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Why Are Shared Office Space Companies Like Workville Are Essential Today?


Real estate in Manhattan is expensive for both residential properties and commercial office spaces. One response towards soaring real estate prices is to share your space with another tenant. Until recently, when shared office space companies like Workville emerged, it was significantly more challenging to find an office co-tenant than it was to find a roommate in your apartment. Workville has switched the situation and finding a tenant to share office space is easier than ever before.

Shared office spaces like Workville operate a simple business model but the benefits that accrue to their tenants are significant. Basically Workville will find a location in a building that they either own or lease from a landlord under a long-term lease agreement. They build out the space that they own or lease into an office space that has a variety of different office rooms, cubicles, and conference rooms, and they lease it out to tenants who are looking for short-term leasing options.

The office space for these shared coworking habitats tend to be located in centralized locations look modern and attractive, have professional secretaries and IT professionals to aide you, and keep carefully stocked coffee rooms. Basically, what companies like Workville are offering are professional office settings that companies can quickly and easily occupy without the long-term commitment that is needed by many landlords. For business owners and management who don’t want to find themselves spending their time managing their real estate situation rather than their business it is a big advantage.

Even larger and well established businesses will benefit from these short term office docs rentals. Sometimes a company wants to set up a small local office in a specific city before establishing a larger presence. Other times a company simply out grew their existing Office space and wants to augment it with some additional office space. For these companies a Workville office lease is a great solution that can fit into most business circumstances.

What’s more, employees tend to like the professional setting of Workville coworking spaces while customers increasingly don’t mind these small scale presences. Companies like the added flexibility and centralized locations of Workville office spaces and for these reasons their business model is excelling.