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The path taken by Michel Terpin on his way to the top.

One of the best rally drivers currently taking part in the Brazilian Sertões Rally is Michel Terpins who is a member of the renowned Bull Sertões Rally Team. This was a team that was initially founded and headed by two brothers Michel Terpin and Rodrigo Terpins. After Michel Terpin left the cross country championship he was convinced by his brother to join the world of rallying and by then his brother was already an experienced driver.

Michel Terpins had joined cross country when he was relatively young and his hard work and consistency had seen him rise through the ranks and emerge as one of the top competitors in the sport. His rise to the top saw him become one of the most dominant cross country champions in the sport.

Once he joined his brother in rallying this perspective had to change and he is now had to ensure that he polished his driving skills as well as navigational ones in order to dominate here too.

They both had a very keen interest in the T1 prototype category and thus it was only natural that they gravitated towards it even in major league competitions.

During his time with his brother, Michel focused on growing his team taking advantage of the brother’s experience and ability to bring up to speed on various aspects of rallying.

As time went by there was a need to expand the Bull Sertões Rally Team and at this point, the brothers took on new navigator in order to be in a position to compete in different cars.

During the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally Michel Terpin brought on a new navigator and this was to prove to be the right move. 37-year-old Maykel Justo proved to be a great match for him and this was to reflect in their results going forward.

The team was able to scoop the first position in the first cycle of the rally and maintain the same position in the second cycle. During the third run, their car developed some mechanical problems which would later prove to be related to the gearbox. This saw them drop in pace but were still able to emerge position 4 overall.