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Equities First Holdings And Its Securities-based Lending Is A Major Option For Businesses

For businesses, Equities First Holding is becoming a grace in getting the fiancé arrangements as the firm offers a variety of financing options for the businesses, financial houses and high net worth individuals, who are in need of non-purpose capital. The firm is known for its securities-based lending and hence have a large customer base considering any business or individual holding securities can make use of its lending options.

The firm is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and has offices in all the major financial centers including Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Perth, Geneva, and Bangkok. Considering the financial boom in the recent years in Asian markets, the firm has rapid expansion plans in the continent even while it plans to make footprints across the globe.

When it comes to the business of the firm, it is reportedly completed almost 1,000 loans or transactions until the date which disbursed $1.4 billion in total. It is a big achievement for a firm that started in 2002 and passed through the 2008 financial crisis, which hit all the major financial centers. The firm is known for providing instant loan approvals with best in market rate as possible. Another unique aspect that brings customers to Equities First Holdings is its strategy to approve up to 75 percent LTV.

The firm considers itself as a pioneer in offering loans at attractive rates on securities with great flexibility and speed. It forecasts that the future of such financial transactions is bright and it sees a double-digit growth in the next couple of decades. The firm is also good at developing customized products for its customers and ensure they get the best product choice. Its commitment has made the firm to grow quickly in case of branches and number of employees over the years.

The investment firms are the major beneficiaries of the products of Equities First Holdings. It is understandable that many of the investment firms would face liquidity crunch at times. The security-based investment firms wouldn’t have any other collateral than the securities. Considering the volatility of the market and absence of the required expertise in securities research, most of the financial institutions hesitate to offer loans on it. Equities First Holdings help the investment firms with the expertise knowledge of the market and offer loans at convenient rates by accepting securities as collateral.

Equities First Holdings is leading a revolution in the financial sector by providing specialized loans based on securities. The coming years would see more diverse and customized products from the firm.

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George Soros Equates the Economic Situation in China to that of the United States Prior the Global Crisis of 2007-2008

George Soros has managed to make a name for himself through his predictions. In the past, Soros managed to make $1 billion in terms of profit after betting that the United Kingdom would have to devalue its pound. Consequently, this led him to break the Bank of England in 1992.

Recent Prediction

Billionaire and philanthropist George Soros has yet again predicted global market crisis on similar to the one experienced in the US in 2007-2008.Unlike the 2007 global crisis, which was triggered by the United States sub-prime market, he predicts that the upcoming one will be precipitated by China’s exportation of deflation to other nations. Consequently, George Soros has indicated a resemblance of China’s current economic status with that of the United States prior the 2007-2008 global recession.

On Wednesday, Soros proclaimed at an Asia Society occasion held in New York that the growth in Chin’s credit ought to be viewed as an alert. Soros has continued to defend his betting against the Asian currency by proclaiming that the banking system in China on has fewer deposits than loans with major troubles on the liabilities side. However, Soros is positive about the foreign exchange policy made by China citing that linking the Yuan with many other currencies apart from just the dollar is a healthy move.

The Head of Asia-Pacific Sovereigns at Fitch Ratings, Andrew Colquhoun also asserted in an interview in New York that he was concerned about how China had gone back to borrowing heavily. He said this because China already has an unsustainable debt burden.
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An In-depth Look at George Soros

Apart from being a top philanthropist and renowned billionaire, George Soros is widely known for strongly airing his views and opinions on diverse global matters including, European refugee crisis as well as political matters. George Soros is a native of Budapest, Hungary in 1930. However, he had to flee his home country due to its invasion by the Nazi during the World War II. He managed to settle in England and later enrolled at the London School of Economics. Soros fortune and glory began after moving to the United States where he founded the Soros Fund Management after working and resigning from several entities.

True to his character to air his opinions, George Soros is an author who has written several materials including books and essays such as his recent one, A Better Plan for Refugees. His books include the Tragedy of the European Union, which was published in 2014.Most of his essays or articles particularly on economics, politics, and society, are published in magazines and newspapers across the globe. In addition, Soros has strongly been advocating for transparency, open society, and human rights in the world through his Open Society Foundation.

Madison Street Capital’s Nomination For The M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor recently announced the nomination of Madison Street Capital as one of the finalists of the 14th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards celebrate the contributions and achievements of leading companies and professionals while identifying excellence in financing, deal making and restructuring.
According to the publication on on October 2nd 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, Madison Street Capital received the Cross-Border Deal of the year nomination. This was as a result of their $10 MM to $25 MM improvement that recognized the role of the company in the acquisition of FabTrol Systems by AVEVA.The transaction was handled by Madison Street Capital Senior managing directors Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha.
The Chief executive officer of Madison Capital Mr Charles Botchway expressed his gratitude in the nomination. He thanked the M&A Advisor for recognizing the efforts and work that firms like Madison Capital do on behalf of clients. He said that the deal was beneficial for both AVEVA and FabTrol Sysytems.FabTrol systems who are the mainstays in the fabrication and management of software space are in tune with the product offerings of AVEVA.
The Award winners will be announced during the 14th Annual M&A Awards Gala scheduled to take place on November 17th 2015 at the New York Athletic Club. The M&A Advisor was established in 1998 as a means of giving intelligence and insights on merger and acquisitions. During the seventeen years that they have been around, they have created a premier network of M&A, Finance and Turnaround Professionals.
Madison Street Capital LLC is an investment bank that is known for its service delivery in corporate financial advisory services, valuation services, financial opinions and merger and acquisition expertise. Their commitment to excellent services, leadership and integrity is the reason they have a high portfolio. The company undertakes each project as their own and gives it the dedication and seriousness required. They transform the client’s goals as their own ensuring the success of both Madison and the portfolio client.
Madison has invested in emerging markets and other diverse sectors that they feel are the vital components that create worldwide growth of clients and businesses. These markets have a lot of potential and by investing in them Madison will regenerate more capital and profits. The offered services have seen clients make successful strides in the worldwide marketplace. This can be evidently seen in ownership transfer, increase of capital and in the merger and acquisition process.