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The Entertainment of The NBA

There are two very famous and highly watched programs. They are the NFL and the NBA. While the NFL is treated with a bit more prestige and weight, the NBA also has its fair share of fans. There have been and continue o be plenty of great athletes that have full careers in the NBA. There are also many good teams in the NBA. One interesting thing about the NBA is what happens behind the scenes. It is what goes on behind the scenes that has an influence on the quality of the teams and how well they play.

One of the things that has influence is the ownership of the teams. The team owners can have an influence in how the team plays and is trained. Teams are often bought and sold. The teams over time will either increase in value or decrease. Their overall value also depends on many factors. One factor in how much the team sells for is the amount of money someone wants to pay for the team. When it comes to the selling of an NBA team, it can be a long drawn out process as one finds a new owner for the team.

One team that was recently sold is the Atlanta Hawks. The previous owner, Bruce Levenson has sold the team to Tony Ressler for a little under $1 billion. The team headed by Ressler includes Grant Hill, a former NBA great. Even though the team sold for a little less than what was anticipated, Bruce Levenson did walk away with a huge profit. The Atlanta hawks under new ownership is sure to continue bringing the valuable entertainment that they have been bringing over the years under Bruce Levenson’s ownership.

The NBA will also continue to provide great entertainment for its fans. The Atlanta Hawks are among many of the great teams of the NBA which feature some of the favorite athletes. The fans get to experience some of the great plays and the amazing athletic abilities of the NBA star players of their favorite teams. The NBA has been and will continue to be a great company for Basketball entertainment for years to come.

Four Franchises In Europe?

Adam Silver thinks the NBA can put four franchises in Europe. That might sound nice, but it is not exactly the best of ideas. The NBA. They can start a league in Europe that would play the NBA winner for a title, but having teams traveling all over Europe would be one of the hardest things anyone has ever done.

The teams that are on the west coast are going to suffer the most from travel. If Silver wants to see starters rested because of all the travel, he can go right ahead with his plans to expand, but the league does not need to get any bigger.  Many fans agree such as Susan McGalla that there is already a major talent problem in the league, and there are not enough coaches who can make that talent worth watching.

Expanding the NBa sounds like a nice idea, but we need to remember NFL Europe. That was a bust, and this will be a bust, too. It is too much for any one league to handle