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Magnises Connects the Trending Millennials Thanks to Billy McFardland

The trendy social scene creates its own agenda, and in especially in large cities, millennials look for front rows seats at concerts and sporting events, no-hassle waiting in line at premier clubs and the places with the best food when the clubs close.

This group is one step beyond the average as they typically have good jobs and they enjoy going out, so they have no worries about the cost of their lifestyle. Billy McFarland is connecting those who prefer this exciting social life with his trending social group called Magnises.

In 2013, Billy founded Magnises, and then released a black card last year to unite the whole experience. It is becoming a hot club in NYC with 80 percent of its members between the ages of 24-35 and will follow in Washington DC and San Francisco. He sees Magnises in every major city in the U.S.

Founding Magnises has made Billy McFarland one of the youngest entrepreneurs in NYC, but this is just what he does. At 25 now, when he was 13, he designed his first online company while going to high school. The company connected his clients to designers. When he was 19, he founded Spling, which is an online company that attracted clients such as Discovery and Universal.

As CEO and founder of Spling, McFarland designed the company to transform URLs from text to graphic images, and he is still acting CEO for Spling, but he is excited about his new company, Magnises.

Presently, there are over 10,000 members who have the Magnises black card. This card acts as a membership card and has a $250 annual membership fee. The card is not a financial card, but the member can relay the existing information from a credit card, and use it anywhere. The card connects the user to the latest openings and events, fashion hot spots and other information like directions or impromptu gatherings.

Billy is also busy creating an app for his members, which should be out soon. Magnises is not for everybody, but for those who want in – it is a spectacular way to enjoy your time away from work.