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How medical imaging technology is giving us a look into psychology of charity

The notion of charity is something that has been in our society since the beginning. Every significant culture and civilization had some amount of charity built in. What’s interesting is how consistent this is despite the notion that charity Austin leaves you with fewer resources to protect you and yours. This phenomenon is even more noteworthy as modern research has shown us that in many cases charity for complete stranger or charity group can elicit a much greater reaction than gifts of charity to one’s own friends and family.

We have always known there was a warm fuzzy feeling associated with giving, but we have never been quite able to figure out why. Thanks to Jorge Moll and his research at the D’Or Insitute of Research and Education, we finally have a greater understanding. At the institute Jorge Moll and his colleagues were able to use magnetic resonance imaging technology scan the brains of willing participants while asking them to sing about charitable activities in a variety of circumstances.

The results of Jorge Moll’s test were conclusive and statistically significant. When the scans or later review reviewed they found that fronto–mesolimbic networks in the human mind triggered and were active for an extended period of time when thinking about these charitable activities. What’s even more interesting is the fact that this mesolimbic reward system was engaged by donations in a similar fashion to how the brain would react when receiving a monetary reward. It truly seems as though within our minds giving is just as good as receiving when it comes to charity (Interview).

This reward system is not wholly understood, but it still provides for the great degree of insight into just what we can do to better our lives and the lives of others. Jorge Moll’s research indicates that we shouldn’t afraid to solicit charity or ask for help, even if you don’t absolutely need it. In many cases, people are happy to give just as we are happy to receive, and by facilitating this mutualistic culture we can achieve a greater degree of Happiness through community (