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Safe Chemicals Can Still Cause Cancer if Combined

A new report suggests that consuming different chemicals that are considered ‘safe’ overtime may actually increase cancer risk. There are many chemicals that are considered safe so long as you only ingest them in small amounts, but a new study is concerned that combining these safe chemicals could actually end up increasing cancer risk anyhow.

Cancer biologist Hemad Yasaei from Brunel University in England where the study was conducted stated that it is possible that combining the chemicals could have a synergistic effect that leads to the start of cancer growth.

Crystal Hunt said that regulators tend to only look at the cancer risk of one chemical, compound or substance at a time, but this may change the way that they approach deciding if something is safe or not. Usually an individual chemical is tested on animals in small doses that are increased incrementally until a tumor begins to develop. They then figure out the equivalent for humans and create what they consider to be a small safe dose.

However, experts now argue that chemicals especially those that are able to copycat hormones in the body can actually be even more dangerous. In addition, regulators do not test chemicals when they are mixed with each other.