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No Rest For The Weary For Lime Crime Customers Who Love Bold Colors

Individuals with bold personalities want more than just blonde, brunette or black hair. They want a variety of colors, colors that can only be found as a vegan free hair dye sold by Lime Crime. The owner and creator of Lime Crime knew when she was at a young age, that she wanted to be an artist. She just didn’t know that her role in creating beautiful artwork would be through living people. She had no idea that she was going to be a makeup manufacturer.

When Doe Deere came up with the brilliant idea to create makeup, she knew that she would need to create more than just the makeup. Doe knew that at some point she would need to expand into other areas. Doe began working on other products like nail polish. Once she had the sales down on the nail polish products and makeup line, Doe decided it was now time to focus on hair products. That is when she came up with the idea to bring bold colors into homes for consumers purchase.

Most of your hair dye manufacturers are not animal friendly companies. They typically either test on animals or contain ingredients which are from animals or have a negative effect on animals. Doe Deere knew that there were women out there who were afraid to go bold. She knew that not all women wanted the same colors, the same style and the same products. For this reason, Doe worked tirelessly on creating the products that people wanted and needed.

If you want to make a statement the next time that you step out on the town, turn to one of the thirteen different color choices made by Lime Crime. Any one of the color choices is going to cover all over and it will not damage or harm any of your beautiful locks. Once your hair is dyed, your bold new color choice will make you worthy of a unicorn title. The color choices are bold, smooth and will leave your hair flowing freely and smelling like a overgrown field full of flowers.