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America’s greatest investor, George Soros

George Soros is one of the most recognized authors, Philanthropist, investor, business magnate and successful politician. He hails from, Hungary, in the United States of America. In May 2017, Soros was announced by the Forbes magazine amongst richest and successful people worldwide.

Soros went through London schools of Economics and worked there as a railway porter. He later became the writer of that particular school and then moved to merchant bank as a finance officer. This is where it all started. Georges started learning on how to invest in his life. In 1969, George established his own hedge fund in the Wall Street of New York City. For many years down the line, George invested in his own business that gave him a lot of income.

So far, this successful investor of the United States of America is the founder or Chief Executive officer of Soros Fund management. However, George did not run this business for long. He handed it over to Dawn Fitzpatrick to take care of it. Fitzpatrick is also a successful woman in Wall Streets.

George Soros political views

George is not only a successful person but also a responsible politician. He is a donor to many politicians in the United States of America. In 2003 election cycle of USA, Soros donated millions of money to the tax-exempt group. This money was meant to support strong and progressive infrastructure in America. Hit for more reading.

Needy children and widows have benefited a lot from George’s investment and success in life. He has supported these children by paying their school fees and ensuring that they have what to eat. America recognizes George as a true donator of money to where it is required.  Click for additional article.


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In early 2017, George Soros was announced as the 19th richest person worldwide. He is net worth $25.2 billion. He is also in the list of 400 wealthiest Americans. His relationship with Donald Trump resulted to a loss of 1 million US dollars.   Check for additional reading.

Georg’s greatest philanthropy is funding black needy children from Africa in particular



Adam Milstein Receives Recognition for His Philanthropic Works


When Adam Milstein and his wife Gila established the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000, they did so because of their strong zeal to impact on the lives of young Jewish professionals. At that point, they had realized that the young generation had lost touch with their culture and they felt the need to reignite it. They knew they had embarked on a philanthropic journey that was going to be a lifetime job. It never occurred to Adam that close to two decades later, he would be honored for his remarkable influence.


When the list of the top 200 leading philanthropists based on their social media influence was released, Adam was probably going on with his daily activities, unaware of the honor he was about to receive. Being No.187 alongside other prominent personnel like Bill and Melinda Gates, Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey among others is not something to be taken for granted.


Milstein feels honored to have been part of the list as he belies that his philanthropic work is a crucial part of his life. In his message after the award, he was keen to thank his wife, the IAC and all organizations that agreed to partner with him in making a difference.


Adam Milstein’s early life

Born in 1950, Adam Milstein spent his early years like any other Israeli child. At age 21, he enrolled into the Israeli Defense Forces for his mandatory service. After Adam had left the service, he went to the Israeli Institute of Technology; where he undertook a Bachelor’s in business and economics. While in college, he helped his father run their real estate construction company. He graduated in 1978. After finishing his degree, Milstein started working as a sales agent in a commercial real estate firm. His quest for education was later to lead him into enrolling for a master’s degree in Business Administration which he attained in 1983.


Adam is a family man, having married his wife Gila in 1974. By the time the couple moved to the U.S, they already had two children. Their third daughter was born after they relocated. Today, they have one granddaughter and two grandsons; who they live with in Encino, CA.



Adam Milstein Shares Advice And His Experiences With Entrepreneurial Blog Ideamensch

Ideamensch has had some interesting people that they’ve interviewed on their blog, and recently they sat down with entrepreneur and philanthropist Adam Milstein to find out more about his work and experience. Adam Milstein has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years doing work both as a broker and as Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a company that leases and sells commercial, multi-family residential and industrial properties to clients and has holdings in California, Texas and Illinois. Milstein is also the founder of the Milstein Foundation and on the board of several Israeli public policy organizations.


According to what he told Ideamensch, Adam Milstein helped start Hager Pacific Properties because he believed he could do better than the jobs being offered to him while he was attending grad school. Milstein gets ideas that nobody else has accomplished and works until he has turned them into reality. Milstein believes that a good way to get things done is not to get caught up in specific goals, but to do the best you can in the moment and have patience in business. Milstein’s partner and friend, David Hager has been the most influential person in his work as someone who is, as Milstein says a man with a deep knowledge of world economics and a great thinker.


Adam Milstein was born and raised in Israel to two parents who both migrated to the nation when it was first established in 1948. His father became a building framer after fighting in the war of independence, and Adam would follow in his footsteps when he came of age and joined the Israeli army. He fought in the Yom Kippur War of 1973 and then married Gila Elgrably soon after returning home. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Technion Institute of Technology and completed his MBA at USC in 1981. He helped found Hager Pacific Properties not long after that and then established the Milstein Foundation in 2000. He has spoken at various Jewish forums that have been hosted by AIPAC, and is the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also made the list of the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews in 2016.