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How José AuriemoNeto is helping Solve Brazilian Housing Crisis through JHSF

An MIT news report indicates that there is a shortage of 7 million housing units in Brazil, as of January 2017. The MIT Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism and The School of Architecture and Planning advise that only robust investment in real estate construction can solve the acute need for affordable homes to the people of Brazil.

Luckily, José AuriemoNeto through the JHSF Participacoes SA is among the people working to realize the dream of housing-for-all in Brazil. JHSF is a leading real estate investor whose operations focus on high-income commercial and residential properties. JHSF portfolio is mainly in the development and administration of shopping outlets, upscale hotels, and the Sao Paulo business international airport.


JHSF Development of Malls and Upmarket Apartments

Founded in 1972 and listed in the stock market in 2007, the Sao Paulo- based JHSF now operates in Brazil, the United States, and Uruguay. Among the real estate developed by JHSF are the General Motors racetrack, Fasano Hotels and Restaurants, Iguatemi Shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Shopping Metro Santa Cruz, and Shopping Ponta Negra and what JHSF knows.

JHSF Participacoes SA has two subsidiaries- Sustainable Telecom and Sustainable Energy that provide telecommunication and low-priced energy. In partnership with renowned luxury brand Daslu, JHSF has built some fashion chain shops in Sao Paulo. The other JHSF projects include the Cinemark, Reebok Academy, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc.


José AuriemoNeto Vision of Upmarket Malls Globally

José AuriemoNeto, chairman, and CEO of JHSF dreams about building deluxe malls worldwide. Neto is happy that the over 40-year old JHSF has impressive projects, such as Shopping Metro Santa Cruz that incorporate a private shopping complex and public transportation, to its name. Neto is in charge of development at JHSF. In 2005, for example, Neto and family lived in New York so that he could supervise the building of a high-rise hotel.

José AuriemoNeto learned the ropes of real estate from his father, who was the originator of the once family-owned JHSF. The architectural masterpiece, ParqueCidadeJardim with hundreds of retail stores, offices, residential towers, and a Fasano Hotel group property is one of Neto’s projects and more information click here.


Getting to Know the Businessman and Philanthropist Todd Lubar

Lubar story is one not different from those of successful individuals. Todd Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University with a major in speech communication. From the University, he landed his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked in this institution for four years and moved to Legacy Financial group in 1999. Todd helped the company’s Maryland office grow in loans volume estimated at a few hundreds of millions per year. Having worked with the enterprise and acquiring years’ worth of experience, Todd Lubar moved to Charter Funding and became the vice president of one of its divisions. Besides his interests in the mortgage industry, Lubar owns several companies in the demolition industry, the nightclub industry, and recycling business. Additionally, Lubar gets identified with several philanthropic activities.

In an interview with, he said that his experience in the credit and finance industry combined with his desire to help people inspired him to start his business. Through his company, TDL Ventures, Todd Lubar provides relief for individuals seeking to achieve their goals by getting rid of the obstacles. Usually, most of these barriers include loans. Consequently, Todd Lubar ensured that the underserved clients get access to loans easily. Lubar says that making money comes to those that dare to pursue their dreams. His experience helps him find individuals seeking to achieve their goals and eventually, he earns as they succeed.

Working at TDL Global Ventures took years before bearing good fruits. Lubar says that success is as a result of hard work and time. It was hard at first. However, with time he gained momentum both for his private venture and the companies he represented. Along the way, there were several challenges. At one point, he had to start from scratch after getting knocked down. According to him, he landed his first customer in the mid-90s. At this time, he worked at Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Todd Lubar is most excited by progress. Additionally, he advises the young entrepreneurs never to lose hope and embrace hard work. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

Tim Armour, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of Capital Group

Tim Armour serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of Capital Group.

Tim Armour’s Commentary on Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

Tim Armour made a commentary about the investment strategy of Warren Buffet via CNBC. One million dollars was wagered by Warren Buffet for a charitable event to attain better returns on investment. According to Warren, there are many expensive and mediocre funds that led to the shortchanging of various investors. Tim Armour supports the idea of Warren to purchase and hold simple investments for long-term periods at lower costs.

When it comes to down markets, index funds do not provide cushion against them. According to an online survey that was done in 2016, approximately only 1200 investors knew that index funds expose them to 100% losses and volatility during downturns of the markets. Mr. Buffett has a liking towards the investment approach of bottom-up which has been classified as durable when it comes to analyzing a company’s portfolio over the years and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour’s Advice For Investors To Find Active Managers Who Earn Their Keep.

