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Flavio Maluf is the Leader of Eucatex

One of South America’s most innovative companies is Eucatex, founded in 1951. Eucatex is one of the premier green corporations in the world, leading the way by setting examples of how to incorporate green technology and remain profitable. Flavio Maluf is the current Chief Executive Officer who joined the firm over 30 years ago. Flavio is no stranger to hard work and innovation, despite his family wealth and political ties he worked his way to top, paving his path. Initially joining the Eucatex family back in 1987, as a trade negotiator Mr. Maluf would apply his core principle to help propel himself to the position he is in today.

Born into a wealthy family, Flavio upbringing was among a prosperous family of businessmen and political powerhouses. An alum of Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation where he studied and received a Mechanical Engineering degree, Flavio always had a burning desire for business and entrepreneurship. In addition to leading Eucatex as the CEO, Mr. Flavio Maluf also serves as the President of the online food hub Grandfood Group. Flavio attributes much of his success to his strong belief in hard work and an eye for innovation. An avid hard worker, Flavio Maluf understands fully the importance of doing the necessary action to achieve success. Mr. Maluf spends a large portion of his free time reading magazines and columns on sound business practices and innovation.

Eucatex blazed the trail in green technology and business by finding a way to incorporate and replace old technology with green renewable technology. The eucalyptus tree is one of the more readily available trees in South America, and Eucatex uses them to manufacture an extensive array of products for business supplies. Mr. Flavio Maluf has been able to gain invaluable experience throughout his academic and professional career and shows no sign of slowing down now.

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BMG’s Ricardo Guimarães Honored in Belo Horizonte

Ricardo is a Brazilian entrepreneur and the current president of BMG bank. He was born in Belo Horizonte and five years ago, the City Council of this area awarded him with a diploma of Merit at a request of Daniel Napomuceno, a Councilman. The chairman of the House, Leo Bourgeois de Castrol presided over the opening ceremony and later transferred to his colleague who chaired the meeting. Daniel Napomuceno took over from the chairman of the House, and he explained his satisfaction in honoring Ricardo Guimarães because he has shown his potential through investing in sports around Brazil.
The Chair of the House, Leo Bourgeois remembered that Ricardo Guimarães was honored and he received the Grand Collar of the legislative Award in 2004, and this time was equally satisfied with the new award. He further stressed that the honor was awarded as a result of individual achievements the entrepreneur has made especially in regard to sports activities in Brazil. Additional, the parliamentarian recalled the role played by the executive of BMG between 2001 and 2006 when he was the president of Clube Atletico Mineiro. Ricardo Guimarães initiated the construction of Training Center “Roosters” which is considered as the best equipped facility in the country.
Fred Costa, a State Representative at the region acknowledged the broad curriculum of Guimarães from sports patronage to football sponsorship, in addition to other sports like tennis, volleyball and gymnastics. Fred Costa further said the sponsorship by the entrepreneur has greatly contributed to the social development around Brazil. The MP also noted that Ricardo Guimarães has invested in St. Vincent Paul Hospital as well as the Whale Hospital. The deputy governor, Alberto Pinto Coelho, who was representing the governor, said the entrepreneur and his family deserved the tribute because of their commitment in development of sports in the country.
The Chairman of the House read the terms of the statute and gave it to the honored, Ricardo Guimarães. Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno and the Member of Parliament, Fred Costa gave the entrepreneur a plate representing a medal. On his part, Ricardo Guimarães thanked Daniel for his role of recognizing his ability. He further stressed that Belo Horizonte is his family and professional homeland and has everything it takes to be associated with the city.
Ricardo Guimarães said it was privilege to be honored for keeping the culture started by his grandfather many years ago. He added that BMG prefers to invest in sports and individual athletes in the society. Another person who attended the event was Flavio Guimarães Pentagna, the father to the honored. Indeed, since he was announced the president of Banco BMG, the bank has achieved great success becoming among the largest in the country.

