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Don Ressler: Serial Ecommerce Entrepreneur

Nothing is as creative as a bunch of a jobless tech; e-commerce guru’s brainstorming in a living room for a fortnight. Forget all about the boardrooms. Explosive doesn’t even aptly describe the series of multimillion dollar ideas that have been implemented by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Mr. Ressler is a serial entrepreneur with excellent skills in online advertising and marketing. Mr. Ressler’s first start up was Fitness Heaven, an online venture that was bought off by Intermix Media. Upon selling Fitness Heaven, Don Ressler began working for Intermix Media, who’s CEO, was Adam Goldenberg. Both Don and Goldenberg hit it off immediately. Later on, Intermix Media was sold to NewsCorp, now jobless; they hatched an exciting start-up that was soon the buzz of Las Vegas. The result was Intelligent Beauty, a brand that brought together the best in fashion and technology.

In March 2010, Don Ressler cofounded JustFab through Intelligent Beauty, an online store that uses technology to bring its clients a personalized stylist who matches an individual’s fashion preferences to celebrity styles. JustFab works through an online subscription system, where members sign up for a monthly subscription. The clients then fill out a questionnaire on their body types and preferred fashion designs. A trained group of fashion designers then matches customers with suitable styles.

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In 2011, JustFab changed its name to TechStyle Inc. TechStyle Inc is a conglomerate that merges JustFab and all its subsidiaries including Shoe Dazzle FabKid, and Fablectics. In June 2011, TechStyle received a capital injection of $33 million from Matrix Partners. TechStyle was now set for more global expansion and sourced for more venture capital of $76 million from several investors; Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover. This capital helped penetrate into the Canadian, German and U.K markets. By 2013, TechStyle had a significant market presence in Spain and France. Finally, in 2014, a further $76 million was pumped into TechStyle, and at present, its capital base stands at $250 million.

Don Ressler has partnered with several celebrities. In 2010, Kimora Lee Simmons joined his fast-growing JustFab as President and Creative Director. In 2013, JustFab launched another subsidiary, Fablectics where Mr. Ressler works with Kate Hudson in developing trendy sports gear. Fablectics is another online store with a wide variety of fashionable sportswear ranging from yoga pants, athletics trucks, and customized equipment. Fablectics operates a similar platform as JustFab, using a monthly online subscription. As at 2016, TechStyle membership stood at $ 10 million members and looked at projected revenue of $ 650 million annually.

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The Capital Group Makes A Change Concerning The Chairman Position

In the investment industry, there have been many changes over the past few decades. The use of technology has been one of the biggest changes. In many aspects of the investment industry, technology has changed the way the investment industry operates on a daily basis. Many things that once required a significant amount of time to do can now be done in a matter of seconds with the use of current technology innovations.

In addition, technology has impacted the way that investment companies assist clients and people looking for investment help. In times prior to the past few decades, investment companies would usually meet with people to discuss specific investment questions, problems, or concerns. However, with the use of technology, a large percentage of support and service issues can be addressed by going to investment company websites to gain access to the desired information.

With more access to investment related information on investment company websites and other investment related resources online, people are able to do a lot of investment related tasks themselves. This makes it easier on the people interested in investments. Also, it provides investment companies with more opportunities to provide investment information to people interested in investments.

The Capital Group is an investment company that has shown an ability to provide technology related investment assistance to its clients and people interested in investments through its website. The company has numerous support and services options available for people looking for investment assistance.

Tim Armour is the current chairman of the Capital Group. He replaced Jim Rotherberg as the chairman after the passing of Jim Rotherberg. A succession plan was put in place to follow after the death of James Rotherberg to help with the transition that would be necessary. Tim Armour has been an executive at the Capital Group for several years. He has held several very important positions with the company during this time.

Tim has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as one of the participants in The Associates Program and then diligently worked his way up the ladder.

Tim Armour has demonstrated through his active fund management experience in his other positions at the Capital Group that he is ready to lead the company as chairman. Tim Armour has an excellent professional background that includes a bachelor’s degree in economics and over 30 years of investment industry experience that he utilizes on a daily basis to lead the Capital Group organization.


How Christopher Burch Is Changing Consumer Perception Using Disruptive Technology?

As almost every industry embraced technology, fashion industry also came up with new high-tech ideas. These ideas are both innovative and consumer-oriented. Perhaps, the initial ideas started with designers such as Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, who invented products that included a drink-making dress and a self-painting attire. Later, designers started to engage customers by designing disruptive products that smartly integrated high-tech and fashion.


The bike protection neck wear from Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin is an example of such design. Instead of wearing a helmet that often restricts visibility, the neck wear offers increased protection by inflating an air bag on impact. The neck wear is also useful in hot outdoor conditions. Similarly, two other designers, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon, created Frontline Gloves, which are extremely useful during emergencies and rescue operations. These gloves are fluorescent and heat resistance, which is particularly useful in dense smoke. Using these gloves, fire fighters can easily give hand signals allowing their team and others to exit from the scene, quickly.


The use of kinetic energy to power consumer gadgets is also not new. Several fashion designers have designed clothes, which can power small appliances such as mp3, watch, and batteries. In fact, there is also a version of running shoes, which can produce enough energy from movement to easily charge a cell phone.


It is also true that fashion industry has come to the rescue of high-tech firms on several occasions. Recently, Google Glass faced challenges because it was difficult for the company to convince consumers to wear glasses due to the stigma attached with glasses. Accordingly, Diane Von Furstenberg, a famous fashion designer came to the rescue of Google Glass by promoting the glass on her fashion shows. As a result, Google was able to generate hype and awareness enabling successful introduction.


Such success is not possible without the support of entrepreneurs such as Christopher Burch. Chris Burch and his company, Burch Creative Capital, has helped numerous high-profile companies to launch innovative products. During his career, he has helped more than 50 top-notch product ideas.


Connecting innovation to impact, Chris Burch successfully allowed top names such as ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, Poppin, and TRADEMARK. Similarly, he also embraced ideas by Faena Hotel + Universe, Jawbone, and Voss Water. From hospitality, organic foods, and technology industries, Burch Creative Capital is instrumental in generating impact through lifestyle and consumer products.