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Community Banks in Dallas

Finding a great community bank in Dallas is not difficult to do. The area is very well served with both multi-national financial institutions as well as their community and local counterparts. The savvy consumer who is looking for a banking partner who will work with them as a parnter and advocate no matter their size, need look no further than NexBank. This Dallas based community bank is dedicated to serving its customers in three key areas: Mortgate Banking, Institutional Services and Commercial Banking. If you are looking for a local bank that is more community focused than the large conglomerates, NexBank is a great option.


Recently, the President and CEO of the bank, John Holt, spoke on a panel at the annual Texas Bankers Association conference held in New Orleans, Louisianna. This event held in November of 2016 was the fifth installment of the event and was met with great enthusiasm. The event is billed as an annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference and is attended by banking leaders, consultants and advisors, all of whom are considered to be leaders in the industry. It is very fitting that the name of the panel on which Mr. Holt spoke was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation” .

This topic relates to a subject matter that continues to be of great importance to the executive leadership at NexBank, as well as the entire banking team at the bank.


NexGen is proud to serve its community and looks forward to growing its reach throughout the Dallas market. This community bank is proud of its Dallas roots and considers itself a financial partner to all of its customers. They are committed to the success and growth of its clients and will always strive to improve and grow along with its community of customers.