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How Ricardo Guimarães Made BMG Better

BMG is a bank that has always been big and successful. It is a bank in Brazil that has many accounts as well as other parts to the bank. It is a place that is enjoyable and has become even more so in the years since 2004 when it was taken over by Ricardo Guimarães.

In 1980, fresh out of college, Ricardo Guimarães began working for the BMG bank. He started working there as his first job and did not know that it would eventually be owned by him. Although he did not know exactly what he was going to do at the bank, he was sure that he was going to make it big there. He wanted to make sure that he was going to get the best of the bank and consistently strived to make it better. Ther were many times when Ricardo Guimarães wanted to give up, but he stuck to it.

After several promotions, overcoming hardships and working his hardest to make the bank better, Ricardo Guimarães was promoted to the executive financial officer in 1989. This was an anomaly because he had only worked with the company for less than a decade and had no prior experience when he started with the company. There were many things that he did to get this promotion, but among the best were the way that he continued to push forward and excel with greatness in his positions.

During his time as the EFO, he was able to make major positive changes at the bank. He made sure that he was always looking toward the future of the bank and pushed for the bank to become a better place for everyone who did business there. During this time, he made nearly all of the financial decisions of the bank and was at the head of the table when it came to decisions that were ultimately made by the bank. He practiced his skills and honed in what he had been doing to prepare him for what was going to come in 15 years.

The bank was up for sale in 2004 and Ricardo Guimarães jumped on the opportunity to purchase it. This bank was his pet project and he was sure that he was going to be able to run it successfully. Despite there being some hardships that he has faced with the bank since he took over, he has managed to make it a better functioning bank than it was in the past. He has worked with the employees to make them more satisfied, worked with customers to give them better options and worked with other financial institutions to ensure that he was offering the best in banking.

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US Money Reserve Protects Financial Wealth With Hard Assets

The United States Constitution Article I, Section 10, Clause 1 states that gold and silver will be the legal tender for the country. Gold and silver have a long history of being used for financial transactions. US Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metals coin distributors in the nation.
Why Invest in Gold & Silver?
Gold and silver have always been used as money. These precious metals are also incredibly valuable for industrial purposes and jewelry. These precious metals have a shine, luster and value that stand the test of time.

US Money Reserve sells popular coins issued from the US Government Mint. The aforementioned clause in the United States Constitution directed the government to issue coins to preserve the wealth of the citizens. These products are official legal tender.

As legal tender, they are easy to recognize around the world. It is easier to verify the value of these numismatics due to standardized weight, metal content and design. Investors will find that buying and selling official US coins can be more profitable due to a larger market of experienced traders.
Why Buy From US Money Reserve
Unlike other gold and silver firms, US Money Reserve offers a wider range of coin experts to help you make the best choice. Discuss your needs for type of metal, price, condition and design. US Money Reserve has more than 100 experienced professionals including the following: senior gold specialists, industry-leading numismatic experts and coin research, to name a few.

The United States Money Reserve website offers plenty of information to help you make the best investment decisions. Read articles on “Why Buy Gold,” “Precious Metals” and “FAQ.” This is a good company that educates the novice and offers superior services to the expert.
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Besides the official website, you can also learn about special news or offers on social media. Ask some questions of the experienced US Money Reserve staff, they are ready to serve:

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Europe An Alternative Market for Venture Capital Firms

Since the beginning of the last half decade, the European companies are beginning to rise in the market dominated by the American and Asian firms. Europe has a well-trained and talented workforce keen on new era technology innovations. This market is becoming the green pasture for American venture capital firms escaping the domestic competition. The analysts are estimating the new market to rise above the American and the Asian pioneers in the next century.

Mentioning innovations, it’s also interesting to associate it with the need for more capital. This trend is attracting more American venture capital firms investing in the capital-starved business. Currently, the American Giants are already making returns on the new market and more and more are joining. The capital starved new businesses is a hunting ground for investors. Among them is the leading healthcare sector investment firm Highland Capital management.

Highland capital investment firm is headquartered in Dallas. Headed by James Dondero, The firm is the leader in alternative investment with assets excess of $21 billion. The company’s largest investment sector is the health care sector. Headed by Michael Gregory, Highlands’s healthcare sector is a darling of investors. The manager pedigree is reputable, and the investor relations are distinguished. The largest industry of the giant investment firm has been built for years. Recently, the company received the prestigious US hedge funds award from HFM. The award was both a confirmation of the company’s commitment to investing in the health sector and leader in excellence performance. The investment industry is full of competition and making it to the list is a tribute to the good leadership and management skills. Jim congratulated his team for their efforts in making the firm great.