Based on extensive mutual fund research , investors require two filters when identifying and searching for exceptional fund managers, namely: subsidized costs and high manager ownership. Foundations are likely to yield better investment returns and Warren Buffet strongly advises American citizens to use investments as a method of preparation for retirement and more information click here.

Tim Armour Named Chairman

On July 2015, Tim Armour was named as Chairman of Capital Group which is the largest and leading investment firm for funds in the world and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Tim Armour’s Career Background

Tim Armour’s career began at the Associates Program for Capital Group as an active participant. Before attaining the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer title, Mr. Armour was an Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group. During that period, he was responsible for the global communication at the esteemed company. Tim has about 32 years of experience in the investment fund industry which is majorly attributed to his time at Capital Group. Tim obtained a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Economics from the Middlebury College.

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How “The Greyhound Diaries” Explores the Lives of Disadvantaged People

Doug Levitt is a former international reporter who created “The GreyHound Diaries”, a multimedia documentary of the people who ride Greyhound buses. He has traveled over 120,000 miles on Greyhound buses, crisscrossing the nation and exploring the lives of those who are downtrodden and very poor. He explains their stories through his music, photography, and writing. Doug Levitt and “The Greyhound Diaries” have been featured on several national broadcasters shows including MSNBC and CNN.

In the United States, unless a person has no other way of getting to another location they would never choose to ride a Greyhound bus. Mainly the only people who ride a Greyhound bus are those struggling to survive which includes the homeless, the mentally ill, and those addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s also common practice for prisons to give convicts leaving prison a one-way Greyhound bus ticket to the nearest large city. Other travelers on the bus can include Neo-Nazis and other people well outside the mainstream and read full article.

After graduating from college, Doug Levitt became a war correspondent for CNN. He covered a number of wars including the one in Afghanistan. In 2003, he returned to the U.S. and joined the effort to sign up voters to vote for then Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry. In order to get from location to location, he rode Greyhound buses and the people he met on the bus fascinated him. He decided to keep riding these buses and document people’s stories. Initially, he was planning to do this for six months but that has now turned into 14 years.

“The Greyhound Diaries” is told in a number of ways. Doug Levitt writes and records music about his journeys and the people he has met. He also holds concerts including in places like the Woody Guthrie Center but also in homeless shelters as well. The people’s stories are also shared through photography that Doug Levitt takes himself. He has also written about his experiences on the bus as well as the life experiences of those he has met. Additionally, “The Greyhound Diaries” includes a series of webcasts and what Doug knwos.

Anthony Toma, Successful Businessman and CEO of Nine9

Anthony Toma is the CEO OF Nine9 the Unagency which he established. Nine9 is a talent company that represents models and actors in the entertainment sector in a different manner. Mr. Toma has had the opportunity to own multiple businesses in the service, retail, and entertainment industry. Anthony has worked alongside influential leaders in the entertainment industry, and he is willing to give new opportunities to ambitious people. Anthony attributes his listening skills to his success as an entrepreneur.

Anthony Toma’s Idea for Nine9
When Anthony Toma was in the grocery business, the idea of Nine9 crossed his mind. While searching for food franchise opportunities, he ended up finding an acting and modeling franchise. The offer was in Orlando, Florida but he opted to purchase the franchise and learn about the entertainment business. Toma expanded his franchise ownership with twenty-six franchises countrywide. However, the franchise went under, and in 2003, Anthony opened his company called Coral Reef Productions Inc. that currently operates as Nine9.

Information on Nine9
Nine9 was founded in 2003 to provide resources and tools to advance the careers of talented people. Opportunities offered by Nine9 include promotional castings, film and television commercials, runway gigs and music video. Nine9 has an energized workforce that uses the latest technology to make bookings for their clients.

Nine9 is different from others in the entertainment industry because it offers its services without commissions. Also, there is real time submission and access to auditions and castings nationwide. Another benefit is the online alerts 24/7 with recognition software to match talent with suitable castings. At Nine9, clients can meet industry leaders via the workshops that are held monthly and read full article.

Nine9 is an Unagency unlike any other talent agencies and continues its operations in the main markets across the nation in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Houston and Washington D.C and learn more about Nine9.

