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How Roseann Bennett Applies The Knowledge Being A Therapist To Her Own Life

Roseann Bennett is a family and marriage therapist with over 10 years of experience in the industry. She has helped all manners of people make lasting improvements to their lives and relationships. Roseann Bennett began her career as an in-home therapist and is now the founder of the Center for Assessment and Treatment. This is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated to helping people and families of all backgrounds with a focus on people who have been either marginalized or disenfranchised. She founded this organization in 2010 in New Jersey and since that time it has helped hundreds of patients.


She says that between operating the Center for Assessment and Treatment, taking care of her family, and engaging in self-care she is perpetually busy. Roseann Bennet says that she has a strong work ethic which means getting up early and going straight to work on her home pc. Her workday is comprised of seeing patients, communicating with employees, and solving problems as they arise. She says she is pretty well worn out at the end of each workday and regards her work ethic as both a flaw and as one of her best assets.


At her organization Roseann Bennett is responsible for leading the company and providing its direction. The also is responsible for coordinating the different programs it offers and its other activities. She and her team develop programs that are designed to meet the needs of the people in their community. She is also responsible for managing the budget and making sure all of the accounting is in order. Finally, she maintains her own caseload of patients that she sees. Go To This Page for more information.


As a professional, wife, and parent Roseann Bennett knows firsthand how difficult it can be to maintain balance in life between all of the demands of things that need time and attention. She says that she has gotten better at this over the years through experience. She figured out that her number one priority needs to be maintaining her own mental wellbeing. By doing so she is much better equipped to get everything else in life properly lined up and managed.


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