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Exciting Week 14 in the NFL

The National Football League has had a very exciting season so far, but week 14 is looking to be perhaps the most anticipated week that we have come across yet. If you’re looking at placing some bets this week, you may want to head over to and throw some money down on some of the Giants and Cowboys game. After the New York Giants rolled into Texas and took down the Cowboys in the first game of the season, albeit by just a single point, most people thought that the Cowboys were going to be the same team they have been for the last handful of years, with a lot of talent, yet on the verge of having a poor season. However, since that first defeat, they have shocked everyone and have railed off eleven straight wins. This weekend, the Dallas Cowboys, backed by their entire fan base, will be headed to New York for a rematch, which is going to be the most anticipated game of the weekend, if not the entire season so far.

Dallas wants revenge for their shortcomings earlier in the season, while the Giants want to prove that they are the team to beat. If the Giants do manage to take down the Cowboys, they will sit with nine wins and four losses, two games up on the Cowboys in the division. A win would still leave them two games behind the Cowboys, but would send a strong message, leave them with a winning season with three games to go and would give them an outside chance to take the division.

The early struggles that the Packers have faced this season have subsided, with Aaron Rodgers finally looking in proper form, and they will be hosting the Seahawks this weekend. This is another great matchup and despite the fact that the Seahawks are road favorites again, the Packers sit at six and six and need to continue their winning streak to make the playoffs. This is not a position that the packers find themselves in with Aaron Rodgers calling the plays, as they have consistently made the playoffs over the last decade or so. Because of this desperation and the fact that the Packers literally have their backs up against the wall, placing a bet on Green Bay may just net you a solid profit. If you want some more insight before you make you picks, or want to get some in depth looks at NFL odds, it may be a good idea to surf around the site until you have made your picks.