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Independent Newspaper Covers The Greyhound Diaries

The British newspaper called the Independent, has covered an incredible journey that one man has taken across his home country. That man is called Doug Levitt and his journey involves traveling hundreds of thousands of miles across the United States. His travels began in 2003 and continue to this very day. One of the culminations of his travels is a book that is titled The Greyhound Diaries which recounts his experiences traveling on a bus in first person. The diaries also contain photographs to show the places and some of the people that Levitt encountered on his journey.

Doug Levitt describes that the beginning of the Greyhound journey took place in 2004. He was living in Los Angeles, California at the time and he had volunteered to register voters in undecided areas in the 2004 presidential election for Democratic candidate John Kerry. Levitt would travel by bus to towns far and wide that were largely undecided in how they would vote in critical swing states. What began as a volunteer project to a political campaign would transform Doug Levitt and become a way of life.

Doug Levitt would see a cross section of people that were living in the United States while he traveled by bus. He would also see what is described as the forgotten underbelly of the country. This includes Neo-Nazis, former veterans, and people who have struggled to get by in a post recession economy. Levitt admits that Greyhound and buses in general are seen as the last resort of travel and that traveling by bus often carries a stigma in our society that is driven by automobiles and trucks.

One of his most memorable meetings and conversations was with a man who was just released from prison. He was a Neo-Nazi and white supremacist who had tattoos of Hitler, a swastika and the Aryan Brotherhood. The Nazi was kind to Doug Levitt who happened to be Jewish and even described how the prison system worked. He described that prisons quickly become racially segregated and that white inmates often end up becoming white supremacist while in jail. Such stories and conversations are more the norm than the exception says Levitt when traveling by bus from city to city as he does.

Doctor Jennifer Walden: Awards, Recognition And Publications That Mentioned Her

Jennifer Walden is a cosmetic surgeon that is based in Austin Texas. She has been featured in well-known publications and she has received numerous awards and recognitions. Here is more information on the awards she has received and publications she’s been mentioned in.



Doctor Walden is a leading plastic surgeon and she has been featured in publications and in the media because of her extensive experience in the industry. She is often sought by the media to offer her opinion about topics related to plastic surgery, such as the latest procedures, celebrity plastic surgery, safety concerns and more.


Some of the most popular magazines have featured Dr. Walden. These publications include Self, Glamour, Vogue and Cosmopolitan. A few of the networks that have featured her include CBS, ABC, Fox News and E!. She also makes regular appearances on local news networks in Austin.


Awards And Recognitions

Dr. Walden has received many awards and honors. These include the best scientific exhibit award by a resident or candidate and the Herman Barnett Memorial award. She’s also received a Merck Manual award. She also received The Donald P. Duncan Memorial Scholarship Award. Those are only a few of the many awards and honors she has been the recipient of.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in America. As you can see, she’s been honored with numerous awards and mentioned in various publications. If you’re interested in getting a cosmetic procedure done, then contact Dr. Walden at her office in Austin.