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Discover The Benefits Of A Reliable Banking Network That Maximizes Your Money

PRN Newswire reported $24 million in common equity capital raised by NexBank. Their president and CEO, John Holt has played an active role in raising the capital. In total, NexBank is backed by $3.5 million in assets. Their stockholders are pleased with their current holdings and deposits. Holt plans to hire additional executives to his leadership team and plan for general corporate expansion. NexBank is committed to money growth strategies that will improve their customers financial outlook. They eliminate huge out-of-pocket bank fees with features that include interest bearing savings accounts. Your hard earned money is in a safe FDIC insured account.

NexBank focuses on three core banking services that include investment, commercial, and industrial accounts. They create huge investment opportunities for corporate professionals and big businesses. Get an amazing opportunity to save on college expenses with up to 1,600+ proven college savings programs. They offer more ways for students and their parents to save on college tuition and expenses. Avoid huge government student loan debt with a combined College Savings Bank and NexBank college savings financial program. You can also purchase a car that is financed through NexBank and get easy to pay installments based on your creditworthiness and paychecks.

NexBank Customer Features

– Anytime access

– Transfer money between accounts

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Free online checks

– IRA accounts

– Commercial accounts

and more….

You’re invited to visit their easy to read and navigate website for more details. You can find several features through their desired tab with a few clicks of onscreen controls. Take back your financial freedom with a financial institution that cares about your monetary growth. NexBank gives their customers more ways to save. Join their award winning financial institution by apply for an online account on their website today.