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FreedomPop to get U.K. Release

FreedomPop has been a growing telecom brand in the United States since 2011 when founder CEO Stephen Stokols got the company going out of Los Angeles. Since then FreedomPop has expanded their base audience, implemented new technology, and even fought off huge M&A rumors despite gigantic offers on the table. CEO Stokols is now helping to engineer an international expansion into his home, the U.K. according to The Telegraph. The next year or so will be instrumental in terms of how FreedomPop will develop and it could be so good that they turn into a household name all across Europe and the United States.

What FreedomPop on itunes does, essentially, is offer a free cell phone plan to anyone who wants to subscribe to their service. For the U.K. expansion base users will get a free 200 text, 200 minutes of talk, and 200 MB of data for only the price of the limited start up fees. After this initial investment subscribers only ever need to dish out their own cash if they pass their 200/200/200 threshold or opt to expand their service with some of the other subscription services that are available. The core FreedomPop package, which is completely free, is essentially the same service as a basic paid phone plan in the U.K.

This expansion will serve to further push FreedomPop into the global marketplace as they are also launching a service in Southeast Asia. Before the launch, however, CEO Stephen Stokols will head to the U.K. and to the board at BT in order to attempt to secure some much needed hotspot networking. BT owns 5 million hotspots across the U.K. and they could be efficient in networking the FreedomPop grid all across the country.

FreedomPop is an odd company in that they don’t charge anyone up front for anything. CEO Stokols claims that they only need 50% of their subscribers to expand upon their base plans in order to become ‘cash positive’ and that number checks out with some other cited statistics. Stokols pointed out that only 50% of American phone owners ever expand upon their base plan, as well. With one million total subscribers in America and a rumored 250,000 interested in the U.K service it looks like these numbers will be checking out.

CEO Stephen Stokols turned down a huge offer to sell FreedomPop earlier in the year. With investment capital in hand it seems like we are about to see his gamble pay off.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort: Discover one of nature’s beauties.


Located just west of the breathtaking Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley Ski is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. This amazing resort also has a place in history, due to hosting the 1960’s Olympics. Squaw Valley is also home to the only funitel in the US. With thirty chairlifts, and 3,600 acres it is no wonder why this resort draws 600,000 skiers a year.
The aerial tram rides are a wonderful way to take in all the beauty and wonder the resort has to offer. This 1.5-mile long tram, gives skiers a quick lift from Base Camp at 6200 feet elevation all the way up to High Camp at 8200 feet in elevation.

Up in the mountains of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, skiers can expect snow fall averages 450 inches of beautiful white powder. This ski resort offers one of the longest ski seasons for tubing, skiing, snowboarding even dog sledding. The summer time is also a great time to visit with great deals and rates. There is also free croquet, hiking, concerts and other summer activities to enjoy.

Squaw Valley offers large and lovely rooms with fireplaces and large beds. The resort has rooms for just one couple and goes up to a three bedroom, three bathroom suits for up to six guests. 

Squaw Valley’s CEO Andy Wirth, is also the President of the large and luxurious resort and a chair on the Reno airport board. Having spent over twenty years in hotel and hospitality industry, Andy Wirth came to Squaw Valley with lots of experience in his background. 

Andy Wirth’s life has had some adventure in the past. He suffered a major injury to his right arm during a skydiving accident. The trouble began on his descent when his chute opened and he became disoriented. This confusion caused him to miss his approach and he instead landed in a nearby vineyard. Things only got worse when he saw that his right arm was tangled in some steel posts and wires that held up the grapevines. Wirth was a former trained rescue medic and knew from the amount of blood he was losing that he might not make it if he did not calm himself.  Wirth claims that had it not been for the song, “Breathe” by the lead singer of Pearl Jam; Eddie Vedder he might not be alive. Thinking of the lyrics to the song helped to find peace while he waited for help to arrive.  Today he is back at work, making sure Squaw Valley is still the best resort in the area.