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EOS Lip Balm Rules the Sales Racks

Since 2011, the Evolution of Smooth or EOS lip balm has been causing a frenzy in the industry. From department stores giving them most of the space on the sales racks to beauty magazines like Cosmo touting the company’s virtues and their appearance in the hands of celebrities; EOS lip balm can be said to rule the sales racks!

Fast Company, the owners of EOS lip balm, created this landslide product with a startup of $250 million, and it’s now grown to be the second best in the market behind Burt’s Bees. It even has outsold old brands like Blistex and Chapstick with more than a million products a week flying off the shelves, and it’s expected to double that by 2020.

The difference that made this lip balm soar is that a study found that women were some of the biggest buyers, as they used lip balm as part of a beauty routine. Plus, they listened when the women said they wanted something they could have at their fingertips that was less likely to be lost in their purses like tubes were, and so the new shaped round container of EOS was born. (

EOS also made sure to find ways to market their product to millennial buyers, become known on social media and made an effort to sell to men as well as women.

EOS is known as the lip balm that makes you smile, and the company certainly has something to smile about with their product selling like the proverbial hotcakes since the previously unknown brand is now a household name. EOS lip balm products are available online via eBay or directly at Try it today!