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DeVos Family’s Tuition-Free Aviation High School

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter high school that is also tuition-free. At the academy, teens learn about various aspects of aviation such as its history, recognizing various types of aircraft, as well as cover literature about these topics.

Other classes cover aviation math, physiology, maintenance technology, and business. There are also classes about unmanned aerial systems, remote control aircraft, and civil air patrol.

In the aviation science program, students learn fundamentals needed for flight training. Juniors at this high school get enrolled in private pilot ground school, with the aim to of passing FAA’s Private Pilot Knowledge Examination.

Those who pass this exam get access to school’s Cessna 172s, and embark on flight training in their senior year. The seniors continue with academic classes involving such areas of aviation as Instrument Flights and other advanced aviation classes.

There’s also aerospace engineering program where students learn engineering principles with hands-on practice. This program operates under partnership with Eastern Michigan University.

This flight academy was established with the aim of preparing young people for various careers in the aviation industry. Unlike most high schools, this schools covers specialist topics with real hands-on experience.

The West Michigan Aviation Academy was founded in 2010 by Dick DeVos and Betsy DeVos. Mr. Devos has also founded Windquest Group, which is a private enterprise and investment management company based in Michigan. The company concentrates on projects in such industries as technology, manufacturing, and hospitality.

In addition, he’s co-chair of the Grand Action committee, a nonprofit organization that seeks downtown buildings for revitalization projects. Mr. Devos had also served on the Michigan State Board of Education.

Dick and Betsy DeVos also run DeVos Family Foundation and the American Federation for Children. Mrs. DeVos is also involved with the Republican Party and other activities related to business and charity work.