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NYC Is Opening Its Doors to Chinese Home Buyers

NYC real estate is drawing buyers from China. From the Bronx to Brooklyn and from Harlem to Manhattan, the buyers are coming thanks to Town Residential’s presentation at the first United States Real Estate Showcase & Forum in Shanghai. Believing that if you own an apartment in New York City your life is a success, the Chinese are scouring the boroughs in search of a perfect property to fit their budgets. Their searches are in the $800,000 up to two million dollar price range, and with New York’s clean up, and safer streets making the city’s market more attractive, the word is spreading throughout China and the world.

In New York City, transparency and regulation help draw the Chinese buyers because in China, the market is not as open and protected. The Chinese are bringing in heavy cash reserves because financing is harder to acquire for foreigner buyers. Across the world real estate prices rise and fall, but they hold firm in New York City, which is a big draw to foreign buyers. The outlying boroughs are a big draw, and they offer more for the buyer’s money than prime Manhattan properties. The Chinese are buying older buildings in many cases, and they are really turning them into something special.

City real estate developers met with city officials to discuss the new market opportunities, and talk wandered to their idea of dream homes. Andrew Heilberger, founder and CEO of Town Residential said his dream home is the space occupied by Taylor Swift at the Franklin Square properties. Town Residential specializes in luxury real estate with Citi Habitats. Buttonwood Development, Twenty Exchange, the Charles and the ICON as model developments. Town Residential’s success in the market is due to Mr. Heilberger’s policies of transparency and communication with their clients. His staff is easy to contact, and they are even available via social media, and Mr. Heilberger emphasizes his policies on transparency and communications start with him then move down through the company. Town Residential’s sales stand at $960,000,000 in New York City Market making them a leader in the New York City real estate industry. While real estate prices fluctuate across the globe, Mr. Heilberger believes that the real estate market in NYC is solid.

Some Beautiful Places Are Available In New York City Real Estate

No one said that finding a new place was easy, especially in a city like New York City, but if you hire the right real estate agent, moving may be easier than you ever thought. A real estate agent can take on the task of looking for your new home, and you’d be surprised as to what homes are available in New York City. When it comes to moving in New York City, many people move there because of the luxuries that the city has to offer. It’s not everywhere that you can go to find valet parking in front of an apartment building. You may also be hard-pressed to find a great view of the city as well from a balcony in a great condo.

No matter what type of NYC luxury real estate you’re looking for a New York City, your real estate agent can accommodate you. Town Real Estate is an agency that has helped many people discover the wonders that New York City has to offer, especially when it comes to finding a new home. Finding a home is something that’s very important, especially if you plan to live there for many years. Whether you’re buying or leasing a home in New York City, your Town Real Estate agent can help you to find the perfect home that will make you proud.

Just imagine that you have a home that you love go to every night, and the place is so spacious that you can even entertain friends and family members who may visit you. Many people would love to have a great home that they can be proud of in New York City, but in certain cases, it’s necessary to find the right real estate agent to get you into these homes. Town Real Estate has some exclusive listings that can only be found through their company. The apartments may be large in size, spacious, and many of them have some great amenities. In order to find your next place to call home, just tell your real estate agent what you’re looking for.

If you want to live in a certain part of New York City, you can relay this information to your agent. Whatever amenities you’re looking for should also be relayed to your agent as well. If you want valet parking outside of your building, and you prefer to live in a high-rise, then this information is pertinent for your agent to help you find a new home. It’s not terribly hard to find a great home in New York City, but you’ll need the right real estate agent. Town Real Estate not only has great agents with a lot of knowledge, but they can help you to find the perfect place to call home.