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Jason Halpern’s JHM Development Project, Aloft South Beach, Includes a Modern Eight-Story Tower

Jason Halpern is the director of Parametric Dining, LLC, and leader of the JHM Development, which announced the start of a topping off project for the Aloft South Beach in 2014. The joint development project between JMH and Madden Real Estate Ventures is an adaptive reuse of the celebrated Motel Ankara. It will include a modern eight-story tower.

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Plaza Construction, together with ADD, Inc., as the project’s architect, were contracted for the job. Aloft South Beach will be the only newly launched hotel in operation in the entire South Beach Area from 2009. Furthermore, it will be offering relatively larger rooms, approximately more than 360 square feet.

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Jason Halpern said that they are excited about the carrying through of Aloft South Beach project, which indicates progress in its construction and completion. Moreover, the commencement of this project indicates the beginning of the second phase as they approach the launch of Aloft South Beach.

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The Aloft South Beach, located near Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast, will offer a serene and beautiful waterfront scenery. Furthermore, it will be situated at the center of South Beach, just a single block from Miami Beach.

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Guests at Aloft Hotels will enjoy a roof deck lounge, a huge outdoor pool, ample meeting space for business or private parties, and an equipped 24-hour fitness center. Besides, the hotel would provide free, live access to various hottest bands and local talented artists.




Aloft Hotels

Aloft brand delivers a new hotel experience approach to attract and retain business. It offers a vibrant experience, a modern style, and tech-forward accommodation. Just like other Starwood brands, it proudly offers the Starwood Preferred Guest Program, which is the industry’s wealthiest loyalty program.

JHM Development

Jason Halpern: The Young Entrepreneur

JHM Development is one of the best, real estate developers. The company has vast experience as a developer of commercial as well as residential properties all over the United States. With a new approach to developing unique properties, JHM is a pioneer in the improvement of well-positioned and unique properties in markets like Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

JHM is developing the Coble Hill’s Townhouses, which is a set of nine comfortable residential townhouses. Moreover, JHM is determined to making similar successful, enduring and high-quality properties all over the country.

A fresh, new approach to New York’s Real Estate has moved into the neighborhood

It takes a new, fresh modern day approach to be successful in New York City luxuryreal estate market. What works in the suburbs does not work in the city that never sleeps. In order to be successful in this fast growing niche a company must present itself as appealing to a new generation of buyers. The winning formula of being streamline, new and desirable is producing a new player in town. This new approach to selling real estate unique to a big city has won over buyers and sellers alike.

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Town real estate has an office in each neighborhood where it is selling real estate. Town has made it its job to learn the flair of each of its neighborhoods. Each office runs on the town center approach. The realtors can go to the town centers to collaborate. The company makes it desirable for top realtors to join them and work hard , they get paid the same day, get a large amount of the sale and are valued. Buyers love Town because of its fresh approach: a desirable website, offices everywhere and top team players. Town has moved into the neighborhood, and is here to stay.