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Urbana Cares About More Than Sports

There is a GoFundMe fundraiser being run by Jon Urbana right now that is all about supporting a cause that he feels passionately about. All money goes straight to Denver’s Earth Force, a noble cause that we should all get behind.

There are many things that Urbana loves in life and feels that he should be doing, and one of those things is covered in a video that pushes the idea of caring for the earth.

Jon, in a Facebook statement, stated that he knows that everyone has to be doing their part if they want things to go well for the environment, so he has set up his fundraiser to help everyone to see how important it is to be doing what is best for the earth. Follow Jon on Twitter to help him raise funds for the cause.

Jon Urbana has cared about the aviation world for a long time, which culminated in an esteemed FAA award.

He has also felt passionate about lacrosse for a very long time, and as Next Level Lacrosse Camp’s creator, he used his connections in the lacrosse world to hire an all-star staff filled with successful pro and amateur players.

He loved his career as a professional athlete, but his life is even more fulfilling now that he’s grown Ellipse USA into a viable player in the Denver area.

With an investor deck available to the public at Slideshare, everyone can see Ellipse’s plans for growth and how they expect to get there.

Urbana is now all about helping out all of the young people who come to his camp, and all about helping the earth to be well cared for, and he is happy with that. If his Instagram activity is any sign, his followers are happy as well.

Urbana wants everyone to know that showing care for the environment matters, and he is trying his hardest to make that happen. You can help too. Even if you don’t have much to spend, you can get the details on his website at

This fundraiser is something that we feel truly passionate about, and when people see that they are sure to gain a great deal of respect for him. They will realize that he is a man who cares about a lot more than just sports, and that should leave them feeling greatly inspired.

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Let Anastasia Help You To Find Love

Why does love have to have a certain face on it? Many people feel that if a man is looking for love, he should go to his local church, or go to a nice gathering place, and he’ll be able to find the right woman. The fact is, there is no ideal place for any man to find a woman because many great love stories have started in some of the oddest places. Some men have been able to find their ideal mate while driving down the street, and others have been able to find a great woman by going to the drugstore. Since love can happen anywhere and anytime, there’s nothing wrong with searching in different places for love.

Anastasia date is a different place to search for love, and it’s a great website for those who want to find love in another country. It’s completely possible for two people that are from different backgrounds to fall in love with each other because this happens all the time. A man from the United States can possibly fall in love with a great woman from the Ukraine, all they need is the Anastasia Date platform where they can communicate with each other. It can be expensive to call overseas regularly, so using an online dating platform may be the most economical way to meet someone from overseas.

Anastasia date is a great place for people to talk with one another when they are trying to get to know each other. A man can easily find a great woman who is in an overseas location, and they can start off by casually talking. The anastasia date website offers texting, video chatting and more, which can help to blossom any relationship. If the man feels that the woman is the one he wants to court, then it’s completely up to him where the relationship will go from there.

Dating can be extremely fun on the Anastasia website, and many have been able to find love through the use of the website. Instead of constantly looking for women in local areas, there is nothing wrong with being open minded and searching in another country for love. If a man is open minded enough to look for love in places that he normally wouldn’t choose to look, he may be surprised at what he finds when he searches through the Anastasia Date website. Love can be any and everywhere, and Anastasia date can help anyone to find the love they’re looking for. Follow them on Twitter for special deals.