Ricardo Guimaraes the Driving Power of Banco BMG.

The Banco BMG is a leader financial institution in Brazil majoring in payroll loans. The bank rose from the merging of Banco Itau a former mining bank and BMG, a commercial bank offering a variety of products to individuals and other organizations. BMG was focused on funding wholesale and retail businesses and also financing cumbersome and light vehicles. The merger has resulted in massive growth and developments not only in payroll loans but also in provision other financial services. Banco BMG is focused on dealing with customers whose default rate is low. This strategy has seen the bank acquire a massive customer base thus National loan leader I Brazil.
Ricardo Guimaraes is a reputable business person, heir and the CEO of the family business BMG since 1998. He is now the president of Banco BMG. It’s through his skillful managerial tactics, innovativeness, and professionalism that elevated BMG to a leader in consigned credit monitoring in Brazil. Mr. Guimaraes, born in an affluent family, could later use the advantage of the connections he had with other financial sectors to gather information and experience that has aided him to propel the bank into a National loan leader.
Banco BMG has gained its success under the management of Mr. Guimaraes. The bank has engaged in sports marketing, sponsoring football teams and athletes across Brazil becoming the leading sports promoter in the country. Ricardo is a football lover, a fan of Atletico Mineiro Club, does not hinder the bank from extending its support to other teams and players in the league. Through the sports sponsorship, Mr. Guimaraes has succeeded in popularizing the bank brand as the matches are broadcast on the National televisions. Sports marketing has leaped significant returns for the bank.
Ricardo Guimaraes has contemplated into the market pressure and over the time created some methods of diversifying the bank products and services to meet new emerging customers’ needs. With this in mind, he purchased the Schahin Bank and GE Money Brazil. The two financial institutions have offered the remedy on the issue of inclusion of new and unique products in the market to become competitive in all other areas in the finance sector.
The bank is offering different types of loans to a variety of customer profiles, such as vehicle financing and personal loans to individuals. In the long, though the payroll loaning constitutes a major part, there is a tendency to decrease in their participation so as to deal with competition. It operates by giving the best to the customers and creation of a variety of products without losing focus of their primary product and showing confidence in potential clients.

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How Ricardo Guimarães Made BMG Better

BMG is a bank that has always been big and successful. It is a bank in Brazil that has many accounts as well as other parts to the bank. It is a place that is enjoyable and has become even more so in the years since 2004 when it was taken over by Ricardo Guimarães.

In 1980, fresh out of college, Ricardo Guimarães began working for the BMG bank. He started working there as his first job and did not know that it would eventually be owned by him. Although he did not know exactly what he was going to do at the bank, he was sure that he was going to make it big there. He wanted to make sure that he was going to get the best of the bank and consistently strived to make it better. Ther were many times when Ricardo Guimarães wanted to give up, but he stuck to it.

After several promotions, overcoming hardships and working his hardest to make the bank better, Ricardo Guimarães was promoted to the executive financial officer in 1989. This was an anomaly because he had only worked with the company for less than a decade and had no prior experience when he started with the company. There were many things that he did to get this promotion, but among the best were the way that he continued to push forward and excel with greatness in his positions.

During his time as the EFO, he was able to make major positive changes at the bank. He made sure that he was always looking toward the future of the bank and pushed for the bank to become a better place for everyone who did business there. During this time, he made nearly all of the financial decisions of the bank and was at the head of the table when it came to decisions that were ultimately made by the bank. He practiced his skills and honed in what he had been doing to prepare him for what was going to come in 15 years.

The bank was up for sale in 2004 and Ricardo Guimarães jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. This bank was his pet project and he was sure that he was going to be able to run it successfully. Despite there being some hardships that he has faced with the bank since he took over, he has managed to make it a better functioning bank than it was in the past. He has worked with the employees to make them more satisfied, worked with customers to give them better options and worked with other financial institutions to ensure that he was offering the best in banking.

