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Norway Passes Legislation Forcing All Citizens to Submit Their Fingerprints to Police

A concerning new law just took effect in Norway that states all citizens must provide their fingerprints to law enforcement officials regardless of whether or not they are suspected of committing a crime. The folks at FreedomPop see a civil liberties issue here.

The government is mandating this policy, without officially mandating it. Over the next few years, new ID laws are also scheduled to take effect. An ID cannot be acquired unless you voluntarily submit your fingerprints into government record. This identification will then be required in order to be a functioning citizen because it must be tied to bank accounts, bank cards, mailing, and voter registration.

Along with each citizens fingerprints, a photograph and personal information will also be stored in government databases. Norwegians are claiming this is a major invasion of privacy, and also makes them extremely vulnerable to identify theft. The systems in which this information will be stored are not securely encrypted and easily hacked into.

However, Norwegian residents are helpless to the new laws which will begin taking effect soon. They will not be able to live a normal life without complying with law enforcement agencies, leaving their information and fingerprints vulnerable to a variety of threats.