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Famous Authors In Brazil And Their Contribution To the Literary World

Brazil is well-known for its diverse culture and above all the notable people it has produced over the years. Among the areas that distinguish Brazil talent is football, let me just hit it on the nail, Literature for that matter. Despite being football fanatics, Brazil is also prolific in the world of literature. Prior to Brazil’s independence, the country had its literature written in Portuguese language or Brazil. As of the 20th century, Brazilian literature progressively shifted to a diverse and more use of the Portuguese language. Come the 21st century, everything has completely transformed with the Brazil literary being translated into English and targeting a wider audience (the English audience).

Evolution has been part of the Brazilian literature, and the authors have contributed significantly to what the current Brazilian literature is. Some centuries ago, most writers concentrated on the rural life and the menaces the natives underwent. Among the famous authors who focused on the settlers life in 1866 to 1909 is Euclides da Cunha. Apart from being a writer, he was an essential politician who was famous for the Canudos Campaign in his book Backlands. He described the war of Canudos, unrest of settlers in the town of Canudos where the natives were against excessive taxation as well as repressive local officials.

Another famous author of the time is Rubem Fonseca, a long time policeman and state prosecutor who lives till date since 1925. Rubem Fonseca is well-known for the novels and short-stories that pictured the crime and violence that was part of life in Rio de Janeiro. As of the 70s, his works became renowned for documenting crime fiction and overweighing the rural areas as well as portraying the modern Brazil. His recently English translated collection of short stories are Taker and Other Stories (2008) and Crimes of August (2014). Among the experimental authors in Brazilian literature is Hilda Hilst, who was born in São Paulo state. Her diverse works range from novels and theatre to poetry incorporating various writing techniques that set her work from the rest of the crowd. Her recently translated book was With My Dog Eyes (1986), a collection of short stories and novellas that was her primary break through to the Brazilian literary world.

On the other hand, the contemporary world has evolved with most authors focusing on the city life and everything that it entails. Jaime Garcia Dias, a famous contemporary Brazilian author, has had a toll in transforming the literature. Garcia’s love for literature kicked off at a very young age and can be well understood from his father who was also an author. At thirty he had published ten books, and he has now doubled it at just 45. His notable work has received various awards among them is the ABC Award of Brazil Dummy Literature. His hard work, tenacity and devotion to writing have made him who he is, and he will not stop at that.