Under Jim’s excellent and professional leadership, the firm’s future growth path is very optimistic. The company provides legal and expert advice in security trading and financial information. Highland Capital Management firm is the pioneer of collateralized loan obligations introduced in 1996. Jim has led the company to recover well from the 2008 economic crises that rocked the industry in a surprise. The crises were the worst to hit the sector since 1929. Several investment firms recorded huge losses. Nevertheless, the company has recovered from the financial menace and has currently over 21 billion in assets and over 1000 employees. It also has operational offices in New York, Singapore, and Brazil.

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Facts You Never Knew About Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG

Working to beat competition may seem as one of the most challenging task, but for BMG, they have been able to excel seamlessly in the highly competitive banking sector. BMG is a well established banking institution based in Brazil and for the past 30 years, they have experienced gradual growth, which is attributed to proper management and sensitivity to customer needs. The company has signed many partnerships that have helped to nurture young talents. Recently, BMG got into a partnership with tennis player Marcelo Melo, whom they have offered to sponsor up to the coming 2016 Olympics competitions.

According to an article available here, Ricardo Guimarães is confident that Marcelo will be able to emerge a winner in the forthcoming competitions. They have worked with the player for some time before and have decided to help him achieve international standards in the sport. Ricardo Guimarães explains that they are committed in all manner to offer support for Marcelo and that they shall ensure he prepares well for the competitions. He also further says that BMG is considering keeping the partnership even after the 2016 competitions. On this, they are confident Marcelo will make them proud by winning yet another Olympics competition.

In the past, offering support to upcoming talented players has worked positively and has allowed BMG to earn positive publicity. This has been contributed by the fact that they have hired the right leadership to man different projects. Ricardo Guimarães is a professional who has been key to the success of the company as he has always ensured every project is handled perfectly without unnecessary wastage. His business background and many years of experience allows him to clearly understand some of the things that are needed to help BMG sail through seamlessly. On this, he has been able to earn positive reputation for BMG by ensuring the community enjoys some benefits form the company.

Ricardo Guimarães has ensured BMG offers support to different struggling football clubs in Brazil, and this has helped many young individuals to grow their talents. His approach to offering support and guidance to different teams has been key to allowing the company to gain the right image in the society. This is not the only project they have been able to handle; the company has also worked to offer services that help to keep the environment clean and habitable for all beings and animals.



Ricardo Guimaraes is the president of BMG since 2004.He has led Banco BMG to one of the strongest growth rates in banking history in Brazils banking history. The bank provides consigned credit to over 5 million Brazilians. It’s the cheapest personal credit provider in the alternative credit market. It was the pioneer in this segment and today controls 80% of the market. It has over 50 000 agents in every municipality in Brazil. It also has 3000 points of sale terminals around the country.
Bank BMG is part of the BMG group. It’s based in Belo Horizonte in Brazil.Guimares joined the bank in 1980.In 1989; he was promoted to the position of Chief financial officer. He was promoted to the position of vice president in 1996.Mr. Guimares is today an important business mogul in Brazil. Some of his achievement in BMG includes
• Pioneered Consigned credit in 2004
• Consigned credit market had $ 6 billion, and BMG had 20% in 2004 and today the bank has 80% of the $ 114 billion market
• Total credit portfolio $ 2.5 billion dollars and grew it to $ 14.5 billion
• Increased the equity from $ 300 million to $ 1.1 billion
Ricardo’s Strategy of hiring the best is what has allowed him to have such a dominant position. The bank has acquired Banco GE in 2010 and Banco Schahin on 2011.It is part of its growth and consolidation strategy. It has used its extensive distribution network to reach out to its 5 million customers. According to Mr. Ricardo Guimares, the market is only 50% penetrated, and there is room for more. The remaining 50% of the market is up for grab by more than 60 banks fighting for it.

BMG has been voted eight times the best financial conglomerate in Brazil. Austin Rating also voted it the best bank in consumer finance. It mostly Targets government workers, retirees, pensioners and company employees.
Banco BMG is also the largest contributor in sports in Brazil. It sponsors more than 100 soccer teams around the country. This strategy is a genius move in a soccer-obsessed South American country. It has struck an image with Brazilians as the next door neighbor. It also sponsors other sports like basketball and volleyball team. There are rumors it’s going to sponsor the Brazilian equivalent of the Grand Prix.
Banco BMG has time to time floated bonds on the international market. So it has financial muscle too. Watch out

