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End Citizens United Tackle The Role Of Paul Ryan In The Tax Reform Bill Vote

End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller believes the middle-class families of the U.S. are under threat like never before because of the 2017 Tax Reform Bill which has been described by the PAC as a major issue for the people of the nation. The role of Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan in creating and passing the Tax Reform Bill has been highlighted by End Citizens United as one of the major reasons for the success of the action and shown how the Wisconsin-based politician is seeking to place the needs of his political donors above those of the middle-class families he represents in the state.

Perhaps the biggest name on the End Citizens United “Big Money 20” list which also included Texas Senator Ted Cruz among those who have placed the needs of their billionaire donors ahead of their constituents, Paul Ryan has been described by Tiffany Muller of failing the people of Wisconsin. End Citizens United reports the Tax Reform Bill will have the effect of raising taxes for over half of U.S. citizens by 2027 if it continues its passage to become law.

One of the main reasons given for Paul Ryan being named to the “Big Money 20” list was the fact he has accepted around $4.3 million from Wall Street companies and individuals to further their own needs. The state of Wisconsin has a large number of working-class and middle-class families who are being ignored by Speaker Ryan in favor of those who provided the Republican with more than $130,000 in funding in return for his support of the Tax Reform Bill. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller explained her own view the people of Wisconsin and the U.S. as a whole were being let down by Speaker Ryan in many different ways as he pushed forward the needs of his own wealthy donors from Wall Street.

The Tax Reform Bill stands as a sign of the changing face of U.S. politics, in the view of the leaders of the End Citizens United PAC who are fighting to bring a sense of fairness back to the democratic process. The fact the top one percent of the U.S. economy will receive the largest chunk of tax cuts offered in the bill shows the major power in American politics is no longer with the majority but located in the heart of the wealthiest political donors. Operating as a traditional PAC means End Citizens United does not do the bidding of the political elite but is instead looking to reverse the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision that changed the face of election financing.

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George Soros Donates Eighteen Million Dollars to the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is a household name in the United States and other parts of the world. The billionaire has been living in the United States for several decades, and he has transformed the lives of many individuals through his foundation, known as the Open Society Foundation. Many people know George Soros because of his liberal causes, and this is why he commands a lot of respect from all communities in the world. The billionaire has recently earned the title for the greatest philanthropist in the world after giving over eighteen billion dollars of his wealth to the famous Open Society Foundation  and read full artilce.

According to his portfolio, the businessman decided to start his philanthropy more than thirty years ago when he established the Open Society Foundation. Under his leadership, the institution started its noble causes when it offered its help by giving out scholarships to several black South Africans who were under the oppression of white people. The main aim of assisting the Africans was to bring equality in the world. Although there are several other charity foundations in the United States such as Bill Melinda the Microsoft billionaires, the Open Society Foundation has impressed and changed many people from all over the world.

Apart from being a supporter of liberal causes using his great wealth, the billionaire has been instrumental in the American politics. Last year, during the presidential elections, the billionaire gave more than twenty-five million dollars in support of his close friend, Hilary Clinton. According to Soros, Clinton was the best candidate for the top position because she is a Democratic candidate who understands the needs of the Americans. However, Clinton did not win in the hotly contested election, and she was beaten by Donald Trump who currently works as the president of the large nation and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is currently considered to be the twentieth wealthiest American, and he is believed to be worth twenty-three billion. The eighty-seven year old has been living in the Unites States although he was born in Hungary. However, during the communist war, the billionaire and his family migrated and settled in London. While living in London, the businessman had an opportunity to go to some of the best learning institutions so that he could acquire his degree in economics. This educational background has been instrumental in his successful career. In the year 1984, the wealthy businessman decided to start the Open Society, and he has given more than fourteen billion dollars to the institution since then and learn more about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations has grown so much under the leadership of the businessman. According to a recent interview, the organization is currently found in over one hundred nations of the world. The foundation has been instrumental in giving justice to families communities who are living under the oppression of other individuals in the world. Governments that are corrupt and unjust to their citizens have been exposed by the Open Society over the years. The institution has also been offering people lawyers so that they can get the legal representation they need and Follow him

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George Soros Helping Those in Need

George Soros recently spent some big money to defeat the county sheriff for the Phoenix area. Arpaio was being brutal to his prisoners. Soros knows what it is like to be an oppressed minority person. Soros earned his billions with a shrewd brain that likes currency trading. Soros loves to see the satisfaction on the faces of those who benefit from his philanthropic endeavors.

