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Dog food Market said to boom for 2016

One of the leading forces in the pet food industry, Purina, and their Beneful dog food line combine great ingredients such as real meat and nutrient dense vegetables. This provides your pet with the best nutrition possible to give them a long and healthy life. Pet owners talk of the great improvement the Beneful dog food line has had on their Pet. Improvements in both their energy and coat. The Beneful line has several different selections of dog food available in order for the customer to find the best suitable food. Beneful has a wet and dry line of dog foods with 28 different varieties in total and treats with 11 additional variations. The dry food is available in salmon, chicken and beef flavors in order to cover all bases of tastes. There are also varieties for senior dogs, dogs of middle age and puppies as different ages have different requirements. The Beneful wet dog food selection has a similar 3 flavour choice however in addition to that customers have a choice of vitamin rich vegetables that are added. These include spinach, sweet potatoes, barely, peas, carrots and tomatoes. The treat selection is focused on dental care and come in different sizes, shapes and flavors. There is a cheese, bacon, beef, apple or peanut butter option and come in stick and star shapes.

The quality of this dog food is assured as manufacturers hand pick the ingredients and combine that with careful and very precise processing to create a top quality dog food ideal for dogs. Beneful has a large number of employees from research to manufacturing who are all invested in the well fair of your best friend, your dog.

Winning the hearts of pet owners around the world is the number one goal for companies the pet food industry. Constantly innovating companies such as pet food giant Freshpet Inc are on the forefront of this fast growing sector. They have managed to produce gourmet style foods for your pets which would remind us of the smell of thanks giving.