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Doe Deere — The Creative and Brave Entrepreneur

As a young Jewish Russian immigrating to America with her mother and her sister, Doe Deere’s life quickly became better in the Big Apple. Though financial tribulations were constantly endured throughout her whole young life, Deere was able to develop a very successful cosmetic brand in Los Angeles.

Lime Crime is a trendy cosmetics company well-known for their long-lasting liquid lipsticks. Lime Crime was a trend setter helping to increase the popularity of these unique lipsticks. Their Velvetine shade of liquid lipstick was constantly in high demand over the course of several years which made consumers long for it even more during that time period.

Doe Deere is thankful for the success of such a thriving company and thanks America for that opportunity — one in which she would not have had such luck obtaining and financially growing in Russia. Her family risked everything to emigrate from Russia, and she is thankful that her mother allowed them to take that risk in order to live a safer and more luxurious lifestyle here in America.

As Lime Crime continues to grow, Doe Deere is proud that she continues to employ more Americans in her Los Angeles business as well as inspiring women across the world. In today’s society, not only women are wearing cosmetics which has boosted the high-dollar cosmetic industry even more. Independent brands such as Lime Crime are setting the standard for unapologetic creativity in the beauty industry thanks to creators and entrepreneurs such as Doe Deere. As an Indie brand with a well-known reputation, Doe Deere and Lime Crime have the opportunity to make a difference and lead the way for other Indie brands to take the competition from the public beauty brands that lack creativity and longevity. Doe Deere’s creativity, in my opinion, is just beginning; her motivation will likely lead her to even more beauty creations in the near future in which we will all hear about.

Wengie Shares Hair Hacks Every Single Girl Should Know About


Beauty YouTuber Wengie just released an amazing video for women of all ages. In this new video, Wengie goes over her top 10 hair hacks that every single girl on this planet should know.


Wengie’s first tip is to watch what you eat. The absolute best foods for hair health contain nutrients and minerals like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, biotin, and vitamin D. If you want to take a multivitamin specifically for hair health, Wengie recommends checking out Sugarbearhair’s gummy vitamins.


The next hair hack in this video is to take good care of your hairbrush. Wengie uses kitchen skewers and fined straight toothcombs to get rid of all the hair chunks in her used brush. Then she puts hot water in a bowl and applies a bit of shampoo to a new toothbrush. You can then scrub the shampoo into your hairbrush using your toothbrush. Wengie also says you could do this hack in the shower to save time.


One interesting hack Wengie talks about is how to use a dryer sheet to make your hair smell fresh. She takes one dryer sheet and pushes it through her hairbrush bristles. Combing your hair with this dryer sheet will both de-frizz your hair and make it smell super fresh.


If you need to make your ponytail look longer, Wengie suggests first making a normal ponytail and then making a second ponytail with hair lower on your scalp. This will give the illusion that you have longer hair when people look at you from the back, although Wengie admits it looks somewhat awkward from the side.


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