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Dr. Johanan Rand Endorses Bio-Identical Hormones

Estrogen and Progesterone deserve attention when it comes to women’s health care as Menopause and Peri-Menopause conditions and symptoms are widely known. These two hormones begin declining by twenty-five percent in woman between thirty-five and fifty years old. A hormonal imbalance is caused by the rapid decrease during menopause resulting in several symptoms that are unpleasant and increased vulnerability to things such as depression, various cancers, osteoporosis and heart disease.

There are numerous studies showing the woman are protected against the dangers of aging when Progesterone and Estrogen are in balance (Northnewjerseyhcg). Women were healthier and felt better in post menopause when they had Bio-Identical hormones to replace and balance the decreased hormones. Aging is the result of declining hormones, this is not widely known so we do not realize how much hormones benefit us until we begin to lose them. Replacing the missing hormones with Bio-Identical hormones will help to keep you feeling younger and protect you from diseases and memory disorders.

Men need hormone replacements for things such as testosterone as they begin aging. It is important to remember that synthetic hormones which are alerted chemically are not something the body recognizes. Bio-Identical hormones match the natural hormones in the body.

Dr. Johanan Rand does not prescribe or recommend treatment that he cannot back up with an article or medical journal. He exclusively practices peer review medicine. Rand founded New Jersey’s Healthy Aging Medical Centers. His is doctor of rehabilitation, physical medicine and a physiatrist. Dr. Rand trained at New York’s Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Dr. Johanan Rand not only takes care to listen to the concerns of his patients he is currently writing a book entitled “It’s not too late to live past 100.” He also presents evidents that supports the use of bio-identical hormones. He takes pride in helping patients reach the goals set for thier health.