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Fortress Investment Group’s Two Decades Marked by Success

Fortress Investment Group has become acknowledged in the global market after years of hard work. The institution came in the market because of the effort put by Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman. The three leaders formed a strong team that remained focused in its mission, and the rest has been history. Rob Kauffman left this company in the year 2002, leaving the management activities of the firm on the hands of the other executives. Peter Briger joined this organization in top decision making, and the firm has forged ahead despite the changes that have been hitting the market. All the founders of the organization are fortunate to have very deep financial expertise. All of them have served in different capacities in global companies gaining experience to handle the tough challenges that present themselves. The first goal of Fortress Investment Group when it came into the global market was to offer a modern alternative asset strategy that would meet customer demands. The fund grew very fast after its introduction, something everyone did not expect. The first five years proved to be quite challenging for the founders of the firm, but they did not lose hope. All of them chose to remain committed to their goal. Fortress Investment Group has assets that are valued at over thirty-two billion at the moment.

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Success comes to the people who work hard for it. Fortress Investment Group leaders have made their company successful through the hard way. Most of them sacrificed time and their own resources to ensure that their company was operating well, meeting the government regulations and customer demands. Randal Nardone was asked to take on the role of chief executive officer in the year 2013, and surprisingly, things started to improve for the better. The trained lawyer signed numerous contracts for the firm, but one of the best happened last year. The company was successfully sold to SoftBank Group. The top executives of the two institutions put in their efforts to make their dreams achievable. The financial details of the transactions were announced, and the firms said that they were happy to come together. The primary goal of the acquisition is to make the provision of investment services better.



Tim Armour, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of Capital Group

Tim Armour serves as the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and Equity Portfolio Manager of Capital Group.

Tim Armour’s Commentary on Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy

Tim Armour made a commentary about the investment strategy of Warren Buffet via CNBC. One million dollars was wagered by Warren Buffet for a charitable event to attain better returns on investment. According to Warren, there are many expensive and mediocre funds that led to the shortchanging of various investors. Tim Armour supports the idea of Warren to purchase and hold simple investments for long-term periods at lower costs.

When it comes to down markets, index funds do not provide cushion against them. According to an online survey that was done in 2016, approximately only 1200 investors knew that index funds expose them to 100% losses and volatility during downturns of the markets. Mr. Buffett has a liking towards the investment approach of bottom-up which has been classified as durable when it comes to analyzing a company’s portfolio over the years and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour’s Advice For Investors To Find Active Managers Who Earn Their Keep.

Based on extensive mutual fund research , investors require two filters when identifying and searching for exceptional fund managers, namely: subsidized costs and high manager ownership. Foundations are likely to yield better investment returns and Warren Buffet strongly advises American citizens to use investments as a method of preparation for retirement and more information click here.

Tim Armour Named Chairman

On July 2015, Tim Armour was named as Chairman of Capital Group which is the largest and leading investment firm for funds in the world and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Tim Armour’s Career Background

Tim Armour’s career began at the Associates Program for Capital Group as an active participant. Before attaining the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer title, Mr. Armour was an Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group. During that period, he was responsible for the global communication at the esteemed company. Tim has about 32 years of experience in the investment fund industry which is majorly attributed to his time at Capital Group. Tim obtained a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Economics from the Middlebury College.

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Highland Capital Management Expects a Better Performance from Senior Loan ETF after relisting it on NASDAQ

Highland Capital Management is a center of alternative investment. The company oversees structured investment, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds. The investment capital put its money in fixed income, international public equity, and hedging markets with special attention to structured products, leveraged loans, and high yield stocks. In 2014, Highland Capital that operates out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas announced that it was in charge of nearly $18.7 million of assets. Highland Capital Management manages closed-end funds that include Highland Distressed Opportunities and Highland Credit Strategy Fund. It finalized the CLO Value Fund 1 back in 2010.


Highland relists its Senior Loan ETF


After relisting its Senior Loan ETF, executives in charge of managing Highland Capital visited the Times Square-headquartered Nasdaq Market site for celebration purposes. Highland’s subdivision, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisor (HCMFA), oversees the performance and strategic direction of the Senior Loan ETF. CIO Mark Okada of Highland had a privilege of ringing the Closing Bell in honor of the event.


Social Media


Clients and other followers of both Nasdaq and Highland can access multimedia features, including status update, exclusive content, video, and photos of the ceremony on Nasdaq’s Facebook, YouTube Channel, Twitter, Website, Tumblr, and Instagram.


What is NASDAQ?


NASDAQ is a global provider of exchange technology, information, listing, trading, and public firm business services. The market site serves almost all countries throughout the six continents. It leverages its extensive portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to help clients in planning, enhancing, and implementing their unique business ideas with confidence. It uses technologies that offer intelligence and transparency for overcoming the challenges presented by the current global capital markets.


Highland’s leadership


Highland Capital Management has become a trusted vendor of alternative investment management services due to efforts of its talented and proficient leaders. These executives collaborate in coming up with innovative ideas and implementing them. Co-founder James Dondero ensures the daily operations of the firm are running smoothly. Co-founder Mark Okada handles investment matters of the company. Brad Ross and Michael Gregory are in charge of HCMFA and Highland Alternate Investors respectively. These leaders have made Highland Capital a reputable investment manager that gives back.