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George Soros, the billionaire supporting Democrats

George Soros is one of the people you hear stories of and think they are a fairy tale. He is a Hungarian by birth who fled to London to take himself through school. George worked two jobs in order to afford his school fee for the London School of Economics. After completing his studies, he moved to New York in such of a career path and read full article. He began by working for Wall Street before gaining the relevant experience to start his own hedge fund which was worth 12 million dollars. The hedge fund underwent rebranding later and became the Quantum Fund. In the early 1990s, he joined forces with Stan Druckenmiller to bet against the British Pound and they came out of it with unheard profit margins. George also began his own Soros Fund Management where he has hired several experts in investment portfolios. George Soros is not an arm to arm supporter of President Donald Trump.

To date, George Soros is a renowned manager of a hedge fund who is a billionaire. He has been known to be part of the small circle of very wealthy people in the world. He supports a lot of liberal movements in the United States through his funding. He has truly earned the art of investing in unstable markets and earning huge profits from them. This has been evident in the betting he placed against the British pound and when he invested during the financial crisis of Asia. From rags to riches, George Soros is currently worth 25 billion dollars. George Soros is a great supporter of democratic reforms globally. He has donated millions of shillings towards these reforms.

Politically, George supported the Democratic Party in 2004. Additionally, he has given out funds to support the Democratic Party during the recent election period where Hillary Clinton was a candidate. Soros founded the Open Society Foundation to assist in the implementation of social justice in the community. According to the data shared, they have spent more than 1.6 billion dollars in development in the Eastern part of Europe. Additionally, 1.5 billion dollars has been spent on reforms such as criminal justice, immigration assistance and governance that is geared towards democracy. George Soros has given out funds conservatively to the Democrats to assist them in pushing the courses they stand for and Follow his

As much as a couple of people have gone ahead to diminish and spoil George’s name, the evidence clearly points towards his philanthropy and giving nature. George Soros has a keen eye for the economy and is constantly investing in it. George continues to donate huge sums of money in support of the Democrats. To him, it is simply a gesture of supporting the party he believes in just like any other rich investor and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

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