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Facts You Never Knew About Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG

Working to beat competition may seem as one of the most challenging task, but for BMG, they have been able to excel seamlessly in the highly competitive banking sector. BMG is a well established banking institution based in Brazil and for the past 30 years, they have experienced gradual growth, which is attributed to proper management and sensitivity to customer needs. The company has signed many partnerships that have helped to nurture young talents. Recently, BMG got into a partnership with tennis player Marcelo Melo, whom they have offered to sponsor up to the coming 2016 Olympics competitions.

According to an article available here, Ricardo Guimarães is confident that Marcelo will be able to emerge a winner in the forthcoming competitions. They have worked with the player for some time before and have decided to help him achieve international standards in the sport. Ricardo Guimarães explains that they are committed in all manner to offer support for Marcelo and that they shall ensure he prepares well for the competitions. He also further says that BMG is considering keeping the partnership even after the 2016 competitions. On this, they are confident Marcelo will make them proud by winning yet another Olympics competition.

In the past, offering support to upcoming talented players has worked positively and has allowed BMG to earn positive publicity. This has been contributed by the fact that they have hired the right leadership to man different projects. Ricardo Guimarães is a professional who has been key to the success of the company as he has always ensured every project is handled perfectly without unnecessary wastage. His business background and many years of experience allows him to clearly understand some of the things that are needed to help BMG sail through seamlessly. On this, he has been able to earn positive reputation for BMG by ensuring the community enjoys some benefits form the company.

Ricardo Guimarães has ensured BMG offers support to different struggling football clubs in Brazil, and this has helped many young individuals to grow their talents. His approach to offering support and guidance to different teams has been key to allowing the company to gain the right image in the society. This is not the only project they have been able to handle; the company has also worked to offer services that help to keep the environment clean and habitable for all beings and animals.



Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of BMG since 2004.He has led Banco BMG to one of the strongest growth rates in banking history in Brazils banking history. The bank provides consigned credit to over 5 million Brazilians. It’s the cheapest personal credit provider in the alternative credit market. It was the pioneer in this segment and today controls 80% of the market. It has over 50 000 agents in every municipality in Brazil. It also has 3000 points of sale terminals around the country.
Bank BMG is part of the BMG group. It’s based in Belo Horizonte in Brazil.Guimares joined the bank in 1980.In 1989; he was promoted to the position of Chief financial officer. He was promoted to the position of vice president in 1996.Mr. Guimares is today an important business mogul in Brazil. Some of his achievement in BMG includes
• Pioneered Consigned credit in 2004
• Consigned credit market had $ 6 billion, and BMG had 20% in 2004 and today the bank has 80% of the $ 114 billion market
• Total credit portfolio $ 2.5 billion dollars and grew it to $ 14.5 billion
• Increased the equity from $ 300 million to $ 1.1 billion
Ricardo’s Strategy of hiring the best is what has allowed him to have such a dominant position. The bank has acquired Banco GE in 2010 and Banco Schahin on 2011.It is part of its growth and consolidation strategy. It has used its extensive distribution network to reach out to its 5 million customers. According to Mr. Ricardo Guimares, the market is only 50% penetrated, and there is room for more. The remaining 50% of the market is up for grab by more than 60 banks fighting for it.

BMG has been voted eight times the best financial conglomerate in Brazil. Austin Rating also voted it the best bank in consumer finance. It mostly Targets government workers, retirees, pensioners and company employees.
Banco BMG is also the largest contributor in sports in Brazil. It sponsors more than 100 soccer teams around the country. This strategy is a genius move in a soccer-obsessed South American country. It has struck an image with Brazilians as the next door neighbor. It also sponsors other sports like basketball and volleyball team. There are rumors it’s going to sponsor the Brazilian equivalent of the Grand Prix.
Banco BMG has time to time floated bonds on the international market. So it has financial muscle too. Watch out

Banco BMG-The Benchmark Of Brazilian Banking

Banco BMG is the ultimate leader in payroll loan in the country. It is also one of the largest banking institutions in Brazil. It is part of the BMG group of companies which is privately owned. The BMG group is one of the most reputable business cooperation in Brazil. For 80 (eighty) years now, the BMG group leads by offering financial services and solution to its customers national wide. It is designed to facilitate dream realization to its clients and contribute to the economic expansion and social relations of Brazil. The financial institution has also managed to offer employment to over 1000 people who work under motivation from the banks administration towards providing the best services in the banking industry of Brazil.

