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Jim Toner’s Unrelenting Efforts to Succeed in Real Estate

Jim Toner is an acclaimed author, philanthropist, a successful real estate entrepreneur, and businessman. His journey to success in real estate was never a walk in the park. He is been in the real estate business for 25 years.

In 2010, he decided to drop out of real estate business because of a series of unfortunate events. The events involved being pushed out of the market by big market players.

Jim involved himself in other activities after the unfortunate events. He worked for business owners and entrepreneurs, and he would help them expand rapidly through what he termed as “celebrity positioning”. Additionally, he wrote the best-selling book called “Send in the Wolves”.

The big market players he terms as “GURUS” were, allegedly, frauds as compared to the “clean” thousands of deals and businesses he did.

Jim Toner was brought back to real estate business by a friend who made him aware of the potential he had as a real estate investor. Jim was told that the “GURUS” pay a lot of money to create a story like his.

He realized that he really had a story worth-telling. Jim came back to real estate but now, with a strategy. First, he would explore a specific market. Second, he would recruit the best local investor.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) shares a secret on how to help someone make money with a real estate investment. He says, the best way to do that is, being there on the field with him.

Jim and his team narrowed down on 5 markets and started in Akron, Ohio. According to him, Ohio is one of the most underrated markets in the United States.

He looked for a local investor, a resident of Akron and well conversant with the city.

He quoted Andrew Carnegie and said that it is true real estate can be the short-cut to your riches, if only, you invest wisely and in the right way. He says, before he bounced back, he was tired of lies perpetrated by the “GURUS”’s so called full-time investors.

They implemented the strategy and it worked out. He was back to business.

He is focused to expand his real estate investment training company to be the leading company in the industry as well as build their portfolio in each town they extend their services to.

Essentially, according to Jim Toner, they walk the talk. They lead, others follow. Therefore, as they teach people about real estate investment, they also buy a lot of deals in their market areas. They target 100 homes every year.

Tim Toner said they are always looking for qualified people to join them. They want to build a strong Alliance and the more people come on board, the better. Check out Toner’s accolades.

He concluded by saying that they are now stronger like never before and they are happy to help a hard working person earn an extra cash.

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Jason Halpern; A Real Estate Developer

Jason is the managing partner and founder of the JHM development. He has a background in real estate as his family has been involved in the real estate business for more than 50 years. His family has managed to build different properties in New York City.

Jason Halpern with His Wife

With the stellar record on real estate, Jason decided to create his own real estate company. His company has acquired different properties. Under his leadership, the company has pioneered the development of various landmark buildings.

What stands between Jason and the other developers is his passion and desire to build historical buildings. It is his character that has enabled him to succeed in his different projects. He begins by building rapport with the different cities where he will establish projects. He does this while respecting the city’s history. The guiding principal for his company is respecting the community they are working with.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

In addition to being an excellent real estate developer, he is also a philanthropist. He has committed his personal time to charity work. He has been involved with the Joel A Halpern Trauma Center. This is a level 1 trauma center which has the facilities to offer open heart surgery, orthopedic surgery, and complex emergency neurosurgery. The center also has a capacity of dealing with the burn victims and the pregnant women and the children.

He has been involved with different philanthropic work via his company. In 2015, using his company, he launched a partnership with global water which will be supporting the people in Ethiopia and Nepal. His company will be donating $20,000 of every contract at the Miami Based residential development.


JHM Development

This is a company that is focused on providing real estate development. With an innovative approach to providing luxury, the company has been a pioneer in the development of the desirable properties in different areas including Miami and Manhattan.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

The company has a strategic process that enables them to deliver great work every time. They start off with establishing a strategy, site building design, construction and marketing of the available spaces. The company has a team that is well knowledgeable with real estate.

The company has been involved in different projects including;

v The 184 Kent which is a 340 luxury apartments for rental. The building itself was built in 1913 and it the largest grocery store in the United States.

v South Beach Starwood Hotel in Miami

v Three hundred Collins

v 2901 Indian Creek Drive; Jason Halpern sold this property for $ 7.75 million. The selling of the property has brought the project of building a condo in Miami Beach.

v 70 Henry; the project was approved in 2015. After completion, it will be a boutique condominium.

California’s Smoking Hot Real Estate Market According to Nick Vertucci

The reputation of California’s prime real estate spots is a costly one. Popular urban enclaves such as San Diego and San Francisco have been on fire, experiencing skyrocketing housing costs – as much as 75% over the last five years alone.


Nick Vertucci, owner and operator of The Nick Vertucci companies, predicts that the California housing situation is so dire – that government will be forced to intervene.


Sacramento the capital of California has fallen short on new housing construction year after year. It is a repeated process, with cities unable to deliver new housing in time to meet demand. Red-tape and zoning have also hindered the process.


