audience. And once that customer is inside the email, she is 2 to 3 times more likely to check out your website, known as a click-through rate. That rate jumps exponentially when a video is included in your email. But the end result is a 40% boost in overall sales from you email marketing campaign. You can’t argue with the numbers.

And to think that Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, discovered the power of video-email marketing back in the 90’s, when he first tried to send a video to his friends. America Online told him it couldn’t be done and he accepted the challenge. His friends loved the video and a business strategy was born, leading to the 8th largest internet content provider in the world.

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Connection Strategy To Connect To Your Incarcerated Loved One

Securus Technologies is the main supplier of technology solutions for both civil and criminal justice and, therefore, works to keep the connection between families and incarcerated individuals. On 16th February 2016, it announced a new mobile application for inmate video phone calls that could be used for both Android and smartphones and tablets as well as the Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods. This application is an excellent way to keep us connected to our loved ones who are behind bars. It has widened the opportunity to remain in touch without having to go through the rigidness of various jails and prisons. There is no need for webcams, tethered computers or any additional hardware.

The Securus application is free and enables families to share memories through their video visitation service. It is available on Google Play as well as the App store. I get the chance to synchronise the details regarding their visitation to my calendar to receive notifications as the date gets closer. I can now spend special occasions with my loved one without too much hustle. It helps me eliminate the inconveniencing journey to the jail and also gives me more connection than just connecting through inmate phone calls.

Securus Technologies is an inmate communication company that works to build its portfolio by offering high-tech applications to suit law enforcement and correction sectors. This company is based in Dallas, Texas. It has an excellent wide spread of more than 3,400 facilities. These include law enforcement facilities, public safety facilities as well as the correction facilities. In total, this system serves up to 1,200,000 inmates across North America.

This company is highly efficient. It has a variety of techniques that help in the communication system such as investigation, incident management, information management, emergency response and public information. Securus Technologies is also in charge of inmate self-service, biometric analysis, monitoring goods and service as well as communication. I believe it plays a great deal in making our world a safer place to be while maintaining communication between loved ones.

John Bell is the Senior Vice President of Securus Technologies, and he is also the drive in the company. He joined on December 30, 2015, at Holy Cross. He had previous experience in his career from other institutions such as Verizon, IBM. AT&T, Time Warner Cable as well as NTT Verio. He is responsible for the 30 individuals on the ground as well as the other 100 sales people as well as the domestic customer service center.

Skout Conducts Survey On New Year’s Resolutions

Over the years I have tried hard to identify myself. It takes years of dating and growing up to realize what type of person you are and who you want to surround yourself with. I realized just recently that the people I surround myself with and the environment that I live in is a huge part of the person I am to become. The people that I find important to me in my life are a reflection of who I see myself as in the world. I have had trouble making friends at some points in my life. Could this be because I was unfriendly at the time? I think it is because I was shy around new people.

I found that meeting people online is much easier. There is some reason that we talk, and we have shared interests in life, so when we meet up in person there is already something to talk about. It’s like we already know each other, and we are picking up the conversation that we started online like we were old friends. It’s a beautiful thing to meet new people this way. I’ve met plenty of people through a social media and online dating application for my phone. It’s an app called Skout, and it’s totally different than any social media or dating app that you may have tried in the past. Skout allows you to see the people in your area that you might get along with, and you can take it upon yourself to go from there. I usually have a few new people message me every couple of days after they found my profile on Skout.

People use the application for a long list of different things, everything from finding cool online friends to finding lifelong partners. I met a bunch of my friends on Skout. I even found this article that goes over why having friends like this is so important to self development. It’s from SAT PR News, and it talks about a survey that Skout conducted to get to know users’ New Year’s resolutions. I’ll admit that I learned a lot from this article about the important of a solid, close knit group of friends that you can rely on. It helps with everything from career development to understanding your personal style. If you’d like to take a peak at the article for yourself, follow this link.

Homejoy Bankruptcy is Handy for Handy

Handy experienced home cleaners allow customers to book home cleaning services through an efficient online platform. Handy home cleaning is a top-notch Company offering the best and affordable home cleaning services at the doorstep of your home. Handy has experienced and qualified personnel who provide quality services at a friendly and reliable manner.

Handy specializes in some services that include the assembly of furniture in your house, mounting of Television appliances, hanging pictures, and placing on shelves in your house. Handy also offers plumbing and electrical services. The handy company comprises of staff that is experienced and insured for the safety of the clients. This Company works on a daily basis with a customer help desk that operates for more than eighteen hours a day.

Handy works with a money refunding policy that states that the client should get full reimbursement of the paid fee if he is not satisfied with the work done. Handy has also been working with the technological advancement staff to make sure that the customers’ needs and specifications are met. Handy introduced an app that will be helping clients to book for online services in a simple and clear way.

This company has been facing competition from other home cleaning agents located in the area. Homejoy Company, which is a startup Company in the field, was encountered by closure challenges after lawsuits threatened to treat the casual contractors as permanent employees of the Homejoy Company, a scenario that left the company with no option but to close down. According to the lawsuits policy, the startups Company were supposed to treat the contractors as specified employees. That means the contractors would encounter an additional of twenty percent of labor costs, to reach forty percent.

Homejoy Company had managed to raise thirty-eight million dollars in a partnership venture with Redpoint Ventures, Google platform, and the 1st Round Capital. Before being faced with operational challenges, the Company was providing home cleaning services, home repairs, and carpet cleaning services. In a release made by the Company, the managerial staff explained that the Company had to close due to the home services space unresolved challenges.

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Eyewitness Descriptions Might Not Be Totally Reliable

At crime scenes, witnesses who were viewing the exact same event, might render vastly different descriptions and interpretations. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to rely simply on what we see “right-in-front-of-our-eyes” for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, there might be a new image recognition software that can be used to search for items automatically.

“Describing Things People Or Events Can Be Challenging”

Simply because you view a dress, jacket or shoe does not mean that you can accurately describe it to others. You might really like the look, but simply have problems due to eyesight, memory, perspective or explanatory aptitude. Academicians have discovered that eyewitness testimony is not always the most reliable.

People with poor vision might not be able to determine colors, shapes and sizes in much detail. Bad memory could leave you forgetting a very important detail. And some people are simply not very good at describing things.

“Slyce Snapshot Software Sells”

Italian software developers at Slyce have created an image recognition technology that can be used by both mobile and desktop users. Old images can be enhanced using this technology. New images can be compared to others to find matches.

Besides law enforcement applications, regular consumers can use this “deep learning” technology to compare products or faces with online examples. At a dinner party, you can take a picture of a beautiful dress and use the Slyce technology to search online for its match.

The MIT Technology Review investigated this artificial intelligence reporting that “Pinterest” and “” were conducting real life testing to determine the viability of the technology. Sharing photographs can be a great way to connect. Social media can use Slyce to compare celebrities or even look for distinctive features in babies.

“A Camera In Every Hand”

Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook have made it easy to share our lives in real-time. Just click on a button, snap a picture and send. Now the Slyce technology takes this to the next level. Individuals can actually search and shop using images, what a nice thought.