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Dr. Greg Finch; Australian Spine Surgeon Expert

There are four common types of orthopedic surgery and they are; spine surgery, ACL reconstruction, total joint, and total hip replacement. Joint replacement can be needed when there is severe arthritis in the joints which are replaced with plastic or metal to give a patient better movement and less pain. A shoulder replacement is much like a joint replacement; however the procedure involves replacing the cartilage and bone to give a patient better movement. Spine surgery can be tricky, and usually the procedure most commonly used is a Spinal Fusion, which fuses vertebrae together allowing pain to lesson and less stretching on the nerves. ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the process of stabilizing the ligament of the knee. A surgeon will replace torn ligaments with using the patient’s own tissue or from a donor, and screwed in place. As time goes by and the knee starts to heal, bone tunnels will allow the new tissue to fill in, making the ligament secure.


Dr. Greg Finch is an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Australia, who is currently working at The Sunshine Coast Private Hospital and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. Dr. Greg got his start by getting his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Medicine in 1991, at the University of Auckland and went on to get a FRACS in Orthopedic Surgery from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. FRACS stands for Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and it only awarded to those surgeons that qualify and who have completed several years of meticulous surgical training, successfully. Dr. Greg Finch spent two years of his life working with the world leaders in spinal surgery in the UK, US, and Germany. While he is trained in all aspects of surgery, his interest is in the non-evasive spinal surgery.


Dr. Greg Finch continues his work, and is highly recognized for it. He has worked in some of the most acclaimed medical institutions in Australia like the Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the Royal Perth Hospital. He not only is a spine surgeon, but is also works with organizations such as the North American Spine Society and the Spine Society of Australia as a member, and also a fellow of the Australian Orthopedic Association.