The most drastic side-effect is displaced workers of large companies, many who earn six figures and can be found living out of vans, in a desperate attempt to stay alive in the brutally expensive California real estate climate.


Nick Vertucci also points to a current piece of legislation, California Prop 13, as a factor in the volatile real estate market. Prop 13 allows property taxes to be capped. The result is that homeowners benefit greatly by holding on to property and real-estate investments. Without market turnover or home sale, there are less available existing properties for new tenants. Californians are the recipient of property tax rates that are far below national average.


Besides running The Nick Vertucci Companies out of Irvine, California – Vertucci is an avid full-time professional real estate investor. Vertucci also developed the Turn-Key system, a program designed to assist and educate investors, and educated investment series. This system was developed to help investors from everything from renting bank-owned properties, renovations and acquisition.


Before arriving at the front door of the real-estate world, Vertucci was the Founder and President of Coastline Micro. Vertucci also hosts an online seminar called “The Real Estate Investing Hour with Nick Vertucci.

JHSF: Brazil’s Premier Development Authority

When it comes to high quality residential and commercial development properties, one needs to look any further than JHSF. JHSF has been a longstanding trailblazer in creating and managing properties that have ranged from an executive airport to shopping malls to high end, five-star hotels.

JHSF originated in 1972 and is presently striving as the frontrunner in mature, luxurious properties in the heart of Brazil. As of today, JHSF thrives in some of Brazil’s most decadent locales such as Manaus, Salvador, and São Paulo. JHSF has also emerged onto other parts of the world as well, including Punta del Este in the country of Uruguay and right in the heart of the United States, i.e., Miami and New York and read full article.

The rise of JHSF has been largely credited due to the company’s innate ability to capitalize on the four entities that they currently focus on, which are malls, the executive airport, incorporation and the Fasano Hotel and Restaurant. JHSF has become a staple in the recurring income markets by providing quality developments for the masses both in the states and abroad and what JHSF knows.

JHSF’s success has widely been known to be a direct result of the leadership provided by José Auriemo Neto, a Brazilian executive who serves as chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. Mr. Nieto successfully oversaw, managed and spearheaded the company’s first venture into retail in 2009. Mr. Nieto’s vision allowed the company to secure illustrious partnerships with the likes of Pucci, Hermes and Jimmy Choo. He later secured another illustrious partnership with Valentino which resulted in a retail outlet in the Cidade Jadrim shopping complex. In 2007, JHSF was listed in the “highest governance” segment of the Bovespa. As time goes on, it’s evident that JHSF will continue to thrive under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto.

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José AuriemoNeto’s Luxury Living Has Made Sao Paulo Better

José AuriemoNeto works with JHSF. He is the CEO of the company and he runs it in the way that he thinks will be good for the company. As a real estate professional, he wants to make sure that he is doing everything that he can to develop real estate. It is something that he has always wanted to do and he is now extremely successful because of the things that he is able to do. The idea that he had to make the city better was something that he was going to carry out with the luxury living sector. He wanted to show people what he was capable of and he also wanted to make sure that he was going to be able to help other people with the issues that he had in the past. Because of the way that José AuriemoNeto ran JHSF, he was able to try new things and do better with the options that he had.

As the JHSF brand has grown, José AuriemoNeto has been able to help other people with the options that they need. He has grown the company into something that most other real estate development agencies are unable to do because of the options that he has for people. Luxury living is something that will always be a viable option and will be something that will continue to grow as the economy steadily gets better in Brazil. José AuriemoNeto wants to make sure that he can do what he can to keep his company growing.

Along with the typical commercial and residential developments that most real estate companies are able to establish, José AuriemoNeto made sure that JHSF was able to provide people with the options that they needed through different opportunities. He likes to focus on luxury and that carries into the retail sector of his business. He does what he can to help people get what they need and has decided that teaming up with designers that are a part of high fashion was the best way to make his retail locations better.

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How Jason Halpern’s Experience has facilitated his Success in the Real Estate Development Sector

Jason Halpern: Property Developer

The real estate development industry has been evolving in the recent years, and professionals need to be innovative for them to attain success. Jason Halpern is among the real estate developers who have a success story to tell. He is a resident of Brooklyn, New York and owns JMH Development, which is a renowned enterprise in the industry. Halpern’s company has completed several real estate projects in the past three decades that it has been operational. The firm has specialized in the developing both commercial and residential properties that meet the market’s demands. Jason is the MD of his business, and his administration has led it to success. The performance of JMH Development is motivated by the unparalleled strategies that he uses. The company has focused on renovating old properties into state-of-the-art buildings that are sold or rented to clients. It has been working with communities whenever it needs to reconstruct any historical building that is important to them. The firm has also been trying to retain the main historical features of the structures that it renovates.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Mr. Halpern’s great industry accomplishments have been facilitated by his background. Most of his family members are real estate development professionals, and his father had a construction company that was called Halpern Enterprises. The firm developed several commercial and residential properties in New York, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Jason’s success as a real estate developer can also be attributed to his focus on renovating historic buildings.JMH Development has managed to complete a couple of the real estate projects. It was involved in the renovation of an old warehouse at 184 Kent Avenue. The property was a landmark in the region and was on the National Historic Register.