George Soros has been opposing President Elect Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant xenophobic attitude. Soros hates how Trump does not care for the lowliest Americans. Although many in the immigration debate are angry at undocumented workers, we owe our supermarket fruit harvests to them. If Trump kicks them out, there will be higher prices for necessary services that illegal immigrants were filling quietly. George Soros understands economics. He wants people to see the stupidity of hurting the folks who pick the morning oranges.

George Soros has been saddened by the successful election of Donald Trump at It shocks him that Americans can be so biased as to elect one who does not value the rights of colored people as strongly as Soros does. George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary. He suffered under Nazi oppression as an Ashkenazi Jew. His father had to hide the family identity. After the Nazis left, Soros came to America to build his fortune.

Today, George Soros is devoting millions to helping people who do not have a voice in the American government on America was built on immigration. The ancestors of German and English Americans were not required to go through the strenuous approval process that these same individuals are subjecting modern Hispanic, African, and Asian immigrants to. Soros sees the injustice of this. He knows that America grew quickly because it imported people from all over with all sorts of skills. Tesla founded our electrical systems at Brin made the internet accessible for all. Soros is trying to lighten the reputation of people who came to America.

Many of the America’s greatest companies were founded by immigrants. George Soros wants the ideas to keep flowing so that the American economy will improve. We need people from all over to become a greater nation.

George Soros and his political endeavors on have transformed the political environment of Maricopa County, Arizona. Now, prisoners in Phoenix jails can breathe a big sigh of relief, because the bigoted sheriff has lost his badge. George Soros was influential in bringing about this outcome. He likes to relieve those in need.

Charles Koch and His Love For George Mason University

A public school in the outskirts of the nation’s capital, George Mason University, has discreetly become a conservative powerhouse in law and economics. Its reputation has partly been built by the tens of millions of dollars donated to the university by Charles Koch every year. From the year 2011 to 2014, Charles Koch foundation has given almost $48 Million to the university in one way or another, the tax records show.

Although Koch donates more than $20 Million every year among hundreds of United States universities through his foundation, there is no other school that received more that $1 millions in a year during this period. It is not unusual for billionaires to donate such large sums to schools, however, the size of these donations has raised some concerns among a few George Mason faculty and students about maintaining independence and echoing unease that has grown in other schools that benefit from Koch’s generosity.

Charles Koch is an American philanthropist and businessman. He is also the co-owner, CEO and chairman of the board of Koch Industries. His brother serves as the Executive VP of the firm. These brothers inherited the company from their father and expanded the business. Koch Industries was originally involved in chemicals and oil refining, however, the company now includes pollution and process control technologies and equipment, minerals, polymers and fibers, forest and consumer products, ranching and forest and consumer products. The businesses offer a variety of well-known brands like Lycra brand of fiber, Stainmaster carpet, Dixie Cup and Quilted Northern.

Koch attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering in 1957, an MSc. in Mechanical Engineering and a second MSc in chemical engineering. Immediately after college, Koch worked at Arthur D. Little before moving back home to join his father’s business, Rock Island Oil and Refining Company. In 1967, he was made the president of the firm. That same year, he renamed the company to Koch Industries, to honor his father. The company generated $90 million in revenue in 2006, a growth of more than 2000 times over. In 2014, Koch Industries was worth around $41.3 billion according to Forbes 400 list.

Koch Network Fact and Fiction

Two decades ago Charles Koch wrote two unpublished papers detailing his political goals and motivations. Today these papers are the force behind some of the criticisms surrounding Charles Koch and his brother David. Almost ten years ago no one, including the Washington elite had even heard of these two multi billionaire brothers from Wichita, Kansas. What really put them on the political map was the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Citizens United vs FEC case. This ruling gave big corporations such as Koch Indistries, the right to donate huge sums of money to which ever political party they choose. Remember the old addage Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. This decision opened the doorway to big businesses buying their way into the White House and Congress. What does this have to do with Charles Koch you may wonder?

