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Is Russia Really Our Friend Against the Common Enemy?

The successful business man, philanthropis,t and political activist George Soros published an article on Project Syndicate regarding the role of Russia in the fight against ISIS, article short of unconventional. Many of us westerners, whether Europeans or Americans, have the believe that President Vladimir Putin is on our side in fighting the common enemy. But we are wrong.
According to Forbes billionaire George Soros, there is a plethora of evidence contradicting our views. For instance, the Russian military has for been bombing the southern and northern parts of Syria, leaving thousands of Syrian citizens homeless and in danger. Therefore, many of them have had to leave to countries like Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. And currently there are countless of Syrians out there desperate to receive admission to such countries, large immigration which would result in Europe’s collapse.

But Putin cannot fool Soro, a financial and philosophical genius. According to Soros, Russia is doing the same to us like he did to Ukraine, when he agreed to the Minsk Agreement but failed to comply. Thus, it does not matter how many speeches he makes about fighting the common enemy. His actions show otherwise, even though some of his plans failed as shown with the conflicts that he created with Turkey. Nevertheless, as long as out politicians keep hiding from us the truth, we will not win this war.

Soro argues that Russia will go into a financial crisis in 2017. Their foreign debt, combined with European Union’s sanctions and prices of oil, will make it difficult for Russia to endure such crisis. A collapse is most likely inevitable. Couple such factors with Russia’s bad GDP, which the government will have to reduce in order to prevent inflation, along with the contentious deficit of social security, the citizen’s standard of living will decline as well as Putin’s reputation.

Thus, in order for Putin’s regime to survive the European Union has to collapsed first. The European Union cannot continue to impose its sanctions on Putin’s regime while in decline, making it easier for Russia to survive. Soros mentioned Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who went to turkey in order to negotiate with the Turkish government so that the Syrian refugees could be induced to stay longer. In exchange of steady and low waves of immigration to Europe, the Turkish government could not let its refugees go to Greece. We do after all have politicians that are aware of reality. The migration crisis can destroy Europe because of its economic problems.

Soros pointed out that we should not overestimate ISIS or any group of Muslim terrorists. Although ISIS is a danger, we should be aware that Russia is a bigger threat and also be proactive about it. Soros argues that they have found what we westerners fear most, phobia which is death. They have won in making us fearful of Islam, and they are benefiting from it.

Soros is the founder and chairman of Soros Fund Managment as well as of Open Society Foundation. After being a financial analyst and hedge fund manager for decades, since the 1980s he has been a prominent philanthropist and political activist. Through his Open Society Foundation, which operates in more than 100 countries, he has donated millions of dollars to many institutions, whether academic, political, or cultural. Soros was awarded an honorary degree from Oxford University for his noble contributions to the world.