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Good-Bye Ebola

It seems like the Ebola scare is now over, but what can be learned from all of the hysterics that were demonstrated when Americans thought that the country would be overrun by a deadly disease? The¬†Ebola¬†virus is one that crept into the United States, but there were some who didn’t find it as a shock because of the air travel to a country that is riddled with the disease.

This wasn’t the case, but it created a panic. One of my LinkedIn connections is a top influencer and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and travel. And Sergio Gutierrez offers what I think most would agree to be practical advice on the Ebola scare and going forward, suggesting that we as a society take more control and not listen to every single report made, and to confirm the facts before jumping to conclusions about a disease, or anything else for that matter. I really like this guy.