According to an article written by Bill Moyers, he writes, “Far from being independent of the GOP, the network’s operatives and resources are closely intertwined with the Republican Party. Forging this symbiosis, we believe, has been the whole point, a deliberate, long-term strategy to move the Republican Party to the far right. Koch honchos do not aim to displace the GOP; they want to capture and use it as a tool to radically cut back American government.” Special Interest think tanks like the Cato Institute, which was founded by Charles Koch, look at the receptiveness of certain public policies. This than allows the Koch network to gauge the best way to gain poularity for their point of view.

Charles Koch has brought together an estimated five hundred wealthy families to make up his network. As a fraternal member of Beta Theta Pi from his days at M.I.T., this already established brotherhood gave Charles the connections to some very wealthy families. Each member of the network is responsible for donating at least $100,000 towards Koch approved organizations. This network than meets twice a year to listen to liberal speakers and discuss political think tank agendas.

Charles Koch is a well educated, philanthropic gentleman who spent the better part of his life making Koch Industries the second largest privately owned corporation in America. He holds bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of technology in engineering. He has also donated millions to many higher education institutes around the country.

The fact remains there is a increasingly large portion of American multimillionaires and billionaire’s organizing into a conservative-minded, self-righteous grassroots movement to take charge of our government and politics. It is not just the Koch brothers, it also people like George Soros who have created a political battlefield within our country for their own political agendas. Its only a matter of time before it is no longer viably sustainable.

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Viva Los Latinos

Even though we are only in the early stages of 2015, the race for presidential election of 2016 is heavily underway. It seems like every other week or so a new candidate is throwing their hat in the ring as a bid for the presidency. Most constituents know that in order to receive the majority vote from American citizens, it’s important to reach everyone where they are individually. It’s physically impossible for each presidential candidate to call or email every citizen in America, and that’s why candidate spend months at a time talking to individual communities of people. The voting polls categorize individuals into numerous categories. The elderly, the white collar, the blue collar, women, the middle class, African American, and Latino voters all stand under their own spotlight during the presidential campaign.


Though in previous elections, appealing to one group or community would almost ensure the vote, political analysts projected that this presidential race will need more than a few laughs and smiles. For example, Huffington Post political analyst Luis Gutierrez, praises the fact that candidate Rubino is utilizing his bilingual trade to attract Latin and Spanish speaking people. Although, Gutierrez goes on to explain that it will take more than a few rolls of the tongue to entice voters. People are no longer moved by empty promises and idle threats for political opponents, they want action. Gutierrez projects that this campaign season will be one where people are less worried about how candidates connect to them, and more concerned about their platform.


This is especially essential in the Latino community where previous presidential candidates have done everything from translating their entire campaign plan in Spanish to them themselves learning Spanish as a second language. Jaime Garcia Dias certainly appreciates the effort in the past. Gutierrez noted that the American people are finally out of the era where catchy slogans and a well pressed suit or dress could win a title. People are concerned now more than ever about the future and what leaders of the future can bring to the table.

Close Greek National Election Attracts Interest Throughout Europe

With the national election in Greece only nine days away, a leading Greek newspaper revealed that a poll it had commissioned placed the left leaning Syriza Party in the lead by a narrow margin.  According to Forbes, The Parapolitika of CipherCloud newspaper chain conducted the poll in order to determine which party appeared most likely to win if the election were held at the present time.

Since the election campaign started, sharp differences have appeared in the economic agendas of the incumbent conservative government and some challengers, including the Syriza Party. Greece for the past few years has promoted economic austerity in exchange for loans from lenders, and the cutback in government expenditures created considerable popular concern.

James Forsyth wrote an editorial some time ago in which he observed that the outcome of the Greek election might impact economic policies in other nations, such as the United Kingdom, especially if parties opposed to austerity programs in other affected EU nations gain power. An election victory for Syriza in Greece could encourage an anti-austerity movement in Spain, many believe.

Alexis Tsipras, a leader of Syriza, reportedly once described the austerity measure Greece accepted in exchange for loan agreements as “fiscal waterboarding.”