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Keith Mann Starts Scholarship for Young Professionals

Keith and Keely Mann have started the Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is designed to attract the interests of high school students with an interest in, and a talent for business innovations. Working with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, the Scholarship for Professional Achievement is available to inner city high school students in need of financial support.

Joe Frick from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, a counselor charged with helping seniors find placement in colleges, voiced his excitement over the partnership with Keith Mann’s scholarship. The financial support given from interested parties like the Manns make it possible for many inner city students achieve a four-year education at an accredited college or university when ti would otherwise be difficult to afford the opportunity to do so.

To be applicable for the scholarship, applicants must be high school students must be seniors prepared to graduate from Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn. The winner of the scholarship, when announced, will receive $5,000 that will then be applied towards their college education.

In order to apply for the scholarships, applicants must author a one-thousand word essay that explores the importance of a college degree and how it will help them on their path to achieving their professional aspirations. This stems from Keith Mann’s professional life with Dynamics Search Partners, which is geared towards finding individuals who would fit best in key positions in a variety of businesses. With this scholarship, Mann hopes to make students into those key individuals who will eventually contribute meaningfully to businesses.

For over 15 years, Keith Mann has worked on executive searches, addressing the staffing needs of companies operating in various markets. In 2002, Mann started the Alternative Investment Practice, expanding his work in executive search to supply ideal candidates to hedge funds in need of staffs. Mann eventually went on to develop Dynamics Search Partners, which serves alternative investment firms, private equity and other businesses in the financial market.

Currently, Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners. Through Dynamics Search, Mann has partnered with several financial firms and alternative investments in the United States, Asia and Europe, filling more than 200 positions annually, providing his clients with key personnel to help their company’s efficiency.