The Life of Stephen Rotella

Stephen Rotella is the Chief Executive Officer at StoneCastle Cash Management LLC. His primary responsibilities lie in the day to day management of the company. He brings with him over thirty years of experience in strategic and operation capabilities in both financial and banking services. Under Rotella’s leadership, StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC has risen as an industry leader in cash management. The company under his leadership offers financial solutions to larger institutions. The company also funds operations for the community and regional banks as well. With a broad experience in marketing, retail, internet banking, organizational development and large scale operations.

Stephen Rotella attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in the year 1975. He later proceeded to earn an MBA in Finance and information Sytems from the State University of New York at Albany.

Rotella has been active an active member of the community. In his career, he has taken a keen interest in serving poor homeowners. He became the chair of the Board of Lift Communities where he works to break the poverty cycle for parents with young children and more information click here.

Mr. Rotell has had an extensive professional experience. Bedore being the president of LLC, he was on the Boards of ArtsFund andThe Seattle Foundation. He was also the Chief Executive Officer for Chase Home Finance, the fourth-largest home lender in the country for over eighteen years. Stephen was also the Chief Operating Officer and President of WMI Holdings Corp and was responsible for oversight of retail, mortgage handling and the day to day administration of the company.From March 2005, he served as the Acting Head of Home Loans Division of WMI.Before Chase, Rotella worked in the systems consulting industries, retail brokerage, and mutual funds. It was here that he served as the president of the Consumer Mortgage Coalition. Stephen Rotella in his short time acted as a Member of Advisory Board at Vericrest Financial, Inc. He was able to attain a high reputation for the company by offering Home loans to individuals that needed his help.Rotella also served as Member of Consumer Mortgage Coalition.

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For Lori Senecal, It’s Her Hard Work Helped Her To Climb Up The Ladder

Lori Senecal, the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B), has a story of hard work and dedication that helped her to taste success in the advertising industry. It is known that the industry is one of the most competitive ones and highly fluctuated according to market conditions. To be successful in the industry, it is not just about hard work but needs passion as well. Lori has almost 15 years of experience in the advertisement industry, and she took various roles in different advertisement agencies during the period.

CP+B is a prominent advertising agency founded in 1988. Currently, MDC Partners own the major holdings of the firm. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has offices in all the major financial centers across the world. It has offices in Florida, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Hong Kong. The firm has grown rapidly in the industry through its focused strategy on winning the bids from reputed brands and firms. The firm has clients including major consumer brands, servicing firms, tech giants, etc.

In March 2015, Lori was appointed as the Global CEO of the agency. MDC Partners were naming her for the role by creating the title called Global CEO to integrate its business and to have a strong focus on expansion and global growth. “I am looking for playing a major role in our global growth strategy, by working along with our talents across the offices,” she told her mind while taking up the responsibility.

She contributes her success to the hard work and passion and says she was shy and introvert when she started her career. But, she overcame such types of hurdles and transitioned herself as a leader in the fashion industry. She is also a strong supporter of The 3% Conference, a movement that is working to improve the number of women in the creative industry. The concept is that women influence on 80 percent of consumer spending and almost 60 percent of social media sharing, yet only 3 percent of creative directors are women.

Lori started her career in 2003 with McCann, and later she worked with McCann Worldgroup as Chief Innovation Officer. She worked with various firms including McCann Erickson, KBS and MDC Partners. She took various roles from President to CEO and Chairman and helped the agencies in their rapid growth. Before starting her career, she completed her Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Finance from McGill University.


Ascension Ventures Invests Heavily In Online Reputation Management

Ascension Ventures, an investment firm, is investing money into online reputation management. is one of the most well-known companies that provide online reputation management and Ascension Ventures was part of a group that invested millions into the site. The amount invested in total was $20 million. has a range of products that helps companies find out what’s being said about them on social media sites and review sites. The company according to,  also offers a way for them to engage consumers to try to solve any problems and turn negative feedback into positive or neutral reviews.

Ascension Ventures raises money that is invested in emerging technology. Other non-profit hospital systems are big investors of Ascension Ventures.

Matt Hermann, a managing director at Ascension Ventures, said Ascension’s health system partners are seeing how there is a change in how patients decide where they want to receive care from. They notice that consumers are turning to online reviews and social media to help them with their decisions.

Hermann said has tools to help healthcare companies engage with their patients online and to help understand how they are doing in regards to consumer experiences.

Asides from Ascension Ventures, other companies that invested in include August Capital, Icon Ventures, Bessemer Venture and Focus Ventures.

Ascension was the first large hospital system to partner with Lyft to help patients get to and from their appointments. The partnership shows that Ascension is embracing the online economy and services offered online, including online reputation management.