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Clearabee is a Good Rubbish Removal Service to Choose

Most of us have the uncanny habit of letter clutter build up. Whether it’s our home or workplace letting clutter pile up is not a good idea. It is best to de-clutter any area that contains items of no use. This includes that garage or storage space you own that is full of rubbish you’ve taken from other areas. You can never be completely rubbish free until you get rid of the junk in these places as well.


I know what you’re thinking. But removing all the junk from my home and workplace is very time consuming. I know firsthand how long it can take to get rid of all the junk you’ve allowed to accumulate over the years. However, there is a simple solution to this dilemma you’re facing. Hire a rubbish removal service.


A rubbish removal service will get rid of that heap of junk you have sitting around collecting dust at at relatively affordable price. Clearabee has been proven to be more cost effective than do it yourself rubbish clearance. In addittion, a rubbish removal service will completely de-clutter your cluttered area quick, fast, and in a hurry, saving you precious time to focus on more important things.


a good rubbish removal service is Clearabee. Clearabee is the UK’s largest on-demand waste management company. With Clearabee you are definitely in good hands. As its website reads, it is tried, tested, and trusted. Its flexible man and van approach allows clients to set the time, place, and day they want their rubbish removed.


Clearabee was founded five years ago by Rob Linton and Daniel Long. The company launched its “in house” rubbish removal service a year later.


Clearabee on Facebook is great, check out this amazing rubbish removal service!

London Rail Passwords Revealed in Epic Snafu

There’s a reason why the security geek at the office tells you not to write down passwords and attach them to the computers you work on. Sensitive login credentials at the London rail were exposed in a BBC documentary this week. They were written down and put on a monitor in a control room.

A screen shot containing the login details has been circulating around the internet ever since the documentary aired. They appear to be used to control a signaling system used for incoming traffic at the Waterloo terminal.

The entire documentary, titled Nick and Margaret: The Trouble with Our Trains, is available on YouTube. The title of the documentary itself seems to eerily foreshadow the major security snafu. El Reg is credited for first discovering the mishap and quickly reported it to the London rail so that the passwords could be changed and further security measures might be implemented.

This isn’t the first time important security information has been carelessly exposed. Brian Torchin has been keeping up with the story through Google Plus. Pictures of the Duke of Cambridge at an RAF station were published that contained login details. Even Super Bowl XLVIII suffered from a slip-up that exposed wireless network passwords used by the security crew.

You would think that security audits would be in place to prevent this type of thing from happening. It really makes you wonder who’s in charge of security for these organizations.