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Reviewing: Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz, a hair cleansing treatment, was recently featured in a rather intriguing review article. This article covered many key-points about the product listing both the pros and cons of use.

The product was tested on a daily basis for the duration of a week. The review article goes into very honest detail about how the product works, how much to use as well as the daily results with pictures for reference. There are also YouTube video testimonials for the product.

Wen in this case was tested solely on thin hair. It was noted in the article that the product did seem to add some more volume and shine to the hair. It was also stated that it may be best to use this product in the morning opposed to using it after work or before going to bed.

There is also a suggested dosage use for the cleansing hair treatment. The product recommends quite a generous amount according to the reviewer, which can be found on the back label of the treatment bottle.

The reviewer did end with recommending the product to those with thin hair. Stating that it did in fact help with adding some extra needed shine to the hair. However, it was also said that it is best for those who prefer an early morning routine with the product.

Wen by Chaz stands strongly on their promise that their product will make your hair stronger and fuller after just one use. There are many products available through Wen by Chaz and not just a cleansing treatment.

Wen comes available on Amazon in three different scents, which helps to cater to your aroma preference. Wen uses all natural ingredients to deeply cleanse and hydrate your hair without the need to use a shampoo.

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