Madison Street Capital’s Nomination For The M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor recently announced the nomination of Madison Street Capital as one of the finalists of the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards celebrate the contributions and achievements of leading companies and professionals while identifying excellence in financing, deal making and restructuring.
According to the publication on on October 2nd 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital received the Cross-Border Deal of the year nomination. This was as a result of their $10 MM to $25 MM improvement that recognized the role of the company in the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA.The transaction was handled by Madison Street Capital Senior managing directors Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha.
The Chief executive officer of Madison Capital Mr Charles Botchway expressed his gratitude in the nomination. He thanked the M&A Advisor for recognizing the efforts and work that firms like Madison Capital do on behalf of clients. He said that the deal was beneficial for both AVEVA and FabTrol Sysytems.FabTrol systems who are the mainstays in the fabrication and management of software space are in tune with the product offerings of AVEVA.
The Award winners will be announced during the 14th Annual M&A Awards Gala scheduled to take place on November 17th 2015 at the New York Athletic Club. The M&A Advisor was established in 1998 as a means of giving intelligence and insights on merger and acquisitions. During the seventeen years that they have been around, they have created a premier network of M&A, Finance and Turnaround Professionals.
Madison Street Capital LLC is an investment bank that is known for its service delivery in corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, financial opinions and merger and acquisition expertise. Their commitment to excellent services, leadership and integrity is the reason they have a high portfolio. The company undertakes each project as their own and gives it the dedication and seriousness required. They transform the client’s goals as their own ensuring the success of both Madison and the portfolio client.
Madison has invested in emerging markets and other diverse sectors that they feel are the vital components that create worldwide growth of clients and businesses. These markets have a lot of potential and by investing in them Madison will regenerate more capital and profits. The offered services have seen clients make successful strides in the worldwide marketplace. This can be evidently seen in ownership transfer, increase of capital and in the merger and acquisition process.

Banco BMG-The Benchmark Of Brazilian Banking

Banco BMG is the ultimate leader in payroll loan in the country. It is also one of the largest banking institutions in Brazil. It is part of the BMG group of companies which is privately owned. The BMG group is one of the most reputable business cooperation in Brazil. For 80 (eighty) years now, the BMG group leads by offering financial services and solution to its customers national wide. It is designed to facilitate dream realization to its clients and contribute to the economic expansion and social relations of Brazil. The financial institution has also managed to offer employment to over 1000 people who work under motivation from the banks administration towards providing the best services in the banking industry of Brazil.

Banco BMG S.A proposes investments and financial services for business as well as individuals residing in Brazil. It also provides credit cards and as well accepts a range of deposit products, such as interbank, demand and time deposit; insurance and investing solutions. The bank also gives commercial loans to medium and small sized cooperation, including services and supplies providers.

Initially, BMG Financeira S.A – Crédito, Financiamento e and later in April 1989 changed its name to Banco BMG S.A. Its headquarters is in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Since its foundation in 1930, BMG stood within the country’s financial sector to its operational excellence and sales strength, creating a brand known countrywide for its technology, ability to maneuver major markets movements and its reserve tradition cultivated since history.

With a fully experienced and professional team, Banco opts itself willingly to adopt high-level governance practices, depending on a Board of Directors- of which 40% of the members are independent, including the chairperson.

Historically, the company has always managed to work with high-quality credit portfolios’; this has been possible all thanks to its conservative credit policy. Furthermore, credits decisions are collectively taken through a credit committee structure designed to meet the company’s demand in an efficient, intelligent and creative way.

The financial institution also stands out due to its human capital- this is one of its primary assets. Via meritocracy tradition and framework for recognizing skills and talents, the bank has an extremely synergetic team, able to overcome challenges through teamwork and creativity.

Marcio Alaor, the vice president, is placed at the center of Banco’s success. He is attributed for his immense contribution to the growth of the institution. He is known as one of the biggest executives in the country. His awards honored at various events are a demonstration of the same. For instance, through the governance of Marcio Alaor, Banco has been able to support local farmers and the local residence of Santo Antonio does Monte. He has personally been on the following reiterating Banco’s continued assistance and support to the locals to assist them expand financially.

Status Labs: Choose A Highly Reliable Online Reputation Management Firm

Are you looking for a reliable Online Reputation Management firm? Wondering why so many people consider Status Labs the most trusted Online Reputation Management Firm? Status Labs has been rendering services in the industry for many years, and the company is highly regarded. Many individuals and companies choose Status Labs for their reputation management needs, due to the outstanding services they provide.

In the Internet age, a simple online search is all it takes to have access to detailed information about any person and everything. To find out what people see when they search your name or your company online, online reputation management is an essential service. Unfortunately, not enough people have a good understanding of what online reputation management involves, or the effect it has on their daily lives or their business.

Whether you are a doctor trying to protect your practice from derogatory reviews, a business owner trying to maintain an impressive image of your company, or a high profile individual trying to protect your name, it is extremely important that you hire a Reputation Management firm to assist you. You don’t just hire any reputation management company you find out. It’s imperative that you turn to a company that has great expertise in providing top notch online reputation management services.