From Right-DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

The significance of the building made Halpern to involve the locals before its renovation began. The 184 Kent Avenue building was transformed into a top-notch residential property that is made of about 340 apartments. Some of the houses were purchased while others were rented out. JMH Development’s innovation in the renovation of the building was recognized at the Building Brooklyn Awards. The renovated property still displays some of its original features.Jason Halpern’s firm also bought Motel Ankara and renovated it to create the luxurious Aloft South Beach.

Jason Halpern with Model Milana and Richard

The property had more than 235 rooms, and it was launched in 2005. It was located a few meters from the Miami Beach, and this made it be preferred by many clients. Aloft South Beach was reconstructed to have eight more stories than Motel Ankara, but they had some similarities. The hotel was closed a few years ago. Mr. Halpern is currently conducting other great projects in various cities across the United States. He understands the real estate needs of differed markets.

Jason Halpern’s JHM Development Project, Aloft South Beach, Includes a Modern Eight-Story Tower

Jason Halpern is the director of Parametric Dining, LLC, and leader of the JHM Development, which announced the start of a topping off project for the Aloft South Beach in 2014. The joint development project between JMH and Madden Real Estate Ventures is an adaptive reuse of the celebrated Motel Ankara. It will include a modern eight-story tower.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

Plaza Construction, together with ADD, Inc., as the project’s architect, were contracted for the job. Aloft South Beach will be the only newly launched hotel in operation in the entire South Beach Area from 2009. Furthermore, it will be offering relatively larger rooms, approximately more than 360 square feet.

Aloft & Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern said that they are excited about the carrying through of Aloft South Beach project, which indicates progress in its construction and completion. Moreover, the commencement of this project indicates the beginning of the second phase as they approach the launch of Aloft South Beach.

Jason Halpern the Business Icon

The Aloft South Beach, located near Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, will offer a serene and beautiful waterfront scenery. Furthermore, it will be situated at the center of South Beach, just a single block from Miami Beach.

Jason Halpern Bio

Guests at Aloft Hotels will enjoy a roof deck lounge, a huge outdoor pool, ample meeting space for business or private parties, and an equipped 24-hour fitness center. Besides, the hotel would provide free, live access to various hottest bands and local talented artists.




Aloft Hotels

Aloft brand delivers a new hotel experience approach to attract and retain business. It offers a vibrant experience, a modern style, and tech-forward accommodation. Just like other Starwood brands, it proudly offers the Starwood Preferred Guest Program, which is the industry’s wealthiest loyalty program.

JHM Development

Jason Halpern: The Young Entrepreneur

JHM Development is one of the best, real estate developers. The company has vast experience as a developer of commercial as well as residential properties all over the United States. With a new approach to developing unique properties, JHM is a pioneer in the improvement of well-positioned and unique properties in markets like Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

JHM is developing the Coble Hill’s Townhouses, which is a set of nine comfortable residential townhouses. Moreover, JHM is determined to making similar successful, enduring and high-quality properties all over the country.

A fresh, new approach to New York’s Real Estate has moved into the neighborhood

It takes a new, fresh modern day approach to be successful in New York City luxuryreal estate market. What works in the suburbs does not work in the city that never sleeps. In order to be successful in this fast growing niche a company must present itself as appealing to a new generation of buyers. The winning formula of being streamline, new and desirable is producing a new player in town. This new approach to selling real estate unique to a big city has won over buyers and sellers alike.

Town real estate has defined itself as modern, new and approachable. The company has attracted both top realtors and buyers alike. A modern day company with a streamline web page. An office in every hot neighborhood in New York and Brooklyn. Wonderful, experienced realtors at the top of their game. Town has learned the culture and specialties of each neighborhood, a must in such a diverse city.

Town real estate has an office in each neighborhood where it is selling real estate. Town has made it its job to learn the flair of each of its neighborhoods. Each office runs on the town center approach. The realtors can go to the town centers to collaborate. The company makes it desirable for top realtors to join them and work hard , they get paid the same day, get a large amount of the sale and are valued. Buyers love Town because of its fresh approach: a desirable website, offices everywhere and top team players. Town has moved into the neighborhood, and is here to stay.