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Fabletics embracing reviews as a marketing tool

Technology has brought about so many changes in the economy of the world. Most of the changes are positive. Among the many changes that have come about due to improved technology, is the ability for consumers to be able to crowdsource opinions on a variety of products online. From the research that has been conducted, more than half the decisions made by consumers have been influenced by opinions and ratings that have been given online about the products they are looking to purchase. Positive ratings influence the growth of a brand while negative ratings can lead to a fall of a brand. Sales are driven by what consumers think about a product and not only by availability, price, and quality.


The companies that have a high rating index move up the scale of search engines. Once a company is among the top of search engines, more people are likely to see their product and their sales are likely to skyrocket. Similarly, negative ratings lead to decreased sales. Fabletics has conducted their research well and embraced the power of positive reviews. They are using the reviews they get from their clients to provide products that the consumers need and not what is been offered by their competitors. Through analyzing and acting on the reviews they get, they have earned top ratings on different search engines. The fact that Fabletics is climbing up the ladder using the ratings and positive reviews should be something that other companies should borrow if they want to survive in the existing competitive market base.


Kate Hudson is Fabletics’ face. As the co-founder of this company, she is constantly coming up with innovative ways to make sure the brand stays on top of its game. Kate has played a huge part in the marketing of the products that Fabletics offers its clients. She markets online and on the ground as she ensures that customers are content with their products and the services. Through the membership process, they have been able to expand their sales to unbelievable figures in a few years of operation. With a clear structured communication department, Fabletics offers their clients excellent services.


Kate Hudson leads an active lifestyle. She is easy going, focussed and has a lovable personality that makes her a good figure to represent the company. She puts her all in the company to ensure that the sales are showing an improvement as they work on empowering women. Fabletics has an online lifestyle quiz that client’s fill out in order for them to find what best suits their needs. It is an easy way for one to shop and get an active wear that fits their preferences. Fabletics is working on expanding so that they can continue been an inspiration to more women. As an actor who has never had a hand in any business operations, Kate is exceeding expectations by putting in a remarkable effort in growing Fabletics. She is excelling in business. The growth Fabletics is experiencing can be measured from so many angles, but most of all, in the partnerships they are making with famous people to support their brand including the most recent one with Demi Lovato.

EOS Which One is Your Flavor?

Evolution of Smooth is a brand of lotions and lip balms that has been becoming more and more popular as more and more celebrities are seen using them. EOS has been providing the public with an assortment of flavors and scents since 2006, and is based out of New York, New York.

EOS has many fans and many wonderful reviews on their products. They really deliver on what they say they are providing. The lip balms are smooth and creamy, with a wider application area. They come in little pods that are fun to carry around and stand out with various colors and designs.

The EOS lip balms are all 95% organic, 100% natural, paraben free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. The reason EOS lip balm uses all natural ingredients is because they provide you with the healthiest, smoothest lips.

Vanilla bean is one of the more popular flavors for its light, sweet, and creamy application. Customers love the simple flavor and aroma of this particular product.

Another one of their more popular flavor is their Sweet Mint. Many customers reported a soft tingly sensation, as well as moderately well healing properties. The taste of this lip balm is definitely as it stated, it is indeed sweet and minty.

EOS has also begun to make all of their flavors in tubes of different sizes, in case you’re not entirely fond of the pods that they first started popping up in.  Follow EOS on their page.

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If you’re looking for a lip balm that can stand out and stand up, then I would recommend looking in to EOS and their full product line.  Be sure to click on for this.

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