Some reputation repair and reputation management companies will only commit to short-term contracts. Others have flexible contracts or arrangements. These companies also differ widely in their pricing and you will need to take this into consideration as well. Don’t choose a company based solely on price, instead consider the reputation and reliability of the company. Your online reputation will certainly suffer if you do not choose a company that has a track record of producing excellent results.

Status Labs is well known for rendering high quality services to their clients. The company has well-trained and dedicated professionals who take the time to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied with their services. You will need to get in touch with them through their website, and they will get back to you promptly. They will give an appointment with one of their consultants, to discuss your needs and determine how to handle your case.

Status Labs provides services that are suitable for your particular reputation management needs. If you’re concerned about some damaging information about your company appearing on search results or any other negative reviews about your business Status Labs can help.

Why Investing In Gold Is In Your Best Interest

You read the reports about investing in Gold. You have seen the television commercials about investing in Gold. You heard the experts talking about investing in Gold. You want to know more. Is Gold a good investment for you? Why is Gold a good investment? There are a number of factors to consider when researching options. Basically you need to answer the following questions:

Is Gold a stable investment?
Yes.Gold is definitely a stable investment. Fluctuations in the Gold market happen, but Gold is a currency that is accepted worldwide. History has dictated that gold has been the preferred currency for nations that are going through economic turmoil and uncertainty.

Is Gold accessible to anyone?
In its natural state, gold is liquid and easy pliable. Gold can be transported easily and shaped. Anyone can own gold. Gold bullion and gold coins can be bought and sold easily as there are no restrictions in who can own gold. You can select from a variety of gold coins and gold bullion at US Money Reserve Inc.

Can Gold be used as an alternative currency?
Yes, countries around the world accept Gold as currency. The US Money Reserve Inc handles US Government issued Gold coins that are considered US legal tender. With the fluctuations and decline of the US dollar, Gold coins will be a good hedge against inflation.

Can owning Gold serve as a protection for currency and money value?
Owning gold makes good economic sense. Historically gold has proven its value remains steady while fluctuations of paper currency tend to create a loss in value. Gold has been valued over the centuries due to its properties and the increasing rarity of this precious metal.

What kind of Gold should I invest in that will give me the best value for my money?
You have options to own gold coins, have a gold backed IRA or invest in gold bullion. Your financial advisor will have some information for you, but the experts at US Money Reserve can help you figure out the best mixture of gold assets for your portfolio.

Why should I invest in Gold now?
The world markets are still highly volatile right now. The price of Gold is set to go up in the next few years about 1,000 percent. Gold is always a good investment, but the future will be even brighter for those who invest in Gold now.

Are there any tangible benefits to owning Gold?
There are definitely tangible benefits in owning gold. The stability factor is probably the biggest reason to own gold. Gold’s value doesn’t fluctuate as most paper based currency values tend to do. Gold can be owned by anyone, and takes very little investment. Gold is a tangible asset that you can use in financial crisis.

Why Search Engine Optimization Is So Important

Ever since technology has expanded and evolved rapidly, search engines have become more and more useful to people, because the engines are now able to better define searches to appeal to users. There are actually entire businesses dedicated to improving SEO. There are different ways to go about placing keywords and phrases in an article or advertisement to get lots of hits and a low bounce rate, but there are always a few things that every marketer or writer should follow.

Make sure to include the keyword in an attractive title. Titles that don’t spark anyone’s attention will probably fail to bring many readers in. The article is more important than the title — after all, it is the article — but titles are crucial in getting people to visit the advertisement or piece of literature.

Reword the keyword in the body of the text. If one is writing about home improvement, make sure to include many different things about home improvement: that is, if the article is about home improvement in general.

Whatever the topic is, stick to the topic. Do not go off on any tangents or anything that does not directly pertain to the title and article. If a reader comes and visits a website to read about cooking brownies, and someone shares a irrelevant life story, do you think that that person would wish to continue reading the website? Probably not.

White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that specializes in SEO. They also provide other services such as web development and consulting. WSM also has a blog that provides business owners and marketers with lots of helpful information, all for free. WSM was founded in 2011, and has been one of that fastest growing digital marketing companies in the world. One can find more information about White Shark Media by visiting their website at

Key phrases can often be arranged into something different, yet mean the same thing. If someone is searching about a topic and search for a few different keywords, there is a better chance of that person finding an article that you wrote or finding an advertisement that was intended for users of that demographic.

Search engine optimization is rough, but adhering to the suggestions and guidelines mentioned above can make sure that you or your business will experience higher visits and fewer bounces if you follow these simple instructions.

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