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The Handy Cleaning Company for Homeowners, Business Owners and Renters

Handy is a cleaning and handyman service company that was founded back in 2012. Since its inception, it has grown to become a staple household company for millions all over the country. The main focus of the Handy corporation is helping homeowners find reliable, trusted and inexpensive professionals who can provide a range of services to help them better care for their home. Finding trusted assistance when you need your home cleaned or a problem solved can be difficult when you’re looking through a phone book. You may not necessarily know the person you’re hiring and it can become a problem if they do not provide the superior service that you expect.

When you make the decision to hire Handy, you are choosing experts who know how to connect you with reliable maids, cleaning professionals and even handymen. The Handy company has a 100% money back guarantee that is offered to every one of their clients who are not satisfied with the finished work. You can also have Handy send out another cleaning professional free of charge if the last maid didn’t clean your home or apartment to your liking. In general, Handy makes it easy to get help with the house cleaning in a responsible and convenient manner.

Handy has a website where you can sign-up for free in order to begin booking appointments so professionals can come to your home. Likewise, you can download their free app to a phone or tablet so that you have access to their booking services even while on the run. The site and app are completely free to use and it will not cost you a thing to create your own account with Handy. You can search through a range of professionals local to your area who will be able to provide the service you are looking for.

If you ever have any issues with Handy, their customer service line is available 24/7 for easy access. You can also pay electronically for all of the services rendered through your online account. This prevents the need to have cash on-hand when the maid comes to clean your home. It is a secure and safe way to have your home cleaned without needing to rely on someone you don’t necessarily know. The professionals working for Handy are insured, trusted and have some amazing customer reviews to back them up.

You will never regret hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done in your house. No one has the extra time needed to give their home a good, deep clean. Whether you’re looking to sell your house and need it to look pristine or you just have a busy and messy family, Handy makes it convenient for you to find a professional who will get to work immediately. The maids and cleaning professionals bring all of their own supplies when cleaning homes, eliminating the need for you to have to go out and spend your money on oftentimes expensive tools that you would need.