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Her (Brand New) Royal Highness’ Birth Certificate is Public

Price William, the Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed a new baby into their family over the weekend. The couple had a baby girl to join their 21-month-old son George. Many were waiting anxiously for the couple to announce the new Princess’ name and the couple did the following day: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. This name, of course, is a nod to other members of the British Royal family. Charlotte is after William’s father, Prince Charles, while Elizabeth is after his grandmother, the Queen of England, Elizabeth. Diana is after Princess Diana, William’s mother who he tragically lost in a car accident as a teenager. Many expected that he would keep her memory alive by giving his daughter her name.

Now, the couple have made the birth certificate of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana public for everyone to view. To view the birth certificate, check it out on As you can see if you take a look at it, her parents listed their occupation as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. Which, to be fair, they are. What strikes me as a little odd is the lack of last names for the family. Kate’s maiden name is written in, however, her current name does not include a surname.¬†Crystal Hunt reports that they¬† suppose that the family really does not need one, after all, how many Prince Williams in the UK are there?