Banco BMG S.A proposes investments and financial services for business as well as individuals residing in Brazil. It also provides credit cards and as well accepts a range of deposit products, such as interbank, demand and time deposit; insurance and investing solutions. The bank also gives commercial loans to medium and small sized cooperation, including services and supplies providers.

Initially, BMG Financeira S.A – Crédito, Financiamento e and later in April 1989 changed its name to Banco BMG S.A. Its headquarters is in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since its foundation in 1930, BMG stood within the country’s financial sector to its operational excellence and sales strength, creating a brand known countrywide for its technology, ability to maneuver major markets movements and its reserve tradition cultivated since history.

With a fully experienced and professional team, Banco opts itself willingly to adopt high-level governance practices, depending on a Board of Directors- of which 40% of the members are independent, including the chairperson.

Historically, the company has always managed to work with high-quality credit portfolios’; this has been possible all thanks to its conservative credit policy. Furthermore, credits decisions are collectively taken through a credit committee structure designed to meet the company’s demand in an efficient, intelligent and creative way.

The financial institution also stands out due to its human capital- this is one of its primary assets. Via meritocracy tradition and framework for recognizing skills and talents, the bank has an extremely synergetic team, able to overcome challenges through teamwork and creativity.

Marcio Alaor, the vice president, is placed at the center of Banco’s success. He is attributed for his immense contribution to the growth of the institution. He is known as one of the biggest executives in the country. His awards honored at various events are a demonstration of the same. For instance, through the governance of Marcio Alaor, Banco has been able to support local farmers and the local residence of Santo Antonio does Monte. He has personally been on the following reiterating Banco’s continued assistance and support to the locals to assist them expand financially.

Brazil’s Dipping Stock Market Prime For A Comeback

Brazil is the ideal place to invest for 2015, if you listen to the market professionals. In an unfortunate turn of events, Brazil’s stock market has dropped some 25% in the last four years. Peninsula House manager John Tsu says Brazil is the ideal place if you want to get stocks on the cheap because of the asset plunge.

Brazil’s temporary marketing weakness can be attributed to government meddling and a steep unloading of commodities. Brazil’s comptroller Jorge Hage was recently ousted due to some improprieties. With the re-election of Worker’s Party nominee Dilma Rousseff, many believe Brazil’s market will be set right. Many analysts tend to favor Brazilian equities and currencies in the long run.

Zeca Oliveira is one hedge fund manager that sees the long-term potential of the Brazilian market. Oliveria heads Bridge Trust administration Resources. He has over 25 years financial marketing experience and is responsible for over $2.5 billion in assets. Oliveira spent 15 years at BNY Mellon in Brazil were he offered his expertise as a hedge fund manager.

Under Oliveira’s leadership, Bridge Trust has just merged with Gradual Investmentos, which also combines a net worth of $6.5 billion. The merger will give way to a cross-selling of products and expanding the loyal customer base. The company also plans to offer customer a number of new and improved solutions and services.

With Brazil’s market being slanted almost exclusively towards commodities, it doesn’t give a great deal of wiggle room. Although Brazil has a ton of oil stocks, many analysts believe investors should steer clear of them for the time being and find other stocks.

One good thing that Brazil has in its favor is that the country has a well-diversified economy. Post war policies, which are still in tact, should spell good news for Brazil in a short period of time.